More Bulldozer Jihad in Jerusalem

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Israel Radio reports that the police car was flipped over twice – clearly not an accident as the ‘Palestinians’ may ultimately report. The bulldozer also hit an empty bus.

* Family of dead jihadist: “he was only interested in his religion…”


You would think after last summer no one would allow an Arab behind the wheel of a tractor or bulldozer in a city in Israel. You’d be wrong. This afternoon, yet another ‘Palestinian’ terrorist purposely drove a bulldozer into other vehicles on a Jerusalem road. This time it happened near the Malcha Mall, where the Menachem Begin highway ends, at Golomb Boulevard. It’s an intersection my two young sons pass each morning on their way to school. Thankfully, this time a taxi driver shot and wounded the terrorist immediately, and only two police officers – whose car was flipped over by the bulldozer – were lightly wounded.

Two police officers were wounded in Jerusalem shortly after 1:00 p.m. when an Arab-driven tractor plowed into their vehicle. The officers, though hurt, fired at the terrorist, as did a civilian, and the terrorist was mortally wounded.


* Update:

Family of Jerusalem tractor jihadist: he was “a normal person who did not hold extremist views”

He plowed into a police car and was apparently also trying to hit a bus. But it was an accident, you see, and he was a “moderate.”

And there was an open Qur’an in the glove compartment.

Of course, every time a Muslim commits a jihad attack, we hear from his family and friends about how he was just a regular guy, a gentle soul, wouldn’t hurt a fly, and they’re shocked, shocked, by this incident. Just once it would be refreshing to hear the uncle or cousin of a jihadist admit it all and say something like, “Yes, he did this because he totally hated Jews and Christians and wanted to kill them, as per the Qur’an’s instructions to wage war against unbelievers.”  (that admission usually follows a few days later, when that dreaded ‘backlash’ doesn’t happen and the Muslims feel safe from infidel reprisals…/ed)

An update on this story. “Tractor driver’s family: He was not an extremist,” by Ali Waked forYnet News, 


Details are still sparse, but it appears that the terrorist first tried to ram into a bus, which was empty at the time. He then turned his attention to the policemen. Other reports say the terrorist pushed the police vehicle into the bus, and then tried to hit other vehicles when he was shot.

The policemen were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where they are listed in light condition.

The incident occurred at a busy intersection in southern Jerusalem, where the Menachem Begin Highway meets Eliyahu Golumb Blvd., not far from Teddy Stadium and the popular Malcha Mall.

The civilian was a taxi driver, and according to Israel Radio (which interviewed him), he shot the terrorist first. The taxi driver told Israel Radio that he shot the terrorist four times, critically wounding him.

Good job taxi driver!


Israel Radio reports that the police car was flipped over twice – clearly not an accident as the ‘Palestinians’ may ultimately report. The bulldozer also hit an empty bus.


Yes, that’s the bulldozer at the top of this post.

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  1. Israel should not permit muslims to have control of dozers / loaders / excavators – they will
    be needed for digging mass graves for dead and smelly jihadis at Hamona when the time
    comes, and not too far off by the look of things.

  2. Yes, and muslims should not be permitted into the armed forces or the police. Sadly, it is best to err on the side of caution!

  3. Yes I just saw a report on this in Jerusalem Post.

    The line from the jihadist’s family “he is only interested in religion” is a classic. Yeah, those of us in the know, know exactly what that religion is all about, and we’re not surprised at all that this person would take a front end loader and use it to attack Jews in vehicles in a public street in broad daylight. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus are dangerous when they DO NOT follow their religion; Muslims are dangerous when they DO.

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