Religion of head choppers

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines, Feb 2, 2009 (AFP) 

Suspected Muslims separatists shot and hacked to death four gold prospectors on the troubled southern island of Mindanao, police said Monday. 

“The miners were hog-tied before being shot and hacked with machetes,” said Zamboanga city police chief Senior Superintendent Mario Yanga.More

          Thailand: Muslim “rebels” behead two soldiers

Warning: graphic image ahead!


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More on the reckless Thai jihad. “Two soldiers beheaded in Muslim southern Thailand,” fromReuters, 


“Missionary bandits” at work:


BANGKOK, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Suspected Muslim rebels killed and then decapitated two Thai paramilitary rangers on Monday in the Muslim-majority far south, which has been plagued by five years of separatist unrest, police said. 

“They were both shot dead while they were riding out of the village and were then decapitated,” a policeman, who did not wish to be identified, told Reuters.

The head of one of the soldiers, a Muslim, was removed from the scene, while that of his Buddhist colleague was burnt along with his body and motorbike, the officer said.

There was no claim of responsibility, a feature common to all the attacks that have claimed more than3,000 lives in Thailand’s four southernmost provinces since 2003.

* Al Reuters makes apologies for the jihad:

The region abutting the Malaysian border was a Muslim sultanate until annexed by predominantly Buddhist Bangkok a century ago. Since then it, has been plagued by intermittent unret.

The majority of the population are Muslim and Malay-speaking, and have few links to the rest of Thailand.

* Absolute BS! I know that part of the world very well. In the seventies I often travelled to the south of Thailand and I often watched how the students in the schools sang the national anthem, raised the flag and felt totally Thai. The distortion by the MSM is revolting. The idea that they are Malay speaking is absurd, they have always spoken Thai. Yes, perhaps they also speak a Malay dialect, but that is not an official language. This is just another Reuters apology to allow another land grab by the RoP. 

The violence has ranged from drive-by shootings and bombings or beheadings, and appears to target both Buddhist and Muslims associated with the Thai state. Police, soldiers, government officials and teachers are frequent victims…


The former infidels, the latter apostates — both enemies to jihadis

* Disgusting. Appeasement and pandering along with abject cowardice will bring about our demise.

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  1. A further point to note is that said former Malay sultanate was only annexed by Thailand (then known as Siam) after the Sultanate had attacked Siam. The Siamese/ Thais were, at the time, engaged in a fight with another Buddhist neighbour, Burma/ Myanmar). Presumably the sultan thought that while Siam was thus distracted he could wage jihad and steal some Thai/ Siamese territory for the Ummah.

    He miscalculated: the Siamese/ Thais defended themselves successfully, defeated him, and annexed *his* territory.

    Moral: if you wage jihad against your neighbours, and they defeat you, and you lose territory, tough bikkies.

  2. Ahh yes but don’t forget its ONLY Mohammedans who have the “right of Conquest” so now they will be in perpetual war. These ARAB cry baby so called warriors are using the same totally ILLOGICAL thinking in the Holy Land too. In fact everywhere the evil seed of Mohammad spreads it brings war, ignorance and corruption.

  3. you realist , you have to shut your mouth a litle bit with your big talking, you mayb dont no that if you talk bad about islam ore one of the prophets you will only see fire, mayb now you dont realise because you know nothing of the islam, and the last thing is : inshallah even people like you come to your sence, ore it will be 2 late, because in a short time the word will be in overflood of muslimbrothers, only muslims will be happy if they die.

  4. Abu Hamza, when is the date for our annialation? You write… ‘because in a short time the word will be in overflood of muslimbrothers,’…

  5. Dhumme Dhimmi, what Abu Hamza really mean is not annialation.. but I believe what he means is that now more people are understand what Islam really is and more are converting to Islam.. that is what Abu Hamza means

  6. An “overflood of muslim brothers” is nothing that God cannot deal with; it will be the Jews who have the task of marking & burying them and their body parts at Hamona, in order to cleanse the Holy Land of Israel.

    Everyone is born a muslim, according to allah’s false prophet: [The Prophet Muhammad said, “No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)]

  7. Sheik,
    What the idiot is saying is that only muslims go to heaven – which is a stupid and ridiculous statement that only a dumb muslim could make.

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