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Geert Wilders Received 285 Death Threats in 2008…

Netherlands Supreme Court: Insulting Islam is not insulting Muslims

“Yesterday’s acquittal can have consequences for all future court cases on insulting followers of a faith or ideology, including the notorious case against MP Geert Wilders.”


The chief problem is that insult is in the eye of the beholder. If a non-Muslim points out that all the Islamic sects and schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers, Muslims in the West say that they’re insulted. But this is to say that they’re insulted by the truth, which suggests that in reality they are insulted that a non-Muslim would bring this truth to light when they would prefer to keep it concealed.

“Supreme Court: Insulting Islam is Not Insulting Muslims,” from NISNews, March 11 (thanks to JW)

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Fraud: Dutch Benefits Milked Hard by Muslim Immigrants…

In his book While Europe Slept, Bruce Bawer reports that Muslim leaders in Norway tell their people that “Islamic law gives them the right to abuse the infidels’ system as much as possible — the right, in Kheir Sajer’s words, to ‘cheat and lie to the countries that harbor them.’ They are told to view the benefits they receive as jizya — the tributes that the infidel natives of Muslim-occupied countries are obliged to pay to Muslims in order to preserve their lives.” As commanded by the Qur’an (9:29).

That’s Norway, and this is the Netherlands, but it is unlikely that the situation in the Netherlands is significantly different. “Immigrant families suspected of state benefit fraud,” from Radio Netherlands, March 13 (thanks to Religion of Peace):



The Dutch social benefits authority SVB is tightening controls on Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish families with children who live on their own in their country of origin.Families of children aged between 12 and 17 in the Netherlands can claim nearly 280 euros a quarter in child benefit. If the child lives independently in another country, the parents may still be entitled to claim benefit. And providing their child is living abroad specifically to study and does not have earnings above a given threshold, the parents can claim double the amount of benefit to make up for their extra maintenance expenses. The regulations apply to EU countries, and also other countries that have signed a cooperation agreement with the Netherlands, which include Morocco and Turkey.

Random checks have shown that the claims of 54 percent of Moroccan families with children abroad were suspect, as were those of 31 percent of Turkish families. An SVB spokesperson told press agency Novum that the fraud includes families claiming a child lives independently in Turkey or Morocco, when in fact they live with family. SVB will now intensify its checks on families claiming benefit for children studying in Turkey or Morocco.