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Death-drive peer may serve just 18 days of jail term

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Text messages: Lord Ahmed

Text messages: Lord Ahmed


The Labour peer jailed for dangerous driving after sending texts on the M1 before a fatal crash could be freed just 18 days into his 12-week sentence.

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain’s first Muslim peer, was sent to Doncaster Prison last week but his lawyer believes he could be released early.

If so, he would have to wear an electronic tag confining him to his home between 8pm and 6am.

Lord Ahmed would be eligible for parole after six weeks, but his solicitor Steve Smith said: ‘Lord Ahmed is clearly no danger to the public and in these circumstances the prison authorities can consider early release. He has to serve a minimum of 18 days.’

Lord Ahmed admitting sending texts minutes before his Jaguar hit a stationary Audi near Rotherham on Christmas Day 2007, killing its driver, Martyn Gombar, 28. The prosecution did not link the texting to the crash.

‘The prison governor will have to decide whether he is a suitable candidate for release and I think he is,’ said Mr Smith. ‘They know he will not try to escape.

‘His life and career have been wrecked for the sake of 18 days in prison. It is pathetic.’

Mr Gombar’s 36-year-old widow Monica – who is already planning to appeal against the original sentence in the European courts – said: ‘I would not be happy with a decision to release Lord Ahmed on a tag. It is one rule for Lords and another for everyone else.’

The Ministry of Justice refused to comment on individual cases.

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A British judge has ruled that Britain’s (first muslim) Lord Ahmed is going to jail for causing the death of a man.  Lord Ahmed famous for his recent threats to have10,000 angry muslims take to the streets and lay siege to the House of Lords if Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, was to be allowed to show his film FITNA to the Lords- AND who also wanted British Jews arrested and tried for “war crimes”   The bad news is – the jail term is NOT long enough.

Ahmed was busy tapping long text messages whilest driving on the M1 – a major motorway. Thus he was too busy to see a auto accident before him and the young man, Martyn Gombar, 28,  trying to retrieve his phone from the disabled vehicle. Ahmed crashed into the car – killing Mr. Gombar – and leaving two little children fatherless.

True to form, the Lord Ahmed’s barrister spoke to the presiding judge in glowing terms how Ahmed has served his community and has spoken out to others against text messaging while driving. WOW! – now there’s reason to give a light sentence for killing a man. On the other hand, Mr Gombar’s having been drinking, was reason to cast the deceased man as the wrongdoer.

It is a travesty of justice that a human life is worth only 12 weeks in jail and a small fine AND even more disgusting that Ahmed will only have to serve 6 weeks before he is released.

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  1. Lord Ahmed kills a man and goes free….Geert Wilders quotes the Koran and is banned from Britain…as my grandmother often said, “the world is going to hell in a handbasket”. Think we could offer Geert US citizenship? He could apply as a political refugee…unless his party succeeds in taking over the Dutch government. Then we’ll have to send marines in to support the Dutch, cuz Allah knows those wild and crazy, innocent muslim immigrants will just sit quietly around while Geert and company restore democratic values and free speech in the Netherlands….God help us all

  2. ah med should be charged with inciting violence. What has happened to Britain??? ..a thug says he will get 10,000 other thugs out on the street if Geert Widers is allowed into the UK..He is a bully , plain and simple…What will his next threat be???
    During the gaza crisis , 50,000 muslim thugs demonstrated in London. This was largely kept out of the media..Why???
    Violence seems to be the only language these people understand…Who would ever be surprised if the family of the man he killed hired a hit man. 12 weeks for killing someone…what load of bulldust…

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