Puff Ho calls Steve Emerson "fake terrorism expert"

But Steve Emerson is not “discredited” and not “fake”. What’s fake is everything and everyone associated with Puff Ho, which engages in spin and slander  while sucking up to our mortal enemies:


Congress’ first Muslim member, Rep. Keith Ellison was sworn into office on Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran.

*  Mahdi Bray: Muslim American Society didn’t pay for Ellison’s hajj; Ellison’s office: Yes, they did

More on this story. “Group That Funded Rep. Ellison’s Pilgrimage to Mecca Called a Front for Extremism,” by Joseph Abrams for Fox News, 

Fox News published a report Thursday slamming Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison by featuring a discredited “terrorism expert.” Ellison’s hajj pilgrimage to Mecca last month, an important part of his Muslim faith, was paid for by the Muslim America Society of Minnesota, an organization that has earned the respect of the Minnesota Council of Churches, the St. Paul Police Department and former Vice President Walter Mondale, but also has been a target by mainly right-wing blogs and think tanks.

Steven Emerson called the Minnesota nonprofit “the Muslim equivalent of the neo-Nazi party.” Of Ellison he said, “It’s very troubling that he is trying to project an image of moderation, but he is tied to these radical groups.” Fox News did not disclose Emerson’s ample volume of false reports, anti-Muslim diatribes, frivolous lawsuits and discredited statements.

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Fox News Attacks Muslim Rep. With Fake “Terrorism Expert”

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