Italy offers the Libyan swine $ 20 million to slow flow of immigrants…

* And you thought Berlusconi was ‘right wing’ and hard core? NOT!

 Fact is,  we are not talking about “immigrants” here. These are  not ‘refugees or asylum seekers’ either, they are  Muhammedan invaders, aided,  abetted, encouraged and enabled by the likes of the omnipotent, magnificent ridiculousness of  Col Muammar Ghaddafi and EU Commissioner Ferrero Waldner. The agenda is clear:  once the jiziyah flows, it just keeps coming…  

Gravy Train For Sale:

May Allah curse Ronald Reagan for missing the target and blowing the chance to make the world a better place:

(ANSAmed) – TRIPOLI, FEBRUARY 10 – The EU has offered Libya 20 million euro to finance patrols of its southern borders and curb illegal immigration.
“I have offered 20 million euro to the Libyan Government to set up management projects on its southern frontier which include the supply of know-how, training and the necessary equipment,” announced European Commissioner, Benita Ferrero Waldner,   (cough, spit…*%#@)
 at the close of talks with representatives of the Libyan government, held in Tripoli to define a framework agreement between the EU and Libya. “I am sure that by the end of the year at the latest we shall reach the signing of an accord,” the Commissioner for External Relations and Neighbouring European Policy told a press conference. Today’s has been the second round in the negotiations following those held in Brussels in November. Austrian-born Ferrero Waldner expressed her satisfaction with the talks, stressing how this “is an historic moment in relations between the European Union and Libya: it was Libya herself who wanted to reintegrate with the international community and we acknowledge this”. In relations between Tripoli and Brussels “we can make big strides” Ferrero Waldner said, turning to Libyàs Foreign Minister, Abdulrahaman Shalgam. Apart from the issue of immigration, other themes touched on were political dialogue, trade relations, transport (especially by air), the environment and energy with the aim – reports an Italian source in the delegation – of “developing a dialogue on energy policies to include everything: gas, oil, solar energy”. Ferrero Waldner’s delegation also met the General Secretary for European Affairs of the Libyan government, Al Obeidi, and the head of these negotiations with the European Union, Mohammed Siala


4 thoughts on “Italy offers the Libyan swine $ 20 million to slow flow of immigrants…”

  1. A sure sign of how out of touch with reality Western politicians have become is their persistent and repeated attempts to solve problems by throwing money at it…

  2. I spent a large part of my life in Muslim and African countries, my comments are not based on what I read on this or that blog or news source but on experience. There are few people as racist as the Arabs, their religion dictates that they should consider them superior everybody else and they truly believe it. This superiority complex is coupled with one other thing. Extreme sloth. In every Muslim society all the hard and dirty jobs are relegated to a preferable non-muslim or expatriate section of society. All the garbage workers in Cairo are Christian, hundreds of years of Ottoman rule have systematically pushed the Christian community to the sidelines of society.

    There is a reason for this convoluted introduction. Out of the headlights of the world press, one of the world’s biggest engineering projects in going on in the southern deserts of Libya. “The great man-made river project”. They have found a vast undegrround supply of water and are building massive pipelines and holding tanks to bring it to the coast. Do you for one moment believe it is the noble Arab who is doing the digging in one of the hottest places in the world. You can bet your last dollar they are not. They are hiring the blacks from neighbouring Niger and Chad, by a curious coincidence the main nationality of those illegal immigrants to Italy. I would bet these labourers are paid with nothing but an illegal boat trip to Europe. Libya wins on all sides. They get their dirty works done at almost no cost whilst fulfilling Gadafi’s dream of an Islamic Europe.

  3. * persistent and repeated attempts to solve problems by throwing money at it…

    Usually they deny there is a problem and then attempt to solve the nonexistent problem by
    throwing money at it.

  4. ciccio-

    It’s easy to see why the Koranic driven mentality of superiority exists given the idiotic behavior of the West in dealing with them. I don’t blame them one bit.

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