Extremely Biased Garbage About Wilders From Britains Daily Mail

Affront to freedom 

Britain’s Daily Mail adds insult to injury:

The Mail holds no brief for Geert Wilders, the Dutch right-winger whose rabid views on the Koran are, understandably, deeply insulting to Muslims. (If the truth hurts, let it bleed/ed)

Yet what does Home Secretary Jacqui Smith think she is doing, barring him from the UK, where he was to visit the Lords as a guest of Ukip’s eccentric Lord Pearson? 

And what is Lord Ahmed thinking of, when he threatens to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to keep him away? (Simple: he is winning the war for the ummah/ed)

                             Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders: A revolting extremist – but with every right to visit Britain (more like revolting stupidity from the Daily Mail/ed)

Wilders may be a revolting extremist, with a taste for hysterical propaganda and pornographic cartoons.  (Just wondering: did the Daily Mail ever call any of the Islamic hate-preachers like Yousuf Al Qaradawi a “revolting extremist?/ed)

But he is also an elected MP in a fellow EU country.

The Home Office insists: ‘We will stop all those who want to spread extremism from coming to our country.’ 

Nonsense. It has let in thousands of them – including terrorists far more dangerous than this Dutch weirdo. (Not as weird as the tarts from the Daily Mail)

Indeed, Lord Ahmed himself welcomed a terror suspect to the Lords three years ago. 

Miss Smith, with her double standards and authoritarianism, has brought shame on Britain’s reputation for free speech. She sure did. Much more than that. She is a complete disaster, like Nu Labour…

* But in the comments there are few buyers, which means people are better informed than the wankers from the so-called ‘free press’…


Wilders banning in Britain illustrates “the depths of capitulation to which the West has sunk in its half-hearted bid for cultural survival”

Andy McCarthy lays bare the contradiction: “Preserving ‘Harmony’ for Islamic Radicals,” by Andrew C. McCarthy in National Review,



8 thoughts on “Extremely Biased Garbage About Wilders From Britains Daily Mail”

  1. It’s interesting that you link to Little Greens Faggots, where the party line is officially, “Britain is wrong, and Wilders is also wrong. It’s a bad situation all around.”

    I’m just sayin’…

    I just checked out what they had to say about Wilders because Andrew Bostom wrote about it.

    Otherwise, I stopped reading anything there, because they’re dishonest and demoralizing. As far as I’m concerned, they’re jihadis. They promote Islam (oh yeah, “moderate Islam) and tear down anyone who stands up against Islam. They’re anti-Christian, too. And as far as I can tll, they’re generally anti-Jewish (meaning anti-Judaic, i.e. anti-religious).

    Therefore, they’re effectively useless at defending against Islamic infiltration, since they have no respect or appreciation of native culture, and they weaken all resisters.

    Every time a European stands up, they find some friend of his, whose uncle was once a skinhead, or in the case of Wilders they say they “have it on good authority that Wilders has entered into an alliance with the Vlaams Belang” and of course VB must be nazis because their leader apparently said 30 years ago that he didn’t want to see his daughter with African guys, or he once got drunk and made a racist joke, or who knows, whatever.

    People like LGF also strengthen any real or potentially fascist groups in Europe. Because the problem there is that every single mainstream party promotes Islam. Wilders party seems to be the most popular anti-Muslim group. Every British party that wins elections (including the BNP) promotes Islam. (Officially the BNP says it has no problem with Islam, no doubt because they fear prosecution, and/or they don’t care about religion as long as all Muslims speak English and are white…). The problem is that as long as the “fascist” groups are the only ones daring to identify the greatest threat to European civilization, then they’ll just grow in power.

    That’s why sensible, reasonable, intelligent people like Wilders are (seemingly) Europe’s last hope. Whatever his party’s policies are on economics or taxation or whatever, as long as they promote democracy and are against Islam, then every European political party should emulate them.

    Anyway, LGF is evil.

  2. To be clear, I definitely believe there’s a New World Order/One World Government movement (Clinton, Krauthammer, Soros, Obama, Blair, the UN, world court, Miliband, Sarkozy, etc etc) but I don’t think it’s a secret conspiracy. It’s wide open “evangelizing”!

    Just mention that because TruthTube has some bilderberg/illuminati videos.

    Anyway, they should be supported for posting videos like this:

    “12yr Old Child Bride Beaten And Stabbed!”


  3. If the BNP “accepts Islam if they are white and speak english”…then that is even dumber than run-of-the-mill racism people accuse of them. The war against Islam is not a racial problem with Arabs, its a ideological struggle.

    I used to be so enamored with the “New World order”, until the general concepts presented by those who really push it had to address the Islamic issue by co-opting into the web of the conspiracy, like they are controlling Mecca and Jihad…thus 9/11 was done by C.I.A agents posing as Islamic terrorists. What a bunch of absolute B.S. Yeah Clinton, Krauthammer, Soros are “globalists” and want to see a ultra liberal utopian multi cultural la-la land. But when push comes to shove, they just don’t have a convictions & determination that Islam brings…and these globalists are playing right into the hands of Islam. I truly believe the real last enemy of mankind before the biblical Messiah returns is the reborn Islamic Caliphate, not some beastly U.N.

  4. Rev, I hope they don’t, but they seem to attract a lot of morons. I been reading and listening a fair bit to Nick Griffin, and he sounds quite agreeable. But many in the BNP are racist wankers, which is disturbing to say the least.

  5. I live here in the Minneapolis, St.Paul metro area…which in the heart of the metro is extreme left wing libtard land, which happened to bring the first elected Muslim congressman to Washington D.C. And you automatically get the bigot/racist treatment from the liberals here when you speak out against Islam, because they always associate religion with race in typical knee jerk fashion concerning Islam. That is why I said “if” and “accused” concerning the BNP, because liberals seem to love to speak for the opposition, not letting you define your own stance on ethnic/religious issues. There are racists here who call themselves Republican & vote the party line…but that doesn’t mean the party has official policies of racism.

    I sure hope its the same with BNP, because they could be great allies against Islam in ole England.

  6. Nick Griffen and the BNP only get any support whatsoever because

    (a) the media is so biased against them that it makes non-conformist types think they must be onto something

    (b) they’re the only party that will even suggest that Muslim immigration is a problem

    But they really are useless, and dangerous, and racist. Interestingly, BNP dissidents criticize the BNP for being Zionist, race-traitors, etc. as more and more frustrated natives turn to them in desperation.

    Of course, mainstream parties can start out murderously racist and become mainstream (e,g. the US Dems). But now it makes no difference. No matter how many Jews or whoever that the BNP gets to join, they’ll always be characterized in the British media as Nazis.

    The real problem is that no mainstream party will dare be anti-Muslim, and it’ll only get worse as more Muslims become citizens and vote. The BNP is anti-Muslim in the sense that most Muslims there are non-white. But officially they’re as dhimmified as every other party.

    + + +

    Re: “I used to be so enamored with the “New World order”, until the general concepts presented by those who really push it had to address the Islamic issue by co-opting into the web of the conspiracy, like they are controlling Mecca and Jihad”

    You mean you used to be “enamored” of the idea of this conspiracy?

    It’s no conspiracy (necessarily). It’s quite openly expressed as the philosophy or aspiration of the elites in Brussels and Washington and they’re comrades throughout the world.

    It doesn’t mean they CAN control Mecca, Russia, etc. It means they THINK they can. They believe that if they can get rid of all pesky “religious extremists” and get the whole world to love gay marriage or whatever else is trend-of-the-week, and just ignore all those silly borders and national pride, then everyone will just wake up and live in multi-kulti capitalist/socialist eternal peace.

    An interesting documentary (I think…):


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