Wakademic F*kcwits John Esposito & Koran Armstrong tell us once again we got it all wrong about Islam…

John Esposito: In praise of Obama and dhimmitude

* To call Esposito a wakademic whore would be an understatement. Read Hugh Fitzgerald’s Tribute to John Esposito, here…

Profundity of thought?

The overarching theme of this wonderful piece of literary dhimmitude is the great need for Americans to “respect” Islam and exhibit “humility” towards Muslims. The logic is that these two approaches will ameliorate “radicalism” in the Muslim world. That the reverse appears to be true; that those two traits in and of themselves — “respect” and “humility” — often exacerbate radicalism and are seen as signs of weakness, is of no interest to the professor.

“Obama reaches out: rebuilding relations with the Muslim world,” by John L. Esposito forToday’s Zaman, but Jihad Watch has great comments…


Koran Armstrong is an ex-nun who struck pay-dirt when she fell where the money lies: the Arabs have a liking use for such people.


        Make sure you have a vomit bag handy for this drivel:

The Iranian Revolution was “the ultimate passion play”

To understand modern Iran we must unpick our prejudices and decipher the symbolism of its rich Shia history

8 thoughts on “Wakademic F*kcwits John Esposito & Koran Armstrong tell us once again we got it all wrong about Islam…”

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve awarded A Dhimmi Award to one of Esposito’s associates, James Hanley, who popped up here:


    It’s interesting to see how people are cultivated. He’s a minor hack, he got his job with the help of a Muslim, he writes for Muslim journals, he’s proud to be accepted as “a token non-Muslim,” he gets grants to go to Dubai and Syria etc. He thinks he’s “open-minded” “a libertarian” “a Christian” etc, but he says the Bible is full of shit and trawls the internet defending Muslims and the Koran from slander. A third-class whore.

    Makes you wonder how much the Saudis or whoever have invested in him? $10-20,000 and they have a propagandist for life. That’s probably what some saudi prince pays on a rent boy and lunch.

  2. I read somewhere that after the revolution in Iran the koranimals “sorted out” their left-wing allies. Please tell me this is true.

  3. Urban – if you want to know something, quick and easy and nasty, about the Khomeini revolution, get hold of V S Naipaul, Among the Believers, and Beyond Belief. Both have large sections on Iran, as personally observed by Naipaul. He doesn’t beat about the bush.

    Another easy read that exposes the sheer scale and horror of the killing that took place when the mullahs took over, and what happened to lots of earnest Persian secular leftists and communists, is Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel, ‘Persepolis’.

  4. Akira–
    If you read KAs autobiography you’ll find that she couldn’t take the heat, so she pulled a snit and left the kitchen!

  5. Thanks,chaps. Shouldn’t really revel in someone else’s misfortune,but in this case I’ll make an exception.

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