We got mail: a Muslim poster praises Female Genital Mutilation as "yet another gift Islam gave to women like many others during Europe’s Dark Ages"

* In response to this older, but immensely popular article,  here: Female genital mutilation “is part of the Sunna of the Prophet”

… and it makes them cum faster too!!

Anis Motiwala Says: 

 “Islam supports female circumcision strictly to the extent of removing the prepuce NOT to reduce libido, on the contrary TO ENHANCE pleasure and HASTEN ORGASM. This is yet another gift Islam gave to women like many others during Europe’s Dark Ages.”
* By that measure Europes ‘dark ages’ were brighter than the Musulmanic “Golden Ages” – don’t you think?
* The same poster further assures us,  that FGM has “nothing to do with Islam”, (Muslims feel obliged to mention that) while at the same time praising the “benefits” of it. 
* The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth / By Serge Trifkovic 
* The not-so-golden age of Islamic philosophy/ Jonathan David Carson, Ph.D.
Update from the Militant Islam Monitor:
Clitoridectomy alone ensures a woman will never have an orgasm (this is medically proven) ie her right to full sexual pleasure is denied.  It is the same as removing the penis.  If the Islamic laws and text that support the practice are constantly hidden, they cannot be eradicated and whenever those who know Islam’s text and laws are in positions of power, they will be enforced again.  Pretending it isn’t Islamic is taqiyya,  a dangerous distortion of the truth.
It gets worse:   Muslims tell us  ‘it really only means trimming the clitoral hood’ – how can that be with the removal of the clitoris?  
* Forget about FGM not being ‘”obligatory  or recommended:'”

In 1994, Egyptian Mufti Sheikh Jad Al-Hâqq ‘Ali Jad Al-Hâqq issued a fatwa stating, “Circumcision is mandatory for men and for women. If the people of any village decide to abandon it, the village imam must fight against them as if they had abandoned the call to prayer.” [60] The Al-Azhar University in Cairo has issued several fatwas endorsing FGC, in 1949, 1951 and 1981.

10 thoughts on “We got mail: a Muslim poster praises Female Genital Mutilation as "yet another gift Islam gave to women like many others during Europe’s Dark Ages"”

  1. ”Islam supports female circumcision strictly to the extent of removing the prepuce NOT to reduce libido, on the contrary TO ENHANCE pleasure and HASTEN ORGASM….”

    Good grief! What a load!

  2. Yes, Steve Brown,where are you because as a woman I find this practice absolutely reprehensible, and that’s putting it mildly, but I’m waiting to hear your excuses.

  3. I’m pretty sure he’s over on muslimahmediawatch, arguing about the specificity of experience, the impact of colonialism, how you cannot judge another muslimah (especially by the Koran), insisting that his/her/its personal Islam (which does not include mutilation, despite what the clerics say) is a “personally valid” view of the prophet (and didn’t you read those beautiful verses about equality? Such a miracle), and screwing down his hijab ever more tightly to show solidarity with the sisters.

    Hey, he’s busy, you know?

  4. No, Steve Brown is a typical muslim male – a depicable and gutless idiot with no courage to face the truth who finds his only solace in that book of lies called the Quran (Piss upon Mo). He will not answer, he is a coward as are all muslim males.

  5. In Reliance of the Traveller, a classical manual of Islamic sacred law in Arabic with facing English text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller (1994) re ‘circumcision’ we find the Arabic actually says –

    Law e4.3 p59
    “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male,
    but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (bazr in Arabic)- (this is called HufaaD). ” (p59)(Shafi’i Law)

    (the English version falsely translates bazr as ‘prepuce ‘ of the clitoris!! My Arabic speaking friends, sites like answering-islam and others show the correct translation.

    Australia’s mufti sheik Fehmi when asked about CLITORIDECTOMY answered to Pam Bone ‘You probably don’t need it but women in hot countries do ‘- Melbourne Age 21/7/01 p7-probably nolonger available!)

    Clitoridectomy was to keep women pure not to make them easily excited. Islam is obsessed with controlling and restricting the sexuality and freedom of women as has been stated even recently by Muslim leaders!

    Mohammad supported clitoridectomy when speaking to the clitoris cutter Umm Atiyyah in Medina(it was practised by Arabs pre-Islam and taken on by islam) see Abu-Dawud Book 41, No. 5251
    Lots of other text demands a big wash when the circumcised male organ meets the circumcised female parts see Muslim book 3 No. 684: , Maliks Muwatta Book 2 eg 2.19.73, 74, 75, 76, 77 and book 20 eg 20.46.161. Other text(hadiths) describes it as a sign of ‘respect’ for women.

    All this text indicates that it was a common practice fully continued and endorsed in Islam and spoken about by Aisha and many others as if it was ‘normal.’

    Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi- one of Sunni Islam’s most influential clerics and a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood- says “Anyone who thinks that circumcision is the best way to protect his daughters should do it’ AND I don’t think he was talking about making them more easily excited!!

    Muslims practice it the world over to varying degrees while only a few animists and Christians living in parts of Africa under Muslim control for 1300 years may also do it –a culture forced on them?

    A friend from Sudan claims the southern Christians don’t do it –it is not in Christian teaching.

  6. Funny then that Muslims cut out the clitoris, or use chemicals or hot sand to burn it out, or tie twine around the ‘head’ of the clitoris and roll it back down the shaft then cut it right out… did they just get it wrong for 1400 years–I guess those bedouins and illiterates weren’t too bright then or now!

    Is anyone really dumb enough to think they were improving the sexual pleasure of their women! I mean think what would happen if females were walking along getting excited with their fully bared clitoris–they might grab a guy….Islam is sex for men with little girls, as many women as they can get and the women must be ontap for anything he wants!

    Waris Dirie wrote ‘desert Flower’ She had a clitoridectomy as a child and said she feels nothing during sex.

    Some Muslims try to pretend it just means trim the clitoris-reduce but don’t destroy ie cut bits off –try trimming the head of the penis! How about some reduction boys!

    The ones that try to pretend suddenly after 1400 years that it just means cut off the hood are either liars or so besotted with Islam they believe anything–funny how this concern only appeared when the west showed how revolted it was by Islam’s propensity to cut the clitoris off females- starting with babies where the hood isn’t even visible!

  7. AGAIN!!!!!!

    steve brown, where are you???

    Your silence seems to indicate you agree with this practice. Well…??

  8. Maybe you should ask this Anis, what she thinks about the male genital mutilation, which was wide extended in islam and suposedly it is practiced today too, although it is a tabu. All the harems had eunuch male servants whose job was, to guard the women against other men. And in the sanctuaries of Mecca and Medina were only eunuchs allowed to do duty.

    So let us see, what she says to this.

    John Lewis Burckhardt, a traveller, described it. Also it is in a Book form Shaun Elisabeth Marmon
    (you have to use Babelfish)
    And there was in the Saudi Magazine Al-Yamama in 1990 an interview with Salim Farid, the officer for “Eunuchs’ Affairs”, where it told, that there were at that time 14 eunuchs on duty in Mecca and 17 in Medina.

    We should speake about the male genital mutilation in Islam also more thoroughly. Its not only that prepuce producing islamic quick spunkers (that has nothing to do with orgasm.

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