Under this rule, even Osama Bin Laden is British

Mail Online  by Richard Littlejohn


           Al Qaeda  ‘Ambassador’: Abu Qatada


After 9/11, the Government woke up to the enemy within. Tony Blair announced that ‘the game has changed’. No longer would we play host to Islamist headbangers, dedicated to our destruction.

Britain’s reputation as a soft touch was over. The preachers of hate were to be rounded up and kicked out, we were promised.

Blair knew perfectly well that was never going to happen, thanks to Labour’s embrace of the European ‘yuman rites’ act, which he once called his proudest achievement in politics.

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Some years ago, in the wake of the Afghan hijack fiasco at Stansted, I invented a spoof game show called ‘Asylum!’

Anyone could play, provided they had no links to Britain. International terrorists were especially welcome.

* Bonus:   how  Jackboot Jacqui is ripping you off!

All you had to do to win was find your way here and remember the magic word ‘asylum’. Prizes included a council house, lavish benefits and lashings of Legal Aid.

It was supposed to be a joke but, as always, was based on fact. I can remember writing that none of the hijackers would be deported and they’d all end up living here permanently, courtesy of the mug British taxpayer.

That’s exactly what happened. The Afghans took their place among a motley crew of foreign undesirables granted refuge in Britain. Top of the list was Abu Qatada, described as Osama Bin Laden’s European ambassador.

He’s been shacked up in West London since 1993, when he arrived from his native Jordan on a false passport. Since then he’s cost us £50,000 a year in benefit payments and more than £1.5million in lawyers’ fees.

After 9/11, the Government woke up to the enemy within. Tony Blair announced that ‘the game has changed’. No longer would we play host to Islamist headbangers, dedicated to our destruction.

Britain’s reputation as a soft touch was over. The preachers of hate were to be rounded up and kicked out, we were promised.

Blair knew perfectly well that was never going to happen, thanks to Labour’s embrace of the European ‘yuman rites’ act, which he once called his proudest achievement in politics.

And despite a raft of grandstanding ‘ anti-terror’ measures, Qatada is still here, along with a roll call of psychopaths from across the globe.

This week, after a drawn-out legal battle, the Law Lords ruled finally that Qatada could be returned to Jordan, where he has been convicted in absentia of terrorism offences.

But that won’t happen any time soon, either. The appeals process isn’t exhausted by any means, and will drag on for years, fuelled by a bottomless well of Legal Aid.

To add insult to injury, a panel of European judges has awarded Qatada £2,500 in damages for the brief period he spent in Belmarsh prison after 9/11.

Another ten foreign terror suspects held at the same time also received payouts ranging from £1,500 to £3,400 each.


They include a variety of north Africans with links to Al Qaeda and other terror groups. Most, like Qatada, entered on false passports. They should have been deported instantly.

Even after they were jailed as a threat to national security, they were all free to leave the country voluntarily at any time. They chose to remain in prison and fight expulsion through the courts. Eventually, they were released under ‘control orders’.

And until Britain repeals the pernicious ‘yuman rites’ act, here they’ll stay, indefinitely.

The ‘rights’ of foreign terrorists will continue to trump the rights of law-abiding British citizens, who will be forced to carry on picking up the bill for their expensive lawyers and welfare benefits.

We’re not even allowed ‘for legal reasons’ to know the names of eight of the men we have been ordered to pay compensation. So who should we make out the cheque to, then? There is no end to this lunacy. Binyam Mohammed is an Ethiopian citizen who was granted leave to live in Britain. In 2001, he decided he’d rather live in Afghanistan.

Shortly after 9/11, he was arrested at Karachi airport carrying a false passport, trying to board a plane for London. He ended up at Guantanamo Bay and claims to have been tortured.

Britain is now moving heaven and earth to bring him ‘home’. Yet he hasn’t lived here for eight years and left of his own free will. By no stretch of the imagination is he a British ‘resident’, let alone a British citizen.

We’ve got enough problems with foreign terrorists, not to mention home-grown headbangers, without working ourselves into a lather over the fate of an Ethiopian who was resident in Afghanistan when he was arrested inPakistan.

In the case of Binyam Mohammed, what we’re looking at is extraordinary rendition in reverse. Instead of flying terror suspects abroad to be tortured, we’re flying them here to be pampered.

Taken to its logical conclusion, the definition of British ‘resident’ should apply to Osama Bin Laden. After all, he lived in London for a few years before moving to Afghanistan. Maybe we should offer to bring him ‘home’, too.

And if Bin Laden was discovered living above a kebab shop in Finsbury Park, he’d be granted indefinite leave to stay, showered with benefits and given access to the best ‘yuman rites’ lawyers taxpayers’ money could buy.

If we can’t even deport Abu Qatada, because he wouldn’t face a fair trial, what chance would we stand with Bin Laden?

Welcome to London, twinned with the Hotel California. You can check in any time you like    but you can never leave.

Another icon hit by the PC brigade

Al Jolson is the latest victim of the Golliwog Squad. A new musical based on the singer’s life has been airbrushed to remove his famous ‘blackface’.

The producers of the show, which opens in Edinburgh next week, were worried that Jolson’s minstrel make-up would offend diversity-conscious members of the audience.

This ultra-sensitivity means star Allan Stewart, who is white, will have to perform Jolson classics such as Swannee without the benefit of grease-paint.

gary cartoon 


But this isn’t the Black And White Minstrel Show. Jolson is an historically accurate portrayal of a real-life performer, not a calculated insult to blacks.

The ‘blackface’ was an integral part of his act. And, far from being a racist, Jewish immigrant Jolson was a fearless champion of racial equality at a time when discrimination was endemic.

Where is this insane fear of giving offence going to end? How long before Barry Humphries has to play Dame Edna dressed as a man, just in case he presents a negative stereotype of transvestites?

Come pantomime season, I look forward to the next actor playing Captain Hook appearing with both hands intact for fear of offending a certain Islamist preacher of hate.


Chiseling, dishonest… this woman must resign

Expensive: Jacqui Smith       

Expensive: Jacqui Smith

Jackboot Jacqui will be investigated over her living expenses after all. What a pity it has taken a complaint from members of the public to shame the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner into action.

Previously, he said the ‘Second Home’ Secretary had done nothing wrong in claiming that her sister’s spare room was her main residence.

Only after two neighbours objected that she spent no more than two or three nights a week at her sister’s South London house did the Commissioner, John Lyon, agree to act.

None of this would have been necessary if, while she was in London, Jackboots used the £3million grace-and-favour Belgravia house available to the Home Secretary.

It wouldn’t cost her a penny. But then she wouldn’t have been able to claim £116,000 in expenses from the taxpayer.

If this was the United States, Smith wouldn’t have got past a Congressional scrutiny committee. She’d probably be looking at a federal corruption prosecution and a few years swapping her business suit for an orange jumpsuit.

Here, she’ll get away with it, largely because the whole system is bent. That’s still no excuse.

This chiselling, dishonest woman is unfit to be Home Secretary. If she had a shred of decency she would resign immediately and offer to pay back all the money she has obtained by deception.

If Gordon Brown had a shred of decency, he would sack her. Every day she clings on to office illustrates this Government’s utter contempt for propriety and the paying public.


Operator! Get me the diversity brigade…

Four firemen in San Diego have been awarded a total of £23,000 compensation after being ordered to attend a gay pride march.

They claimed they were subjected to lewd comments and sexual advances.

Compare and contrast this case with the Glasgow firemen suspended, demoted and forced to attend ‘diversity’ training for refusing to hand out leaflets at a gay pride rally.

In Britain, the main business of the fire service these days is social engineering.

The Government is putting pressure on all fire brigades to sign up to the ‘Diversity Champions’ programme being promoted by pressure group Stonewall, run by gay rights bigot Dame Ben Summerskill.

Minister Saqid Khan said he wants to see ‘real cultural change’. He’s supported by a host of fire-related organisations, including the National Disabled Fire Association.

Khan says the sexual orientation of firemen should be irrelevant.

I agree. Were I stuck in a burning building, I wouldn’t give a damn about the firefighter’s sexuality.

But a disabled fireman. . .?

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