UK: Security Minister Blames Da Jooozzz For Radicalization of Muslims in Britain

* The Guardian:Government efforts to prevent the radicalisation of British Muslims have been set back by Israel’s assault on Gaza”,  the security and counter-terrorism minister, Lord West of Spithead, announced yesterday.

‘Rubbish!’: Security minister’s verdict on Tony Blair’s approach to foreign policy

By Kirsty Walker/Mail Online

Gordon Brown’s security minister last night launched a scathing attack on Tony Blair, describing his approach to foreign policy as ‘rubbish’ and ‘b*******’. 

Lord West criticised Mr Blair for pretending that decisions – such as the war in Iraq – had no impact on Islamic extremism in the UK. 

The former head of the Royal Navy told a conference in London: ‘Tony Blair would never accept that our foreign policy actually had any impact on radicalisation . . . well that is clearly b*******. 

* Well, the answer cannot be found where the good Lord West points his sausage fingers. Perhaps he should look here: a past that’s rosy – with blood

Lord West  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Lord West, left, has launched a scathing attack on former prime minister Tony Blair, right

‘That’s clearly rubbish. Gordon Brown is much clearer.’ 

His comments are likely to cause embarrassment for the Prime Minister, at a time when Labour is struggling to put on a united front in the face of poor opinion poll ratings. 



Lord West went on to warn that Israel’s recent bombardment of Gaza also risked fuelling radicalism among Muslims in Britain. 

His blunt assessment is in contrast to his ministerial colleagues who have taken a more diplomatic stance on the Middle East conflict. 

He said: ‘To pretend what happens abroad has no impact is nonsense. 

‘For example, this business in Gaza has not helped us at all in our counter-radicalisation policy. There is no doubt about that, it would be wrong to say that it has.’ 

He added that the Government was still struggling to understand the causes of extremism in this country. 

‘The causes of it are so diverse,’ he said. ‘We still don’t understand it but we actually have a far, far better understanding than we did.’ 

* Stop right here, I wanna get off!

It is the latest blunder for Lord West, who was last year accused of being ‘reckless’ after claiming that there was a ‘great plot’ by terrorists that was being monitored by the security services. 

He told the House of Lords that the terrorist threat facing Britain was ‘huge’ and there was ‘another great plot building up again’. 

Within days of getting a job in Gordon Brown’s ‘Government of all the talents’ in 2007, Lord West also committed a major gaffe by contradicting his new boss’s terror policy. 

He said he had yet to be convinced of the need to extend the 28-day detention limit of terror suspects. 

The incident was an embarrassment, particularly as Lord West was the minister charged with navigating the controversial legislation through the House of Lord

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  1. * “Government efforts to prevent the radicalisation of British Muslims …”

    What efforts are these? Describing islamic terrorism as anti-islamic actions?

    * He added that the Government was still struggling to understand the causes of extremism
    in this country.

    I S L _ M

    Would you like to buy a vowel?

  2. Very good, Mullah:)

    So they are only becoming radicalized after this current event?
    What caused it for 7/7?

  3. How could we have appointed such an uneducated idiot for this very import position. I give up on my country, but where to go as we are surrounded by idiots in our governmetns and islamists infiltrating every organisation they can.

  4. Labour, by attempting to enact legislation to ban legitimate criticism of Islam, in the United Kingdom has shown themselves to be votewhores, that are prepared to pander to and encourage extremist elements within, Britain’s Muslim community, as long as that will hoover up votes. Quite simply, Labour are exactly the same as the parties in the 1930s Weimar Republic German Parliament. that threw their lot in with Hitler’s Nazis. Labour is a Fascist Party and the sooner the British people wiseup to the massive con-job it is playing on them and kick the bums out of of office, the safer the country will be.

    2006 Protection of Islamofascism from Criticism Bill

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