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"Fearful Leaders" fear for image of the Netherlands!

What kind of “leaders” would those be? What kind of nation can afford to have “fearful leaders” in these trying times?

Leaders fear for Netherlands’ image as anti-Islam populist turns kingmaker

Ian Trainor, from The Guardian (of Muslims) fears along with these ‘fearful leaders’ and sprays bile and venom at Wilders, in typical wanker fashion:

Geert Wilders’s plans to joins New York protests against Ground Zero mosque prompt confidential memo to diplomats

The Dutch government has launched a damage-limitation campaign to try to counter what it fears is the disastrous international impact of the Islam-bashing populist Geert Wilders.

Wilders, whose success in June’s general election catapulted him into the role of kingmaker in attempts to form a new coalition government, is to travel to New York to take part in protests on 11 September against the proposed Muslim community centre near Ground Zero.

Fearful Verhagen

Maxime Verhagen, the acting foreign minister and Christian Democrats’ leader, has voiced fears that Wilders’s speech in New York will tarnish Dutch reputations. He has also taken the unusual step of circulating confidential orders to Dutch diplomats around the world on how to answer questions about Wilders’s influence in a new government and on the fallout for Muslims in the Netherlands.

With characteristic robustness, Wilders has told Verhagen to mind his own business. He clearly intends to grab attention with a tub-thumping exercise in Islamophobia in New York.

“Good feeling. Important speech. No one will stop me. No mosque at Ground Zero,” he tweeted after booking a flight to New York. “Stop Islam, defend freedom” is his rallying cry.

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Lizard Meltdown: Libel Blogger Charles Johnson Supports Islam Terror

British protestors against Islamization are now “bigoted cretins”.

The completely derailed little green snot-ball is no longer just a backstabbing dipstick.

* But no amount of lies, smears and defamation can replace reality, truth and integrity.


A veritable Lizard Peace Partner:

Mohammed Naseem is the scumbag who recently blamed  the infidels, the media and ‘the governments policies”  for the attacks of 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Beslan, Mumbai etc etc….

Jihad News:

Extremely Biased Garbage About Wilders From Britains Daily Mail

Affront to freedom 

Britain’s Daily Mail adds insult to injury:

The Mail holds no brief for Geert Wilders, the Dutch right-winger whose rabid views on the Koran are, understandably, deeply insulting to Muslims. (If the truth hurts, let it bleed/ed)

Yet what does Home Secretary Jacqui Smith think she is doing, barring him from the UK, where he was to visit the Lords as a guest of Ukip’s eccentric Lord Pearson? 

And what is Lord Ahmed thinking of, when he threatens to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to keep him away? (Simple: he is winning the war for the ummah/ed)

                             Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders: A revolting extremist – but with every right to visit Britain (more like revolting stupidity from the Daily Mail/ed)

Wilders may be a revolting extremist, with a taste for hysterical propaganda and pornographic cartoons.  (Just wondering: did the Daily Mail ever call any of the Islamic hate-preachers like Yousuf Al Qaradawi a “revolting extremist?/ed)

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