Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Unemployed Muslim Deliberately Causes Collision With Pack of Elite Cyclists in Hit and Run Accident

* He thought it was all a big joke and the judge agreed: all he got was a slap on the wrist….

Driver found guilty over cyclists crash

A court has found Hassan Bakr guilty on charges relating to a crash with cyclists.

* Sudden Jihad Syndrome: 

“Individual Islamists may appear law-abiding and reasonable, but they are part of a totalitarian movement, and as such, all must be considered potential killers.” Daniel Pipes

Nine MSM thanks to Bill, Dumbles and all the others who sent this in

An unemployed security worker convicted over a collision with a pack of elite cyclists says he sped away from the scene because he was scared and intimidated, a Sydney court has heard.

Hassan Bakr, 35, from Claymore, in Sydney’s south-west, pushed and shoved his way down the steps of Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday after Magistrate Roger Clisdell found him guilty of three charges relating to the crash involving a group of up to 60 cyclists.

The cyclists were riding at about 45km/h along Southern Cross Drive near Sydney airport on May 8 last year when Bakr’s Ford Falcon pulled in front of them and stopped.

Many cyclists fell and more than 20 – including professional cyclists Kate Nicholls and then-Olympic hopeful Ben Kersten – were injured when they ran into the back of his car.

“I heard a lot of shouting and I saw the car right in front of me, and I fell into other riders that had crashed,” said Ms Nicholls, who damaged her right wrist and shoulder.

“I just saw bodies.”

The cyclists allege more than $45,000 of damage was done to their bicycles and equipment.

Defending himself in court on Wednesday, Bakr admitted he was the driver involved but said his car had backfired, forcing him to stop.

He argued the cyclists should never have been on the road without an escort and that his hazard lights should have given them enough warning to avoid his car.

He also said he sped off because he was scared of the cyclists who approached his car after the crash.

“I was a bit scared, a bit intimidated and so … I just left,” he said in the witness box.

Michelle Ferris, who was near the front of the pack when the car swerved into their lane, told the court she had no way of avoiding it.

“I looked up and I saw a car and all of a sudden … I crashed into the boot and into the back window with my face,” said Ms Ferris, who suffered a cracked rib and cuts and bruises in the crash.

Kevin Nicholls, who was ahead of his daughter and managed to avoid the crash, told the court Bakr treated the incident as a joke.

“I did not see a person who was angry and enraged, I saw a guy who thought it was a bit of a joke,” he told the court.

Outside the court, cyclist Shane Howley said Bakr was “an idiot”.

“It was absolutely deliberate,” he told reporters.

Ms Clisdell found Bakr guilty of not keeping wholly within the lane, negligent driving and not supplying particulars after an accident.

He was fined $1,200 plus court costs.

A fourth charge of cutting in front of a vehicle after overtaking was dropped.

Mr Clisdell denied the damages claim of $45,000

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  1. * An unemployed security worker

    What was a muslim doing in the security industry?

  2. The guy is a typical unemployable no-hoper. I hope that they take a class action against him. But as usual the taxpayer foots the bill.

  3. Keep on bringing these people into the country and the underclass grows and grows. If we believe the economists, times are going to get tougher and tougher. It is time that the long term unemployed are made to work also prisoners should be digging irrigation ditches for pipelines to transport water, if the global warmists are correct.

  4. Eventually these Judges and their joke sentenses, will find no one will trust the “Justice System” they “uphold”.

  5. At least the muslim perp didn’t shoot his victims, unlike the recent Gold Coast murder …

    The 29-year-old construction worker and family man was brutally killed on Australia Day after a seemingly simple road rage incident on the Gold Coast Highway, at Burleigh, which quickly escalated into something far worse.

    Omega died after being shot in the abdomen by occupants of another vehicle believed to have been involved in the initial incident.

    Police are still hunting for a red or maroon four-door sedan containing three male occupants — including one of Middle Eastern appearance — who are believed to be responsible.

  6. Mullah,
    It is likely that the muslim criminal gangs from Sydney are expanding into Queensland. There is some evidence to this effect, and the manner in which this man was murdered is characteristic of the violent Shiites from Lebanon who have invaded Sydney. People should keep maximum pressure on the GC police to resolve this case. Mr. Keating and Mr Hawke, who invited these scum into Australia, might wish to explain to the man’s widow and children why it was a good idea to invite these thugs into Australia. I think that Muslims have outstayed their welcome in almost every country they have infected.

    Incidentally, I hope people replied to the survey on freedom of religion as noted in an earlier post by the Sheik.

  7. I have nothing good to say about religion in general (and if you’re religious, but still have problems with Islam, you should ask yourself what wars your religion has been associated with before pointing the finger at others), but regardless, this has nothing to do with religion. It’s just some idiot who should have received a harsher fine and had his driver’s license revoked. Even if you insist on generalizing, there is no proof that this man even cares about Islam. If you truly care about politics, there are more helpful things you could have spent your time on than by writing this blog post.

    1. Yawn.

      Another Moslem who is annoyed by accurate reporting. Have you got proof that the report is wrong? You don’t.

      “…there are more helpful things you could have spent your time on..”

      Really? Helpful to whom? To you? To Islam?

  8. I tried to at least hint at this, but I’m not Muslim, I’m a run-of-the-mill atheist, and I think it’s wrong to base any decision on faith, whether Muslim or Christian or Jewish. I don’t need proof about the report, because I didn’t make any complaints about the report. My point is that the report itself doesn’t mention religion at all, so you have no proof that this idiot is Muslim, and are pulling the connection out of thin air, which means that it doesn’t really support your anti-Muslim sentiments.

    1. If you are indeed a “a run-of-the-mill atheist, who thinks “it’s wrong to base any decision on faith” then you don’t understand Islam and what it does to people.

      If you type “sudden jihad syndrome” in the search window of this blog, you’ll find many cases of muslims who were suddenly afflicted with SJS and attacked or killed infidels. This blog is all about connecting the dots.

      If you prefer the Washington Times, you can start with this one here:

      Sympathy for al Qaeda has produced “sudden jihad syndrome” in domestic terror cells unaffiliated with foreign terrorists and people seeking to carry out attacks in the U.S., a law-enforcement intelligence analysis says.

      The Dec. 6 report by the Texas Public Safety Department’s Bureau of Information Analysis warns officials not to dismiss individual or homegrown terror cells as “wannabes,” saying they pose a credible threat to homeland security.

      “Oftentimes, these attackers are dismissed as suffering from mental health issues, but their own words and writings reveal an affiliation with Islamic supremacy or an affinity for Islamic extremism,” said the report,

      Now the question is, why would a ” run-of-the-mill atheist” like you object to connecting the dots, what is it that you don’t want the general public to know?

      “Islam is a mental illness,” is what we usually say after repeated instances in which lone jihadis pleaded insanity. Time after time, when a lone jihadi (in the phenomenon also known as sudden jihad syndrome) is apprehended, he is deemed insane. Didn’t the moderate Muslim Muzzammil Hassan, the New York TV producer who chopped his wife’s head off after she filed for divorce, just plead insanity a couple of weeks ago? Didn’t Naveed Haq, the jihadi who killed a pregnant Jewish woman and wounded five others at the Seattle Jewish center, plead insanity?

  9. Of course a run-of-the-mill muslim will tell us that there is no such
    thing as “sudden jihad syndrome”, because jihad is defensive, and in
    response to attacks on islam …

  10. JS, you are not muzz anymore…??? did you leave Morocco ( Marrakech) and isslam ? ?.. and you are returned to Amsterdam in the Netherlands the country of Kafirs Suckers…..just want to know nothing else.

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