Nigerian Singer Wants To Do It With 10 to 12 (Musel-) Men Every Night….

 “I am older and more experienced. Even if 10 to 12 men have to take me every night, I don’t care.”-

ARTPop singer and Imo State Peace Ambassador, Adokiye:  Nigerian Singer Offers Virginity in Exchange for Release of Girls…

In Iraq, ISIS is going door-to-door demanding unmarried women for the head choppers

ISIS militants tell families to hand over daughters for sex

ISIS fighters have told families in Iraq to hand over their daughters for sex, saying that the women must sleep with militants in order to cleanse themselves.


Israel: Father of 13-year-old killed in Golan blast:

China: Muslims murder five police officers in attack on security checkpointChina: Muslims murder five police officers in attack on security checkpoint

“The incident followed several high-profile attacks blamed on militants in Xinjiang, the traditional home of the Uyghurs who complain they have long suffered ethnic discrimination, oppressive religious controls, and continued poverty and joblessness.” Mainstream media outlets that retail uncritically jihadists’ list of grievances don’t realize that these grievances are merely pretexts to justify jihad in [ /Comments] Continue Reading »

China Cracks Down:

Authorities in China’s East Turkestan (Xinjiang) have detained 380 people and busted 32 terror cells in a month-long crackdown

In the Uighur Muslim-dominated areas of Xinjiang, where terrorism and violence have soared in the past few years, police are just shooting the Muslim perps dead in the streets. When they do go on trial, they are usually sentenced to death. (Thanks to BNI)


"China's Restive Xinjiang" Erupts (Again)

China smokes 12  in Xinjiang riot

“The government has failed to win over Uighurs”- note the spin from the Globe & Mail journo, for whom it is wholly inconceivable that  Koranimals could have failed to integrate, or to win over the Chinese majority. Its just like saying ‘little Anny Fanny has failed to tame her rattlesnake, and now she’s dead”.

Thanks to Vlad and TT:

At least 12 people were killed in riots Tuesday in China’s restive northwestern region of Xinjiang, state media reported.

No details were given about what might have set off the violence near the city of Kashgar, although Xinjiang sees periodic outbreaks of anti-government violence by members of the region’s native Turkish Muslim Uighur ethnic group.

The government has failed to win over Uighurs and other ethnic minorities through policies to boost economic growth and incomes as it increases police presence and controls religious practices to deter displays of separatism.

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China Jihad

Chinese arrest four Muslims after jihad bomb attack

No doubt they’re enraged over the opposition to the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. That’s why Muslims like Reza Aslan are seething with anger these days, isn’t it? Or is it over the Israeli incursion into Gaza? No, that was last year’s outrage. Have you noticed — as I have often pointed out — that the pretexts always shift, but the anger, and the resultant jihad, are constant? “Police arrest 4 in bomb attack in China’s restive Muslim far west,” from Associated Press, August 25 (thanks to JW):

BEIJING (AP) — Police have arrested four suspects in a deadly bomb attack on police auxiliary forces last week, a government spokeswoman said Wednesday, in the latest violence in China’s restive Muslim far west.

The four were part of a “violent gang of six people” responsible for the attack in the city of Aksu, said Hou Hanmin, government spokeswoman in Xinjiang, China’s Central Asian buffer province where Aksu is located. (More)

I guess we need to resettle the Uighurs from Gitmo faster  in order to win hearts and minds in the Muslim world…..

Obama spending $6 million to restore mosques and other Islamic sites worldwide

This has been going on longer than Obama has been in office.  In fact, Australia is  spending  100 $ million dollars to build mosques and madrassas in Indonesia and Afghanistan, well hidden from the public. Has its Constitutionality ever been challenged? If not, why not? “US funds restoration of global Islamic sites,” from AP, August 24 (thanks to JW):

Chinese Muslims Mounted Decapitated Heads of Children on Highway Posts in 2009 Riots…

Update: Barenaked has done some terrific work documenting the Uighur atrocities in China:

COVER-UP: Chinese Uighur MUSLIM rioters burned bus passengers alive, raped women and decapitated children, displaying their heads on a highway median.

Not to be outdone in their own Ministry of Truth quest – much of the Western media downplayed the Uighur brutality preferring instead to portray them as victims of aggressive police action:

“AFP news agency quoted general secretary of the Uighur American Association in Washington Alim Seytoff as saying that police had begun “indiscriminately” shooting at protesting crowds.” SOURCE

Thanks to the Opinionator/via RoP

China’s “Ministry of Truth” Hid Grotesque Uighur Muslim Violence

“Backlash” fears  protect Mohammedan head-choppers from justice

Like reading a passage from George Orwell’s book 1984 comes this article describing a lecture given by China’s deputy chief editor of state news agency Xinhua, Mr. Xia Lin. It reveals, not surprisingly, the Communist Country’s overt efforts to conceal the truth from the Chinese people. In perfect“Ministry of Truth” language the intent is clarified:

“Titled Understanding Journalistic Protocols for Covering Breaking News, the speech was intended to help budding journalists understand Xinhua’s dual mission: To give Chinese leaders an accurate picture of current events and to deftly manipulate that picture for the public to ensure social harmony.”

The article begins with a space flight cover-up but even more interesting to this blog is Mr Xia Lin, exposing and confirming - in a few snippets – what really happened last year when rioting angry Uighur muslims went on a rampage. Mr. Lin tells of the Uighurs raping & slaughtering innocent Han Chinese men, women and children. The facts are bone chilling.

“Mr Xia’s journalism lecture included other examples of Xinhua’s handiwork, most notably the coverage of ethnic rioting in Xinjiang last year that left nearly 200 people dead.

Related Links from JW:

According to the transcript, Mr Xia explained how Xinhua concealed the true horror of the unrest, during which the victims were mostly Han Chinese, for fear that it would set off violence beyond Urumqi.

Uighur rioters burned bus passengers alive, he told the class, and they raped women and decapitated children, displaying their heads on a highway median.”

Interesting that like it’s far too similar Western propaganda counterparts, authoritarian China feels compelled to mitigate grotesque muslim violence and downplay it’s motives – all under the guise of community cohesion. Thus we have the Chinese version of the British “move along now – nothing to see here” that is so prevalent in the British and Western “free speech” media particularly when the subject of muslim violence is involved.

And, not to be outdone in their own Ministry of Truth quest – much of the Western media downplayed the Uighur brutality preferring instead to portray them as victims of aggressive police action:

“AFP news agency quoted general secretary of the Uighur American Association in Washington Alim Seytoff as saying that police had begun “indiscriminately” shooting at protesting crowds.” SOURCE

Thus the conclusion can be made: When it comes to muslims, the “Ministry of Truth” style censorship has clearly gone global.

Article in full:

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So now they're trying to blow up the loo…

Loo man poo:

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs Attempt to Destroy China Southern Airliner by lighting a fire in the lavatory

Of course, what that means is that all lighters and matches will be  confiscated when you board a plane in the future:

China Jihad/ Jawa Report/Christy Li

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs in China, attempt to destroy a China Southern airliner, by lighting a fire in the lavatory on Saturday.

The flight departing for Wuhan, was forced to make an emergency landing returning to Diwobao International Airport in Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang.

Two passengers a man and a woman were removed from the aircraft by Chinese Authorities.

Xinjiang’s  population of 21 million is divided between Turkic Uighur’s Muslims and Han Chinese, many who have arrived in recent years.

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China Cracks Down Hard on Uighur Jihad

No political correctness, not here:

AP, BEIJING – Police in China’s far west have stepped up a hunt for people who took part in deadly ethnic riots there four months ago and other so-called terrorists, the regional public security ministry said Tuesday.

The “Strike Hard” campaign is to run from November through the end of the year and will cover all of the remote Xinjiang region, with police on high alert for alleged terror plots, the ministry said in a statement.


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Moe's Inner Struggle Watch

cemetery-algeriaCatholic cemeteries are literally trashed in Algeria.   The government
refuses to protect or maintain them unless the crosses are removed.

Italy: Abducted Muslim Terrorist Seeks €15 Million in Damages

“My client suffered distress that cannot be imagined by any human being,” Nasr’s lawyer Carmelo Scambia told a Milan court on Wednesday. More from Adnkronos

China Jihad:

China: Al-Qaeda urges jihad to “defend” Muslims

When a Muslim land is attacked, it becomes the individual duty of every Muslim to do what he can to participate in the jihad to defend it. That is the rationale behind Al-Qaeda’s call here, and the background of its grievance-mongering. Note the use of the common Homeric epithet “restive,” always a mainstream media favorite to describe a land engulfed by jihad activity, in the first paragraph. “China: Al-Qaeda urges holy war to defend Muslims,” from AKI, October 7 (thanks to JW):

RoP Links:

Jihad Watch:

Loons in the Lagoons:

Raymond Ibrahim/Pajamasmedia:

The  reason for waging jihad has nothing to do with Israel or U.S. foreign policy:

So long as Islam endures, the reconciliation of its adherents, even with Jews and Christians, and still more with the rest of mankind, must continue to be an insoluble problem. … For an indefinite future, however reluctantly, we must confine our political recognition to the professors of those religions which … preach the doctrine of “live and let live” (The Institutes of the Law of Nations, p. 124).

In other words, political recognition — with all the attendant negotiations and diplomacy that come with it — should be granted to all major religions/civilizations except Islam, which does not recognize the notion of “live and let live,” as evinced by, among other stipulations, the Koran’s commands to its adherents to “enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong,” (e.g., Koran 3:110), that is, enforce Sharia law upon the earth.

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China Jihad, Paki Jihad

* Jihad, we all know that, is nothing but peacful inner struggle, right?

Jihad leader: “They (Chinese) must be targeted both at home and abroad. Their embassies, consulates, centers and gathering places should be targeted.”

The jihadists might not find the bloodthirsty Chinese Communists as easy a mark as they have found Western governments to be.

Abdul Haq al-Turkistani, described by an al- Qaeda-linked website as the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party:   “They [Chinese] must be targeted both at home and abroad. Their embassies, consulates, centers and gathering places should be targeted.”

Using the Uygur name for Xinjiang, he added: “Their men should be killed and captured to seek the release of our brothers who are jailed in Eastern Turkistan. Our duty, we in Eastern Turkistan, is to continue to resist without desperation.”

“Militant urges targeting China over Uighurs,”from Reuters, August 1 (thanks to JW):

* Turkey stands up for Uighur brethren in wake of Chinese brutality

Remember: it was the Mulim Uighurs that attacked the Chinese and killed over a hundred of them…


Pakistan: Muslims loot, burn 75 Christian homes, 2 churches

More on this story. And again, one cannot hope to have a stable society, and therefore, one cannot hope to have a prosperous society, where trumped-up charges of blasphemy lead to outbursts like this, driven by a sense of entitlement to ensure that second-class citizens are kept in their place — that they “feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

“Muslims burn 75 Christian homes and 2 churches in Punjab,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, August 1:

Spencer: Muslims Persecute Christians

But will the world take notice? Ever?

In FrontPage this morning:

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Australia's Lefties Support Islamic Jihad in China

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”- our Socialist  progressives never tire to throw  this line around  as if they can’t wait for the freedom of the burka. Since many of them already grow scruffy beards out of solidarity, the freedom of Islam is  closer than ever for all of  us. As usual, the left is complicit in aiding and abetting the Global Jihad:

Australia welcomes Uighur terror leader Rebiya Kadeer

The Australian — Rowan Callick and Michael Sainsbury

AUSTRALIA has issued international Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer with a short-stay business visa in the face of strong pressure from the Chinese government.

China had signalled that such a move would exacerbate tensions in a relationship already reeling from a series of problems, including what Beijing sees as unfair media coverage over the imprisonment of Australian Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu.  Counter Jihad>>

china-video-grab_208162sUighur Riots

Exiled Uighur leader not a terrorist: 

Stephen Smith, Foreign Minister of Australia

Australia has rejected China’s objections over next week’s visit to the country by the exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Ms Kadeer is not a terrorist and there is no reason why she should be denied a visa.

Ms Kadeer is planning to attend the premier of a documentary about her life – 10 Conditions of Love – at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

China accuses Ms Kadeer of heading a separatist terrorist movement and blames her for the violent riots in Xinjiang province earlier this month, which left nearly 200 people dead.

Mr Smith says he will not be meeting Ms Kadeer during her visit. More from the ABC>>

But China’s Uighurs are not Tibetan monks. Rabid Rabiya is not the Dalai Lama…

Its okay for the nutroots to run around with “Free Tibet” posters, but when the left supports Islamic head choppers who just killed over a hundred Han Chinese in the Uighur bloody riots I smell an eerie, misguided equivalence…

Kadeer is believed to be the mastermind behind the July 5 riot in Urumqi and responsible for a series of protests at Chinese embassies worldwide.

The riot in the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region left nearly 200 dead and 1,600 injured

Islamo propaganda:

Rabiya Kadeer says 10,000 people disappeared in one night in Urumqi, complains about US silence

Accused by Beijing of masterminding the violence in Xinjiang, Uyghur leader calls for an international inquiry to see who was behind the clashes and deaths in Urumqi. China says US agrees the matter is an internal Chinese matter. Beijing criticises Japan and Australia for hosting Kadeer.

Tokyo (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Exiled Uyghur dissident Rebiya Kadeer accused China today of trying to lay a veil of silence over the disappearance of “about 10,000 people” during the unrest in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The head of the World Uyghur Congress has also reproached the United States for its silence over the matter as well. Ms Kadeer arrived yesterday in the Japanese capital to urge the international community to provide support to her people, “massacred” by the Chinese.“About 10,000 people disappeared in Urumqi in one night. Where have they gone? If they are dead, where are they” now, she said during a press conference through an interpreter.  Read it all>>>

The New York Times:  China Dismisses Uighur Claim 10, 000 Are Missing 

Uyghur Activist Alleges 10,000 Muslims Missing in China…

Wakademic F*kcwit Alert:

“Ask not what immigrants cost, ask how we can give them jobs”

Work, Jobs, and Worth

Majorca, Spain: Spanish Police Hunt Terrorist Suspects