Israel: Trying to buy peace by releasing Islamic terrorists?

* Hamas welcomes Israel’s release of Fatah prisoners

* Israel Releases 224 Palestinian Prisoners in Goodwill Gesture (still waiting for Pali ‘goodwill gestures’…)

* Abbas: Israel must free all 11,000 Palestinian prisoners terrorists

“Tiny minority of extremists”- update


“War is not the answer” 


“Stop resisting Islam, now!”



Gordon Brown: “There is no military solution to this situation. We must redouble the international effort to ensure that both Israel and Palestine have the land, rights and security to live in peace.”


British Embassy Firebombed in Tehran– Iranians Storm Building & Raise Palestinian Flag!

From Gateway Pundit thanks to Gramfan


British Embassy Firebombed In Tehran–
Iranian students storm the British Embassy.

Iranian anti-riot policemen stand guard outside the British embassy in northern Tehran as a petrol bomb explodes during a protest gathering to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza, December 30, 2008. (REUTERS/Stringer (IRAN) 

The students stormed the British Consulate in Tehran!
They replaced the British flag with the Palestinian banner.

Iranian protestors break into the British diplomatic residence known as ‘Golhak Garden’ in north Tehran. (AFP)