Sheik Hilali's "Out of context" door-kicking Video

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Killers ‘bashed gang rapist brothers’

Matthew De Gruchy

Court … Matthew Wayne De Gruchy is one of four killers accused of bashing gang rapist brothers in jail

  • Gang rapist brothers “bashed in jail”
  • One required brain surgery
  • Other treated for broken arm

FOUR of the state’s most notorious killers, including triple family killer Matthew Wayne De Gruchy, appeared in court this morning over the vicious jail bashing of infamous gang rapist brothers.

Matthew Wayne de Gruchy, who is serving a 28-year jail term for the murder of his mother and two siblings at Albion Park Rail, near Wollongong, in 1996, is among the four murderers, two rapists and an armed robber allegedly involved in the vicious bashing of the brothers who can only be known as MSK and MAK. 

The bashing, in a yard of Goulburn jail in February 2007, almost killed MAK who suffered severe head injuries and needed to be airlifted to hospital for brain surgery. His brother was treated for a broken arm. 

After an extensive two-year investigation the inmates have been charged and made their first appearances for inflicting grievous bodily harm in Goulburn Local Court this morning. 

The inmates charged, who appeared this morning via videolink, include De Gruchy who was only 18 when he killed his mother Jennifer, 42, brother Adrian, 15, and sister Sarah, 13.

Also charged was triple child murderer Craig Andrew Merritt.


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5 thoughts on “Sheik Hilali's "Out of context" door-kicking Video”

  1. I would say that the muss scum tried to take over the jail compound – i think that the authorities should be a little leniant here.

  2. Nice to see one of them going down again

    A TEENAGE girl who woke up next to one of the notorious “K” brothers with her underwear missing and her skirt hitched up is too frightened to watch the video that forced her attacker to admit he sexually assaulted her.
    MRK, one of four Pakistani brothers in jail for a spree of sex attacks on teenage girls in 2002, was 17 when he was filmed indecently touching and assaulting the unconscious 15-year-old.
    In the footage, MRK directs the person holding the camera where to film as he repeatedly violates the girl.
    Despite claiming he has no recollection of the offences, MRK, now 24, pleaded guilty in December to two counts of aggravated sexual assault after he was shown the video evidence.
    An agreed statement of facts tendered to the District Court at MRK’s sentencing hearing yesterday said the incident happened after the girl watched the 2002 Mardi Gras parade with the brothers in the city.
    Afterwards, she went with them to their Ashfield home where they plied her with alcohol until she grew dizzy, vomited and passed out. She woke the next morning to find MRK next to her in bed, her skirt around her waist and her underwear on the floor.
    Nine months later, police discovered footage of the girl being molested by MRK on one of several video cassettes found in a search of the brothers’ home.
    The girl has told police she refuses to view the assault because she is “ashamed of what it might contain”.
    MRK was charged in December 2002, but before his trial the girl told police she did not want the prosecution to proceed and charges were dropped.
    In July 2007, three months before MRK – who was serving 10 years – was eligible to be released on parole, police charged him with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and three counts of aggravated indecent assault after the girl provided a further statement. He will be sentenced this month.
    MRK is in Goulburn’s supermax prison where he has asked to be kept in protection, the court heard. “Some of his brothers were brutally bashed last year . . . and he holds great fears for his safety,” lawyer Phillip Young said.,22049,25218138-5006009,00.html

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