Bunglawussi Demands Free Speech For Mohammedan Headbangers

The Guadian (of Muslims)

Incitement good, opposing Islamo-fascism baaaad!

Bunglawussi (of the ancient rulings) discovers a sudden need for freedom of speech when it involves hate preachers like  Al Qaradawi & Zakir Naik. The rest of the time, he’s rather keen on squealing about “Islamophobia” and “offence” to shut people up:

If we care about free speech, let these Muslim speakers in

The leading Sunni cleric Muzz-pope Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who was banned from entering the UK in 2008.

The enlightened Qaradawi just burst the bubble of Western liberal progressives: “secularism is incompatible with Islam” (“Why is secularism incompatible with Islam?,” by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in the Saudi Gazette)

Anyhow; Bunglawussi insists:

The coalition government should demonstrate its commitment to liberal values by allowing two Muslim speakers to enter the UK

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Bunglawussi on a roll, wins libel case against Mail on Sunday

Compo Jihad:

Bunglawussi stabs man in the back (6 times in self-defense) gets apology…$$$

Inayat wins libel case against Mail on Sunday

Bunglawussi, a government adviser on combating extremism among young Muslims today accepted substantial undisclosed damages over a newspaper claim that he supported al-Qa’ida. (He did and he does. Bunglawussi is a great fan of bin Laden, but the truth is no longer relevant in Nullabours Britannia./ed)

Extract: Prosecutors have decided that Inayat Bunglawala acted in selfdefence when a drunk turned up at his Pounds 300,000 house in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the early hours of the morning. After a scuffle, the 25-yearold man was left bleeding from six knife wounds to his back, requiring emergency surgery that confined him to hospital for four days.

The parents of the 25-year-old, a heating engineer and a local government employee, said they were ‘sickened’ by the CPS’s decision not to prosecute (Bunglawussi).

His mother said: ‘Mr Bunglawala has been treated very lightly by the police and the CPS. (Yes indeed. There are two laws in the UK now, one for the natives and  another one for all under the sharia/ed)

In other news:

Another Islamic terrorist gets off scot-free:

Appeal Court judges have overturned the conviction of a man branded a “wannabe suicide bomber” by prosecutors.   Mohammed Atif Siddique, 24, a student from Alva, Clackmannanshire, was convicted of terrorism charges in 2007.   But Lord Osborne said some directions given to the jury by the trial judge were a “material misdirection” and amounted to a “miscarriage of justice”.  BBC Scotland news report

Bunglawussi Phobia Watch

A committee against Islamophobia

Anti-Muslim prejudice is finding expression in more hate crimes. We need to tackle the problem at a nationwide level…

More from the increasingly hysterical spokesman person from the MCB @ the Guardian for Muslims

Ziauddin Sardar rattling his cage:

Sebastian Faulks’ Qur’an remarks are symptomatic of a very British, blissfully self-assured ignorance

Alas, poor Sebastian Faulks! First he annoys the Muslims by declaring, in a Sunday Times interview, that the Qur’an is “the rantings of a schizophrenic” with “no ethical dimension”. Then he upsets the Islamophobes by apologising. The poor sod has been hit by a self-inflicted double whammy.


The Prophet Retains Counsel

Gates of Vienna

On behalf of Mohammed’s myriad descendants, a Saudi law firm has brought legal action against all the Danish newspapers that published the Motoons.

It’s important to bear in mind that this is another probe, like the “Flying Imams” in the USA several years ago. The Islamic world just keeps pushing and pushing against the kuffar to see how far they can get.

Every line of civilized defense is probed — military, police, media, social, legal, political — and if any weakness is found, the push in that direction is intensified. Or, if they meet resistance, they withdraw and push somewhere else.

This process continues all the time, patiently and relentlessly, never ceasing. It’s designed to wear the infidel down.

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Islamist Groups Threaten Free Speech RulingBy: Jamie GlazovWill we allow the enemy to destroy what so many of our countrymen died to protect? ….more

UK: "Moderate Muslim" gets caught spewing bile, Bunglawussi shrieks: "Witch-Hunt"

Harry’s Place shines a light on another  “moderate” cockroach: Mehdi Hasan, who’s Islam is, as we can see here, no different from the Islam of of Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada, Ayman al Zawahiri, Anjem Chaudary or any of the “tiny minority” of  Islamic terrorists who believe that Islam must dominate, no matter what the cost.

mehdiMehdi Hasan Exposed. Part I – Atheists and disbelievers are “cattle” and “of no intelligence”

“The kaffar, the disbelievers, the atheists who remain deaf and stubborn to the teachings of Islam, the rational message of the Quran; they are described in the Quran as, quote, “a people of no intelligence”, Allah describes them as; not of no morality, not as people of no belief – people of “no intelligence” – because they’re incapable of the intellectual effort it requires to shake off those blind prejudices, to shake off those easy assumptions about this world, about the existence of God. In this respect, the Quran describes the atheists as “cattle”, as cattle of those who grow the crops and do not stop and wonder about this world.” More @ Harry’s Place


Here is Mehdi Hasanwriting in The Guardian about the British media:

“I grow tired of having to also endure a barrage of lazy stereotypes, inflammatory headlines, disparaging generalisations and often inaccurate and baseless stories.

 Bunglawussi Watch:

images109Instantly, the  knive-wielding, backstabbing Bunglawussi screams like a seared pig in defense of his Muslim brother:

Harry’s Place and the smearing of Mehdi Hasan

Harry’s Place continues its witch-hunt of Mehdi Hasan, senior editor (politics) at the New Statesman, in what is clearly a campaign aimed at getting him dismissed from his job. In the comments section fellow NS journalist James Macintyre has posted a defence of his colleague which we reproduce here.

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Christopher Hitchens Supports Burka Ban (Bunglawussi shrieks!)


“It is depressing that our President, in addressing the Muslim world, takes the most reactionary religious practice as the symbol of rights and identity. The klansman’s hood, remember, is also the symbol of a white Protestant religious ‘identity’ movement.”

Daily News, 1 July 2009

Last week French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced his support for legislation to ban the burka, the dark, heavy and not-too-comfortable garment worn by many Muslim women. The question arises: Is this forcible French secularism run amok, or a prohibition that Americans, who often believe we have struck a better balance between church and state, might entertain?

I would say the latter.

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Racist, racist racist! UK Mirror Smears, Bunglawussi Cheers

UK Mirror moonbats Will Payne and Gary Anderson in an ‘Exclusive:’

New age reporting from Londonistan:

“Undercover Sunday Mirror investigators infiltrated the BNP” celebrating their success in the  Euro election where they won two seats, in the back room of a pub in Dagenham, East London.


But the evening turned into nothing more than another opportunity for activists to express racist views. (against which race?)

Although the BNP, led by new Euro MP Nick Griffin, have tried to reinvent themselves as a serious political party, it soon became clear that many party members still harbour extremely offensive views. (Offensive to whom?)

Bailey then went into an antiMuslim rant. He said: “We do not need Islam in Europe and we do not need it in the UK. In London we know the stark realities of Islam more than anywhere else. They bomb buses, they bomb trains, they have created terror here.” (that’s called telling the truth. How come these progressive wankers have a problem with people who tell the truth?/ed)

*  No wonder that Inayat Bunglawussi, the comical, goofy looking spokesman of the MCB,  cheers: BNP – refugee-hating, Muslim-hating Nazis

Bnp spokesman Simon Darby said yesterday: “It was a joke. People in this country are famous for their sense of humour. We are quite open that we don’t regard the mass importation of Afghans and replacement of the native population as a good thing.”

So are we. That’s what this is all about. But look what’s considered acceptable by these A-soles:


Bunglawussi Watch: MCB goes apes#*t over funding cuts and government demands to sack terrorist supporting member Daud Abdullah

 ... “more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”- alert from once great Britain. We have seen a similar reaction recently in Canada when the rabid Jew-haters from the Arab lobby group had their funding revoked.

*  Needless to mention that the Guardian is  fully in the Islamic camp and eagerly provides a forum for this headbanger and others from the MCB:

MCB rejects Hazel Blears’ baseless accusations

Muslim Council accuses government of undermining independence

Blears severs links with MINAB


Daud Abdullah is deputy secretary general  of the Muslim Council of Britain (the question should be: why is he in Britain?)

*  Seumas Milne: This counter-terror plan is in ruins

*  Ibrahim Mousawi explains why the government was wrong to bar him from entering the UK.  Comment is Free

* Hazel Blears’ standoff with Muslim Council overshadows new anti-terror launch

* See also “The government may be the only loser in this untimely dispute” by Islamic tilt Madeleine Bunting.

Yid with Lid  is all hopenchange:

Britain Gets Tougher on Radical Islamists  (wish I could share his optimism!/ed)

Bunglawussi Damage Control Watch


* The comical spokesman for the MCB, Inayat Bunglawala, doesn’t like the negative publicity and the general resentment the Al-Muhajiroun headbangers have caused with their vile accusations against homecoming British troops. Don’t wake sleeping dogs, the Bungla tells us, don’t report it and don’t take any notice, because it might damage the stealth jihad in the UK: can’t have that!

Al-Muhajiroun’s little helpers

Abdul Bari’s phony apology

Al Guardian

The media should not reward the fanatics who protested against the Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton with the publicity they seek

The latest publicity stunt organised by some former members of the banned al-Muhajiroun outfit in Luton yesterday appears to have gone exactly to plan. It is a simple formula – hold up some offensive placards designed to get people’s backs up and call a local reporter to come along and capture some footage – that has reliably generated acres of media coverage for them in recent years.

Our TV channels and today’s newspapers have very obligingly given over a huge amount of precious broadcast time and expensive newsprint to report the antics of the tiny group of hooligans.

Here’s Pat Condell who tells the Bungla and his ilk to shove it…

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Bunglawussi "Witch-Hunt" Watch: Damian Thompson continues witch-hunt of MPACUK

In the Bunglawussi-world everything  and everyone opposing the spread of Islam is a ‘bigot/Islamophobe/racist/Nazi/fascist” and speaking out against the thugs from MPACUK means you are engaged in a “witch-hunt”- everyone is Islamophobic on “Islamophobia Watch:”

We realise this site is in danger of turning into Damian Thompson Watch, but we have to register the fact that the Catholic Herald editor has made a further contribution to the mounting witch-hunt aimed at framing MPACUK as a violent organisation. This time Thompson takes issue with MPAC’s call to expose the Muslim “researchers” who forged receipts in order to assist the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange in compiling its Hijacking of British Islam report which claimed to reveal the sale of hate literature in British mosques.

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Bunglawussi Slime-bomb Fizzles

*     “The poor Hamas kidz of Chicago are victims of vicious slander by the far right wing extremist Joe Kaufmann and the powerful Jewish lobby,  who are anti-Muslim and who are trying to give Islam a bad name.”

* Unfortunately M.T. Akbar can’t find any room for the fact that, according to a 2004 Chicago Tribune exposé, the Muslim American Society is the name under which the Muslim Brotherhood operates in the United States. Nor does it mention that according to a 1991 Brotherhood memorandum about its strategy in the U.S., it is embarked upon a “grand Jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

“Kahanist Kaufman slimes Muslim kids”

M.T. Akbar replies to an article by Joe “nuke Damascus” Kaufman in FrontPageMag which attacks the CAIR-sponsored Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS) and asserts that CAIR itself aims to establish “a United States run by Hamas”.

Media Monitors Network

*  Here’s the article:

Chicago’s Hamas Youth


During the 1990s, the Hamas infrastructure within the United States was complete. It consisted of a propagation outlet, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP); a financing wing, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF); a command center, the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR); and a defense mechanism, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Today, only the latter exists, along with a remnant of the IAP, the Mosque Foundation. Both have a presence in the Chicago area, where group and mosque are working hard to indoctrinate young Muslims into radical Islam.

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