Australia: Tom Calma & the Politically Correct Race Hucksters

Multiculturalism creates objects of pity which help clueless white and black people gain political status, briefly, while creating vast torrents of corruption.

 Tom Calma – a gutless wonder, a man who approaches everything from a racist perspective,  can turn a bigoted eye to what’s actually happening in Aboriginal communities  can condemn genuine, practical efforts to turn things around – is in charge of a department in the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Calma, in tandem with a Dr Michael Kennedy, a lecturer in social justice at the University of Western Sydney, (a hotbed of progressive multiculti-mush) have a big heart for poor criminals, who are just trying to make an honest living by stealing stuff. Totally unfair. Very cruel to identify them and wake up the sleeping kuffars. Needless to say that the good Dr Kennedy is also a proponent for the restriction of information and freedom of speech, for “the greater good”- of course…


Fasten your seat belts, here it comes:

Crime gang TV series will ‘trigger race rows’

Truth can hurt, but I’d rather hear it

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, February 08, 09 

Telling viewers about the kinds of gangs shooting up Sydney is bad:

SENIOR racial vilification authorities fear a new television series on Australian crime gangs will fuel ethnic hatred, encourage discrimination and deepen anti-police sentiment on the streets.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner labelled Channel Seven’s Gangs of Oz “damaging” — a claim echoed by legal experts, a former detective and a leading community diversity group, which called on the network to re-edit the documentary before allowing it to be broadcast.

* Yasser Solimon, a prominent member of Victoria’s Muslim community, tells us not to watch it:

“It is dealing with a sensitive issue in a way which will heighten tension and inflame relations which are already under stress.”

Read it all

    Now the show is not even on the air and the usual suspects already get hissy fits:

Seven accused of ganging up on race relations

* The Sydney Moonbat Herald goes one better than The Age.  It’s headline: Outspoken top cop in race row.

Australians are being gagged and insulted, intimidated, offended and psychologically brutalised by those determined to wreck our culture and replace it with something from their own delusions. Psycho-warfare on a daily basis by  the PC-brigades, by screams of “racist, rednecks, intellectually impaired” and so on from the “intelligensia”, the KRuddites, activitists and militant Muslims its taking its toll.

Peas in a pod: race Hucksters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Australia’s Tom Calma

* More on Calma’s activities here:

“Prove that you’re not racist-, you racist!” – Calma & the race hustlers say you are racist unless you can prove you aren’t…

* KRudd’s Brain Police Wants Internet Filter to Block 10,000-plus “Unwanted” Sites

* The Totalitarian Nightmares of KRuddistan

You can write <> Tom Calma and tell him what you think of his activities. Please be polite and don’t call him an asshole!


How we went from a nation that was well able to call a spade a spade, to a nation gagged and blinded by political correctness is beyond comprehension – but it has been a hugely retrograde step,

The PC-police will obscure, deny, spin and attempt to cover all the cracks in our society that are being caused by ethnic and cultural clashes – and ethnic gangs are a symptom of those clashes.

The Australian public deserves to be told the truth. We don’t need more lies and politically correct whitewashing of problems, we just need the truth – as inconvenient as it may be to those in power, and to those with a multicultural-supportive barrow to push.

Tom Calma’s Political Correct Race Police intend use the race card as a race badge allowing them to destroy the lives of offenders at whim. What is truly sad about this is that it doesn’t advance reasonable racial dialog and reconciliation, but destroys it. This country deserves far better than that.

Not much progress will ever be made when so many resources and so much time and effort are wasted on near frivolous, philosophical, personal and/or party agendas.


Snake oil to cure Islamic terrorism: interfaith!

By Cassandra from the excellent Militant Islam Monitor


Listening to all this, I was reminded of the old adage “DON’T LET THE FOX GUARD THE HENHOUSE”. 

Deborah Stone of The Anti Defamation Commission (ADC),who motto is “Opposing Racism and Antisemitism – Promoting Respect and Justice”,  reported:

The latest figures on antisemitism show 2008 has been a deeply troubling year. Incidents of attacks, graffiti and internet abuse are worse than they have ever been in Australia. Our work combating antisemitism and racism has never been more urgently needed. 

She outlined two ways to counter this problem

  • Counter-terrorism experts at the Monash Global Terrorism Centre conference are recommending using multifaith activity to counter recruitment to extremism.
  • We are preparing a dynamic program for the ADC’s Multifaith Future Leaders program to run in early February

Notice that these include more involvement by Muslims and their supporters, surely the very opposite of what is required!

Counter-terrorism experts met in Melbourne during the Mumbai attacks to consider ways to deal with the growing threat of global terrorism. They told the conference, run by Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre, that it was important to counter the recruitment of terrorists by providing improved engagement, social cohesion and community contact for people who might otherwise cross the alienation threshold and become attracted to violence. Multifaith activity was suggested as a positive way of increasing social cohesion. 

The intrepid Deborah Stone was at the conference to gather information for the Jewish community:

… terrorism experts concentrated on understanding the motivations of terrorists, recruitment patterns, leadership and, in particular, what we can do to stop new recruits being attracted to extremist and jihadist ideology.

The Australian Ambassador for Counter- Terrorism, Bill Paterson,said that while the war on terrorism had been successful in disrupting established terrorist networks, there were always new potential terrorists ripe for recruitment.

One proposal was that communities where extremists flourish need to be encouraged to participate in more multifaith and interfaith activities.

Rather than wait for the disaffiliated to be drawn into fundamentalism – and from there into terrorism – counter-terrorism experts are encouraging strong multifaith and social cohesion initiatives as a prophylactic.

Can interfaith dialogue or multifaith activity really have an effect on the kind of people who blow up hotels and murder rabbis?

Clearly terrorists are not interested in touchy-feely multiculturalism. Interfaith activity has a reputation as a benign but ineffective activity: well-meaning clerics choosing inoffensive fragments of liturgy for joint worship and operate on the unspoken condition that all parties avoid controversial areas.

But the argument for multifaith is not about changing terrorists’ minds, but about fighting the extremists for the vast territory of the uncommitted.

There are those who believe such suggestions are naïve. Jewish leader Isi Liebler noted “All that is achieved is a façade of goodwill which ultimately only strengthens extremists at the expense of the few genuine moderates within the Islamic community,” he wrote. 
But the question is not whether we should sit down to dinner with those who genuinely want to destroy us. It is whether we can give those yet uncommitted to violence a place to sit where hate is not on the menu.(source)

Highly unlikely. Besides, ‘interfaith dialogue’ is never dialogue, it is simply an opportunity by Muslims to engage in da’awa, proselytizing. There is no reciprocity, and there never will be. Islam doesn’t allow for that.

More from the Militant Islam Monitor

But here is something that should crack you up:

“Someone like Tariq Ramadan, yes, he is an Islamist, yes, he is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, but there are signs that he is prepared to engage with the West.”

3 thoughts on “Australia: Tom Calma & the Politically Correct Race Hucksters”

  1. This is really scary some of this this crap. This same fear mongering and abhorrence of truth will see the end of sites like this one. Although not a direct target of Elmer Fudd the filter will soon be abused to control political dissent. The effectiveness of the divide and conquer methods employed by the Islamic Supremacists is staggering. How do you motivate the masses to see what it actually is and what it protects let alone motivate them to rise up against it?

    The subtlety of political correctness on the masses. A little bullshit goes a long way, Aye?

  2. Spot on Geoff – so those of us who see the dangers should inform our local politicians, councils etc etc that we will not have this. We have a voice and we must make the politicians understand that they will pay with their careers if they believe that they can ignore our concerns. First point – get in touch with the human rights board and tell them what you think. Secondly – get in touch with K.Rudd and ALL members of Cabinet – tell them that we do not want our information sources filtered. Thirdly – get in touch with local groups, councils etc. It is time that we start fighting back. Finally, since the police actually work for US (Here I mean we (the people) not the United States ), not the government, we can request that fools like Lambert be thrown out. It can be done – but we have to use the courts against these thugs. For any hot heads, this fight will NOT be won by violence, so we should NEVER initiate violence. However, if a muzz tries to hurt you then all bets are off for the muzz in question.

    Europe is in more danger than Oz – the idiots in the European Commision are really trying to stifle dissent against the unrestricted immigration that has been allowed – particularly of muslims. Only europeans can resolve this – Australians be aware and use the media, the courts and our political system against those that wish us harm.

  3. Thanks Kaw, I’ll throw some letters around and see what results. Do you have any experience at this sort of thing?

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