Australians: Freedom of Religion and Speech – Submissions needed!



Looks like Tom Calma, Australia’s “Race Discrimination Commissioner”, has not found enough grievance groups to participate in his Orwellian scam designed to vilify and criminalize people like us for telling the truth about Islam. That’s why the deadline for submissions has been extended. If you haven’t voiced your objections yet, do it NOW!

 Australian Coalition For Truth

At the end of January we sent an email detailing the Inquiry being conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission (formerly called the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission – HREOC) – it is titled ‘Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st century’.

The closing date for the Inquiry has been EXTENDED to 28 February 2009 – so if you didn’t put it a submission there is STILL TIME to do so!

It is important that everyone tells the Inquiry what they think about freedom of religion and belief in Australia. Although it might sound ‘nice’ to have laws affirming religion and belief, the reality is that such laws RESTRICT free speech. It is vital that such laws not be enacted at a federal level – the previous report, Article 18, from 1998, recommended a ‘Religious Freedom Act’ (see list of Recommendations at bottom of page for ‘Discussion Paper’). The religious vilification law in Victoria has caused more disharmony than ‘harmony’ in the community.

The protection of our Judeo-Christian heritage is a priority.

Similar laws are being used around the world to restrict free speech. Geert Wilders is currently on trial in The Netherlands. Mark Steyn has been brought before a Tribunal in Canada for sections printed from his book America Alone …

The Organisation of Islamic Countries is working at the United Nations level to have laws and treaties enacted to stop criticism of Islam.

One of the authors of the ‘Freedom of Religion and Belief’ Discussion Paper, Gary Bouma, was a witness for the Islamic Council of Victoria against the two pastors Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah. 

Gary Bouma, along with another author of the current Discussion Paper, Des Cahill, is also the organizer of the ‘Parliament of the World’s Religions’ to be held in Melbourne in December 2009.

Now for sending a submission!

You can choose to write directly to the Inquiry with your response OR you can respond to the questions in the Discussion paper.

Click here for the Inquiry’s home page. The Discussion Paper is available on the home page – or click here. 


The Inquiry addresses seven main areas – these are detailed in the Discussion paper.

Each section includes numerous questions… you can either answer the questions or just send an overall response.


  1. Evaluation of 1998 HREOC Report on Article 18: Freedom of Religion and Belief
  2. Religion and the State – the Constitution, roles and responsibilities
  3. Religion and the State – practice and expression
  4. Security issues in the aftermath of September 11
  5. The interface of religious, political and cultural aspirations
  6. Technology and its implications
  7. Religion, cultural expression and human rights



PLEASE send a submission to the Inquiry opposing any limiting of our religious freedom.

Submissions close on 28 February 2009 – send submissions by email to

If you want to answer all the questions – there is a template – scroll down - click here.

It can be downloaded, completed and then emailed.


As well as email, you can also make your submission by post or fax. Click here