Relatives, friends of knifed Mohamad Omar swamp hospital

By Gemma Jones/The Telegraph

* Internecine warfare: Middle Eastern mob blocks path of ambulances, threatening revenge: a common occurrence wherever Muhammedans have been permitted to settle, in the Bilad al Kuffar…

Killed … Mohamad Omar.

‘There were so many, it’s scary’

THE police riot squad had to control crowds at Westmead Hospital following a fatal stabbing because mourners blocked the path of ambulances.

Dozens of friends and relatives of Mohamad Omar, 24, gathered at the hospital with some on mobile phones threatening revenge, an ambulance officer said yesterday.

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Ambulances and officers were forced to use an exit with a broken boom gate to enter and leave the emergency department for several hours from 2am on Sunday.

Ambulance officers said they were delayed attending a cardiac arrest, a person with severe asthma and call-outs to other ill patients.

“The rest of western Sydney suffered for it. There were so many of them, it was scary for us,” the ambulance officer told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

Paramedics were even asked to verify the identity of patients to ensure none of the mourners gained entry to the hospital where Mr Omar’s brother Mahmoud was being treated.

Murder on the dance floor: Mohamad Omar died defending pregnant lover

A NSW Ambulance spokeswoman said the superviser for Western Sydney did not believe treatment for patients was delayed.

She said paramedics were used to dealing with such challenges but they would always find a way to get access to patients or emergency departments regardless of crowds.

A police spokesman said the public order and riot squad along with police from Auburn and Parramatta were called to the hospital after the 1.30am stabbing at the Beirut By Night restaurant at Homebush.

He refused to reveal the number of officers deployed but witnesses said there were about 30.

Homicide police were yesterday hunting the attacker.

Mr Omar was dancing with his girlfriend Linda before she was punched in the face and he was stabbed with a large knife.

She told ambulance officers she was pregnant with Mr Omar’s baby.

He had seven brothers and sisters, including Mahmoud who is still recovering yesterday from a stab wound to the upper arm.

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  1. * Beirut By Night restaurant at Homebush

    Better to keep it in Beirut. islam, of course, is peaceful, and diversity is to be embraced and
    celebrated, whether we like it or not.

  2. r.i.p tygz, u were one of the most nicest people i have ever met in my life andi am priviliged to have met u. i cnt believe ur gone it still hasnt hit me.

    r.i.p soldier, u will never be forgotten.

    lots of love, e.z

  3. If Islam is so pure and moral, how come Linda is expecting Omar’s baby?

    The baby will be a Muslim, another little jihadi to attack infidels.

  4. It is so sad to see so many lives come to an end in such a short life span. Why is it becoming more evident that young muslim men are killing eachother off one by one. What will it take for this madness to end??? how many more lives are yet to be taken away until we start to learn to live like the prophet Muhammad (SAW) To all the brothers out many more lives will be torn apart? how many more mothers have to farewell their sons? how many more wives are to be widowed? how many more tears till we STOP this hatred??? May Allah SWT have mercy on your soul brother Mohmmed.

  5. Cassandra, please if you have nothing nice to say, keep your judgmental comments aside. It appears you have little knowledge about the religion itself and it is a shame that you have this perspective on the islam religion. We are not to judge as to why so and so is expecting the baby of so and so. After all it is extremely common in the Anglo- Saxon side of the world and when that happens it tends to go un-noticed! Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Atheists, Buddhists, Orthodox, or what ever the religion they all share one common aspect….THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE! So whatever side of the world you come from Cassandra i’m almost certain that this aspect applies to your beliefs as well.

  6. RIP Mohammed! May god bless your soul.. You had the best heart & always made everyone laugh! You have the Perfect Smile.
    Allah yerhamak
    RIP Habib

  7. The very selfish and stupid friends of this muslim prevented ambulances from attending serious medical emergencies. As a consequence, a large group of brain dead muslim twits effectively prevented emergency services from reaching people who needed help. Fortunately no lives were lost – and that had nothing to do with allah (piss and excrement on its name). What a demonstration of the sheer selfishness and stupidity of muslims world wide. To those casting praise on the deceased – do that somewhere else – your behavior put the lives of hundreds of people in potential jeopardy – and for that you cannot be forgiven.

  8. Sandra are the one doing the judging..Muslims act all holier than thou about pre marital sex and then do things like get fake hymens…..hypocrites one and all.

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