Galloway & Ramadan: Go Away!

US Court Upholds Ramadan’s Visa Ban

“Infandous” alley-rat George Galloway, recently seen smearing Geert Wilders and congratulating his misguided government to keep him out of England, is furious over Canada’s refusing him entry. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander: George Galloways own words “Freedom of speech is not an absolute and the dutch Mp Wilders is a racist hater of moslims, hater of Islam and he shouldn’t be allowed into our country” why shouldn’t the same apply to Galloway?
Here’s the video

Ezra Levant puts it in perspective:

George Galloway, the pro-terrorist MP from the United Kingdom, has been denied entry to Canada on security grounds. I suspect it has to do with his track record of providing financial assistance to terrorist groups like Hamas, which is listed as a criminal organization in Canada. It would not surprise me if CSIS determined that Galloway’s visit would have had fundraising or recruiting spin-offs for Hamas or other terrorist groups. I’m sure Galloway himself would boast of those activities. (UPDATE: I am advised that, in fact, his planned speaking engagement at a Toronto church was to raise funds for Hamas.)

* Here is terrorist-supporter Galloway in Gaza “We are all Palistanians, inshallah”

The cabinet minister in charge of immigration, Jason Kenney, could exercise his ministerial discretion and override his officials, but given Kenney’s zero-tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism, that’s a non-starter.

This case is an interesting intersection between free speech and national sovereignty and security.

Galloway is not a Canadian citizen; he does not have a right to come to Canada (nor any other rights guaranteed to our citizens). He would be a guest, and he is being turned away for security reasons.

Were he a citizen, he would have the right to spout his bigotry in Canada (but not to engage in material support for terrorists, which is a crime.) If he were a citizen, he would be allowed back home, and arrested for his crimes.

I don’t see this as a free speech issue; I see it as a sovereignty issue — keeping out an undesirable foreigner who has no right to be here, and who boasts about violating our criminal code.

Good riddance. More…

The same goes for the pseudo-intellectual grandson of Hassan al Banna, the slick and cunning Tariq Ramadan, presented here in this howler from the MCB as “one of Europe’s leading Muslim thinkers” and as “Oxford University professor”- he has no right to enter the US. He is not a citizen and being the terrorist supporter and Islamic agit-prop he is, the Obama administration is doing the right thing to uphold the ban for keeping him out.

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4 thoughts on “Galloway & Ramadan: Go Away!”

  1. Great news ..these morons get away with almost murder in funny that they are being denied entry into other countries.

  2. I hope that Canadians reading this are inundating Mr Jason Kenney with intelligently-worded and courteous expressions of support and approval. Indeed, it would be entirely appropriate for a delegation of suitably-pleased Canadian citizens to conduct a ‘thank you, well done’ demonstration in some suitable public place where Mr Kenney can see it.

    Mr Galloway is a janissary of jihad. Canada has every right to keep him out.

    As for the second story – credit where credit is due – whoever in the Obama administration has decided to maintain the US ban on Mr Taqiyya, Tariq Ramadan, should also be sent letters and emails of commendation.

    Every time anyone in the lands of the Infidel acts to impede jihad and resist Islamisation, they must receive due praise and thanks from their Islamosavvy fellow-citizens.

    PS – has the Canadian government issued an invitation to Mr Wilders to visit Canada and address their Parliament? If not, then Canadians who read here should be making every effort to persuade their elected representatives that Canada should emulate the civilised and courageous example of Italy, and invite Mr Wilders to visit and to speak.

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