Here's Proof for Global Worming!

From Jordan:

See: the ice is melting! we’re all doomed!

Oh NO! Tony Blair to visit Middle East in attempt to broker peace

Keep him away! Tell him to stay home with his egregious wife and read the Koran!

Tony Blair will visit the Middle East next week as the international community steps up its efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.


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“I regularly read the Koran, practically every day,” Blair told the interviewer. He said the Prophet Mohammed had been “an enormously civilizing force.”

“To see how disturbed Blair’s mind is, see this photo of his filthy grin…” –Max Publius

I looked at the photo. You are right. A truly revolting “grin” standing next to the Barbarian. Very creepy. Very disturbed.


Blair, Gaddafi and the BP oil deal: dirty, rotten scoundrels…


The tent was decorated with imprints of camels and shuddered with every gust of Saharan wind.

In this unlikely setting, Tony Blair met Col Muammar Gaddafi in the depths of the Libyan desert yesterday and sought to demonstrate how British diplomacy has transformed a pariah state into an ally.


Col Gaddafi, once paymaster and arms dealer to the IRA and a host of other terrorist groups, is now on first name terms with the Prime Minister.

While Ronald Reagan once referred to the Libyan leader as a “mad dog” and sent American bombers to strike Tripoli, Mr Blair pays tribute to a reliable ally.

“There is nothing I’ve ever agreed with him that should be done that hasn’t been done,” the Prime Minister said before the meeting. “It shows that it is possible to go from a situation where Libya was an outcast from the international community to a situation where our relationship has been transformed.”

Mr Blair was greeted with great fanfare when he landed at Sirte airport yesterday. Beneath a large poster of Col Gaddafi, a guard of honour presented arms and a motley brass band struck up a merry cacophony bearing some resemblance to God Save The Queen.


What “leaders” we have!     BLiar:  “I read the Koran every day..”

How seditious, dishonest, delusional, “dhimmi-fied”, meretricious, deceiving and treasonous does one have to be to make such  statements? It’s just about the same as Nicolas Sarkozy saying that Arabic is the language of science, modernity and the future. Simply disgusting, simply unbelievable… Though we all shouldn’t get surprised by now when such fools and sell-outs utter that kind of nonsense.

Muhammed was/is an “enormously civilizing force, eh? Let’s see…Islam, as propounded by Muhammed, the Last Prophet, the conduit of Allah’s commandments, authorized:

1. Permanent warfare and subjugation of unbelievers, who are then subject to discriminatory taxes and institutionalized codes of humiliation and abuse (see the Pact of Umar, e.g.)
2. The rape and enslavement of women, the enslavement of children, the looting and pillage of property as fey (war booty), the burning of crops, and the murder of all combatants and their supporters who fight the Muslims
3. Lying and assassinations in the service of jihad
4. In the case of those not fortunate enough to be members of the Ahl al-Dhimma (People of the Revealed Scriptures), the choice of either conversion or death. 
5. The proscribing of representational art, as well as music and dance
6. The viewing of women as inferior to men in temperament, intellect, and moral character, the consequence being that they will outnumber men in hell.
7. As a corollary to #6, the viewing of women as chattel, who must submit to their husbands’ sexual demands at all times, lest they be beaten or divorced for their disobedience.
8. The destruction of the history and culture of pre-Muslim civilizations, considered worthless, as jahiliyya (pre-Islamic period of ignorance).
9. The overweening role of obedience/submission to Allah’s will, the absence of any semblance of the Golden Rule being salient.

The fruits of Islam are obvious to anyone who has eyes to see – murder, strife, internecine warfare, political instability, intellectual and economic stagnation, civil disorder, terrorism, fanaticism, institutionalized brutality, and the destruction of Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian civilization extending throughout western Asia, Persia, north Africa, and the Middle East. Compare increasingly prosperous India to the pestholes that are Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bengladesh. Indeed, all of these afflicted, blighted, benighted nightmare lands have one thing in common – they have all received the blessing of Islam, the world’s great civilizer, according to Tony Blair.

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  1. New slogan: Kill the infidels, build a snowman!!!!! Mental rejects. lol lol lol lol “But Achmed, we cannot kill the jews right now….we are almost done building al-Frosty!!”

  2. Shut up Blair – you are an idiot!!!! I have read the Quran as well, and there is NOTHING useful/good in it that cannot be find in the Bible or the old testament. However, there is a lot of perverted shite relating to treatment of women, children that only belongs in a murderers handbook – you will not find this in the New testament, although some of the old testament is not particularly humane. Blair, Mo was never a civilising force and the statement attributed to you, if true, suggests that your IQ is not particularly high.

    On a more important point, it appears that the muzz scum are putting their perverted halal meat products onto the shelves under non-obvious brand names in the UK. Please do a google search under Birmingham, Halal. Being the dishonest pigs that they are, the muzzies are trying to corner the meat market. Please make sure what you buy is not Halal, as we should not be supporting these poisonous muslim scum in any way. Also, if you find a Halal product in your supermarket complain to the management and then to your political representatives. We have to work together to throw these muslim scum out of our countries. We are in a way and all muslims should be treated as enemy combatants. If you are a muslim and you are upset about this then you should of opened your dumb mouth up over Mumbai and the innumererable murders that your fanatics have commited in the name of your religion.

  3. Using the fear of the NATURAL PHENOMENON of Climate change CAUSED BY ACTIVITY OF THE SUN is the Green NAZIS way of trying to control things and to push their leftwing taxation wishes and anti Western, anti industry agenda. No Green NAZI has ever brought evidence that Climate Change is NOT due to the Suns activity nor to quantify what IF ANY of this Climate Change is ENTIRELY due to mans activities.

  4. Can’t for the life of me understand why Bliar would be so intent in reading Mo’s book of lies. He has just been accepted into the Catholic Church and should be studying the one and only Holy Book The Bible. He is a pseudo-christian and does not know the meaning of what it is to be a true Christian.

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