Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Belgium


Muslim attacks Jews with crowbar, shouting “allahu akbar” and “Yahud, Yahud..” (Jew, Jew…)

From Atlas Shrugs:

Bulldozer Jihad in J’lem and an attack on Belgian Jews in their own country.  All in a day. Not that any of this had anything to do with Islam. Can’t blame a religion of 2 gazillion people for the misguided efforts of a few bad ones now. Or can we?

Just another Muslim having a bad mental health day, right?

Antwerp: Muslim attacks Jews  Islam in Action (hat tip Urban Infidel)

According to the Belga news agency, the man spoke a foreign language, but it’s unclear which.  According to one victim he spoke Arabic, but others think it was Polish (HLN, NL).  Given the description below, it looks like a Muslim religiously motivated attack.

A press release from the Forum of Jewish Organizations, the Flemish Jewish umbrella organization:

This evening there were three separate attacks, suspected to have been committed by the same culprit.  In the area of the Somersstraat between 8pm and 8:30pm, a man of Arabic origin attacked three religious Jews without provocation.
The man, ~1.70m high, attacked his victims with a steel bar while shouting “Allah Akbar” (‘Allah is Great’) and “Yahud, Yahud” (‘Jew, Jew’).

One of the victims suffered multiple fractures in his hand and was brought for treatment to St. Vincentius hospital.

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  1. It is a muslim – so Belgians – find this thug before it tries to kill you while you are sleeping!!!

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