Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?

* Gitmo terrorists: ”We are terrorists to the bone,  thanks to Allah.” “To us the (accusations) are badges of honor, which we carry with pride,” the detainees said…

* Spengler: Islam by its nature cannot be separated from primitive life.

Egypt: Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death


When this story was first reported, the media described it the way it always describes Coptic persecution at the hands of Muslims — as a “sectarian-clash.” As this more revealing report makes clear, however, it was anything but a “sectarian-clash” (which suggests Christians and Muslims, in more or less equal numbers, fighting and rioting). Instead, a Muslim set a Christian on fire, and then other Muslims attacked his father, stabbing him to death — this in a village where Christians make up maybe 3-4% of the total population. Keep this in mind the next time you hear about “sectarian clashes” occurring where Muslims predominate and non-Muslims live as minorities. More on this story can be read at the Voice of the Copts.

“Egyptian Christian Burned Alive; Father Murdered Also,” by Ethan Cole for the Christian Post, via JW

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The Copts Gather in D.C. to Challenge Mubarak

The Copts are an ancient people. In fact, the name in Arabic means “Egyptian”, or at least it did. The fact that they survive at all after a millennium of slaughter and persecution is testimony to the strength and determination of this people. Despite the ongoing, endless inequity they experience in their native land, they have managed to maintain a precarious existence in the face of hatred and mindless attacks.

Popular Egyptian host exposes the severity of the Coptic situation

Jihad Watch:

“People, we have a major problem on our hands”

A recent episode of the popular Egyptian TV program, “Cairo Today,” reveals how bad the situation has gotten for the Christian Copts of Egypt. The Muslim host, Amr Adib, a very famous TV personality, not just in Egypt but across the Arab world—not to mention vocal critic and nemesis of Fr. Zakaria Botros—in a very honest moment, expressed the severity of the situation.

Among other things, Adib confirmed that Coptic persecutions are more than what the media portrays, i.e., “sectarian conflicts”; that this is a “major problem” and society in its entirety needs to get involved; that this is not a superficial issue, but rather a deep-seated one, festering in the hearts; that weekly mosque sermons exacerbate the situation and lead directly to Coptic persecutions; and that media bosses warn TV hosts to stay clear of this topic.

Regarding this latter point, Amr is to be commended; for, whereas he, a (perhaps nominal) Muslim, spoke truthfully about this, some dhimmi Copts do the exact opposite when on the media.

Due to the importance of this episode, I deemed it relevant enough for translation, which follows (thanks to Victor and Reda for sending me the Cairo Today link).

By way of context, Adib began his tirade after discussing a recent residential quarrel, wherein Copts living in a building wanted the sole Muslim to leave, he refused, and eventually a quarrel erupted leaving the latter dead (for the record, the opposite is the norm). After reporting on this, Adib went on to say:

After this occurrence and during the Friday prayers [khutba], a large group of people [Muslims] came out of the mosque chanting “we will kill them” – and, by the way, this kind of thing happens very often in Alexandria, people erupt out of the mosque slandering and attacking Copts.

Of course, as usual, the same explanations were given—“this was a sectarian conflict, we Muslims and Copts are one people, one nation, we will stand next to each other, these are minor issues,” and so on and so forth.

Now, if you [the viewers, i.e., Egyptians] plan on continuing this way, we have a problem; I mean, if we in Egypt, continue dismissing these occurrences, then we have a major problem on our hands. However, if we want to take this seriously, and examine what’s really going on inside people, what the deal is, then that’s something else.

We’ve spoken about this issue a 100 times, and every time things smooth over; however, the time is nearing when things won’t pass over. I beg you, this is a very important matter; it’s not just about reconciling Gergis with Muhammad [i.e., reconciling any specific Christian to any specific Muslim]. What’s going on internally is something else; the schools, mosques, churches, media, and all of us must get involved—we must figure out what the deal is, what the trigger button is, what makes people go insane.

In other words, what would get an entire mosque to storm out screaming “they will die”? They have nothing to do with this; these mosque people were there to pray. Why are they involving themselves in a residential dispute?

On the other hand, our Christian brethren, what’s it to them that he was the only Muslim in the building, why did they want him to get out?

Anyway, this one passed – but what about the one before it, the one before that, the one that’s to come, and the one after that? What are you going to do?

If you plan on continuing this way, without seriously considering this issue, we have a major problem! I say this because I want to satisfy my conscience, for truly, I am daily torn to pieces when I hear of such things.

People, we are only kidding ourselves; there is a major problem; it must be treated; we must expose its roots. Postponing problems never fixes anything:

There’s a nation called America that is about to collapse. Why? Because it keeps postponing its economic problems until one day everything will come crashing down.
This goes back to the days of Sadat—we kept postponing, minimizing the importance of these clashes, saying they’re minor; then movies would be made portraying Christians and Muslims as best friends.
This talk is simply not true. There’s something going on inside Pope Shenouda; there’s something going on inside Sheikh al Azhar.

Open up your hearts and tell us what’s going on! They warn us in this job [media], telling us not to talk about this issue. However, I—because I love this country—have a feeling that what happened in Karmuz is not the last we’ve heard of this, and this isn’t good.

Sure enough, only recently, Muslims gunned down two Copts as they were exiting church after Easter service.

I tell my Muslim brethren, guys, you’re the majority, you’re the ones who must hold off, be patient, lead by example. Our brethren the Copts, because they are the minority, have feelings of insecurity and fear.

Take any Copt to the side, away from the camera, and talk to him. He’ll tell you – “they don’t hire us, this happens to us, in the buses this occurs to us, in these areas they do this to us, we can’t build churches,” and so forth.

We’ve all memorized these complaints by heart; we all know what the Copts’ problems are….

People, we all know what’s going on, we need to openly discuss this, not postpone; it needs to be addressed seriously by all the relevant people to figure out how to solve this problem, how to reform the lessons in Muslim schools, in the Friday preaching in mosques.

Yesterday, I heard the khutba next door [Friday sermon], and the imam of the mosque was an animal; he was saying the worst things about Christians! And, of course, everyone sitting there was simply chanting la illah illa alla [There is no god but Allah, i.e., they were mindlessly assenting].

I just wanted to go grab him by his throat! Who does he think he is? Does he know more than the prophet, or Abu Bakr, or Omar, or Amr? No, he’s a criminal; I just wanted to grab him by his throat, this man who is inciting the world to tear itself to pieces.

Little does Amr understand, but the sad fact is, yes, this imam knows as much as the aforementioned “pious” Muslims who usurped the Coptic nation and turned its people into subdued dhimmis—hence the festering problem, what is inside the hearts of Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of Azhar: fear and hesitancy in the former, intolerance and a sense of superiority in the latter.

From: Thoughts of a nationalist Indian:

Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?

(A man about to be beheaded publicly in Saudi Arabia, in perfect accordance with Islamic law as recorded in the Hadith. Picture courtesy Amnesty. )

The Kuran is full of hatred towards unbelievers. The Hadith is even worse. It goes into the gory details of the kinds of “punishments” Muhammed meted out to people for even petty offenses. Judge for yourself. I will reproduce some of the Hadith where Muhammad shows his kindness. All of them are from Sunan Abu-Dawud (the Hadith that provides most of the Shari’a law on various punishments).

In this Hadith, Muhammad shows once again just how much he hates polytheists. It is Hadith such as this one that directly caused many Hindus to be tortured to death in the most cruel manner imaginable during the dark centuries of Islamic rule. Note that for polytheists, repenting does not save them from such a harsh fate.

Book 38, Number 4359:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

The verse “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite side or exile from the land…most merciful” was revealedabout polytheists. If any of them repents before they are arrested, it does not prevent from inflicting on him the prescribed punishment which he deserves.

Now Muhammad orders an adulterer to be stoned to death (there are many Hadith on stoning to death).

Book 38, Number 4364:

Narrated Nu’aym:

Ma’iz came to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and admitted (having committed adultery) four times in his presence so he ordered him to be stoned to death, but said to Huzzal: If you had covered him with your garment, it would have been better for you.

This time, Muhammad orders both the hands of a petty thief chopped off.

Book 38, Number 4367:

Narrated AbuUmayyah al-Makhzumi:

A thief who had accepted (having committed theft) was brought to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him), but no good were found with him. The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), said to him: I do not think you have stolen. He said: Yes, I have. He repeated it twice or thrice. So he gave orders. His hand was cut off and he was then brought to him. He said: Ask Allah’s pardon and turn to Him in repentance. He said: I ask Allah’s pardon and turn to Him in repentance. He (the Prophet) then said: O Allah, accept his repentance.

Once again, a man who stole a shield worth just three dirhams has his hands cut off on Muhammad’s orders.

Book 38, Number 4373:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) had a man’s hand cut off who had stolen from the place reserved for women a shield whose price was three dirhams.

A woman has her hand chopped off for selling jewellery that she had borrowed.

Book 38, Number 4382:

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin:

A woman borrowed jewellery through some known persons and she herself was unknown. She then sold them. She was seized and brought to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). He gave orders that her hand should be cut off. It is this woman about whom Usamah interceded and of her the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said whatever he said.

In this Hadith, Muhammad seems very eager to kill a thief, but when the people remind him that he is only a thief, Muhammad “relents” and orders his hand chopped off. The next time, he has his foot chopped off. This saga continues, with his other hand and foot being chopped off, before he is finally stoned to death.

Book 38, Number 4396:

Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah:

A thief was brought to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). He said: Kill him. The people said: He has committed theft, Apostle of Allah! Then he said: Cut off his hand. So his (right) hand was cut off. He was brought a second time and he said: Kill him. The people said: He has committed theft, Apostle of Allah! Then he said: Cut off his foot.

So his (left) foot was cut off.

He was brought a third time and he said: Kill him.

The people said: He has committed theft, Apostle of Allah!

So he said: Cut off his hand. (So his (left) hand was cut off.)

He was brought a fourth time and he said: Kill him.

The people said: He has committed theft, Apostle of Allah!

So he said: Cut off his foot. So his (right) foot was cut off.

He was brought a fifth time and he said: Kill him.

So we took him away and killed him. We then dragged him and cast him into a well and threw stones over him.

In this Hadith, Muhammad orders a man’s hand to be chopped off and hung around his neck.

Book 38, Number 4397:

Narrated Fadalah ibn Ubayd:

A thief was brought to the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) and his hand was cut off. Thereafter he commanded for it, and it was hung on his neck.

I ask my readers to bear in mind that Islam IS the example of Muhammad. The above instances are not mere history, but the normative code of conduct for Muslim societies for all time to come. Islam is unique in that it makes one man’s conduct the basis for its law (Shari’a). All of the above examples are now cast in stone, and form the basis for Shari’a law for all time.

I have a few questions to ask of my readers after they have read the Hadith above:

1. Was Muhammad a kind and compassionate man, as claimed by Islamic apologists?

2. Could a man who displayed the kind of cruelty described in the Hadith above be called a Saint, let alone “the last Prophet of God”?

3. When one sees the kind of cruelty that routinely comes out of Islamic societies, is it against Islam, or directly in accordance with it?

4. Is anything the Taliban do against Islam? Indeed, Muhammad’s punishments seem far more brutal than what the Taliban dish out.

5. Is there ANY place for such a barbaric cult in civilized society?

Notice that in none of the Hadith does Muhammad show an iota of compassion to those whose hands and feet he orders chopped off. Not once does he even ask “Did you fall on bad times? Why did you do what you did?” In Muhammad’s time, if a man stole a loaf of bread to feed his hungry family, guess what? Too bad, his hands would be chopped off. There was no compassion in this man. When 1.2 billion people think this is the behaviour of the “perfect man”, that is when we see all the barbarity that Islam displays daily. Beheadings, stoning, brutal intolerance and so on. It all comes from one man and his religion.

* continued from above:

Egypt: Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death

A young Christian man was suddenly set on fire by a Muslim man in Egypt after a rumor circulated that the Christian man had a relationship with the Muslim man’s sister.

Yasser Ahmed Qasim approached 25-year-old Sabri Shihata and poured gasoline on the Coptic Christian and then set him on fire, reported the Voice of the Copts on Friday. The young Copt tried to put out the fire by throwing himself into a nearby canal, but the burns were too severe and he later died.

His 60-year-old father, Sabri Shihata, later arrived at a village rally where a group of Muslims stabbed him to death. One stab reportedly entered his back and came out of his abdomen below the rib cage, according to Voice of the Copts. The elder Shihata was taken to the hospital but nevertheless died from the attacks.

The Muslim group also attacked the Coptic man’s younger brother, 22-year-old Rami Sabri Shihata, causing a deep injury to his head…

30 thoughts on “Why is Islam so cruel and barbaric?”

  1. It’s been said before, but the sooner every muslim is done away with, the better the world will be. Sorry, but it’s true. They are the cause of the majority of trouble all over the world.

  2. yes Beema , I have read the stats but can’t quite recall them , but they are involved in a huge percentage of current wars either fighting each other or fighting non-Muslims. What they have done in Darfur is beyond disgrace , almost beyond words…but it is what they intend to do everywhere…We are in a war and they are the enemy.
    They are cruel and barbaric because the moron they follow was cruel and barbaric.
    As Wafa Sultan says , it is not a clash of civilizations or a clash of religions , it is a clash between rationality and barbarity.

  3. I read your forum!
    Islam is not cruel, dont go beyond the borders that ISLAM has drawn for us specially for Muslims, If your are going to accept islam than you will have to follow some rules and those rules are ruling age ago.
    please just try to imagine… for instance
    According to Saudi Rules if some person is caught red handed in accused of theff than his hands would be cut off and this news will be spread in 200 people and 199 people of 200 would be thinking not to do these bad things afterword.
    I think u got my point.

  4. Well, I’m Greek, Catholic Christian, I lived in Gaza (Palestinian Territories) for more than 9 years, studied Arabic language, also Hebrew, and interacted with Muslims and Christians, from my experience, Islam is not cruel within Muslims, although in punishments and with non-Muslims it’s very cruel, also in Islam, the woman is cursed, no respect in Islam for women, why do you think Islam asks that a Muslim woman should cover her body and hair completely? to not make a man attracted to her, if the man is bad and looks this way at women, while it’s the man’s fault, the woman should pay the price of his looks. Also men are allowed to marry 4 women per man, and Islam, when saying opinion of a Muslim, in every topic, starts from the sexual point of view, no matter how far or near the topic was from sex, they must do that. For the record, Muhammed was married to 60 women, some of them were 6-9 years old. Sorry Muslims, but Islam is all about the sexual needs of men, not humans, MEN.
    Lets talk about the situation in Gaza for the Christians, they are not allowed to talk about Christianity with other Muslims (to assure no Muslim gets deep in knowing more about Christianity, which would lead him to convert) and talking about Christianity would drive the person to torture, and maybe eventually death, after begging for it under torture. Muslims who convert to Christianity are killed by their family, mainly brothers. There are 2,500 Christians living in Gaza Strip, which has a population of 1.5 Millions of people. Christians only live in Gaza City, the capital of Gaza Strip, with only two families (now died) were living in Khan Younis City, because Gaza City has the only civilized, western style living Muslims who tolerate Christians perfectly. Christians have only 3 churches in all the Gaza Strip, 2 of them are the Catholic Gaza Church, the other is the Orthodox Gaza Church of the Saint Perphurius, which was built 1,200 years ago, since the Islamic rule began in Palestine/Israel in 1100, no churches were allowed to built, which acutally meant that if those 2 churches (the 3rd one was destroyed by Hamas already) fall dowan, get destroyed or vandalised, there is 0 chance of having a permission from te Hamas government to built a new one. Since 1,200 years ago till now, no churches have been built in Gaza. Christians have 2 cemetries in Gaza, one is in the Orthodox Church courtyard, the other is in the Catholic church’s one, the latter one only having around 10 tombs.
    I had, still have, some good Muslim friends, they are actually free of the Isalmic way of thinking, only call themselves Muslims, just taking the good part of Islam, I met them in Gaza. Christians there are free, and living in complete tolerance, but it’s an enormous danger for them to interact with Muslims from the rest of the Gaza Strip.

    I hope I said the complete truth, which God taught me to say.
    Peace be upon my enemies and friends,
    God bless our only Greece, your land that gives itself to your service.

    Michael Potaris,

  5. Thanks for that, Michael.

    We will put up another post about the plight of the Christans under Islamic rule today, please stick around. We need commenters who have experienced the evil of Islam…

  6. every one is speaking about his own experiance
    don’t forget that Hitler is a cristiane and Staline was a cristiane
    and what both did for only mony but for the greeco the islam is not bulid in for sex but some people give bad idiea about islame because the don’t want to read to much and just listen to faking people talking about islam

  7. No Mido. Islam is judged by what it does – and it stands in the dock for crimes against humanity. Stop making excuses for your religion – it has shown that it is incompatible with humanity and with progress – and it stands convected and now waits for sentencing.

  8. 🙂 all these laws do u people even know why they are done ? …look into Sharia again and you will know why these people are getting their hands chopped or whatever and how they are trialed… keeping these things in mind you will know what the rules are and what Islam is all about …u cannot judge a religion cause of what u see in the media they truly spoil the image of Islam but still people look into Islam and they become Muslim. Cat Stevens , Yusuf Islam , Bilal Anelka , Malcom X and many more do u think they were all brutal ? they loved to chop hands ? think about it they are all peaceful people . Islam is the religion of peace . I cannot talk so much about Sharia law right now but In Saudia Arabia people when its time for prayer and the gold sellers hear the prayer they leave everything behind they cover their gold with a peice of cloth and they just walk away now does that happen in US or Europe ? in USA every 3 minutes a woman is raped now does that happen in Islamic country ? anyways to end this all up since 1923 there was no Islamic stave ever so u cannot judge a country and say they are following Sharia laws… 🙂 hope this explains some of the stuff …my username is TUBNIT on youtube thanks and Peace to every1…..

  9. bible god is a Great Terrorist:

    “NO Pity NO Mercy or Compassion”

    “Pass through the city after him, and smite; your eye shall not spare and you shall show no pity; slay old men outright, young men and maidens, little BABIES and women…”

    YHWH Terrorist (Ezekiel 9:5)

    1. In that case we are bad followers of the ‘bible god’, as you call it, right.

      How come we are not doing what the ‘bible god’ commanded us to do?

  10. Because of their brutaly only the muslim feels sympathetic for them while other hatred them much more than that. The are the true satan in this world

  11. Religion is normally what causes casualties.The segregation between the religions made Muhammad what he is,anyone who is different in religion can convert or suffer death.

    Even modern times,Muslims continue to seek ones that have insulted this ancient religion.Ancient times,Muhammad restricted pictures of him which prohibited people from having pictures of his true appearance.In an episode of South Park,they parody Muhammad from the islamic culture.Some Muslims,found out and were in anger.They seeked the creators of South park address and began to threaten terrorism by bombing.

    One man told that their religion,it is duty that if one parodied,they will seek and execute the man or woman for ridicule of the religion’s base.I feel that every religion is caused by an utter delusion.Despite,the fact the respect is greatly founded by many others.

    I feel that out of all the religions,I feel it is unsafe to allow Islamic teachings once more.It promotes Vengeance,Hatred,Violence and Terrorism.

  12. @all…
    i have gone through this discussion and liked it too….
    now ,
    here are some points i want to share…….
    1- muslims of pakistan,arab states were dancing on streets after world trader centre where more than 5,000 peoples were killed…
    2-same repeated after 26/11 terrorist attack in india…
    3-open rally supporting for osama bin laden,whom you ,me and everyone know what type of human(sorry animal) he is…

    4-these muslim always asking help from america,australia….most of them are christian countries…..but always blaming them behind that they are threatenings to islam….

    an interesting point….
    5-in a protest at karachi, a man was holding a banner…it was something written on that like “BEHEAD THOSE WHO SAY ISLAM IS CRUEL”…the statement signifies itself…

    lastly i want to tell you that…
    i dont hate islam or muslims but i hate there evil practices…

  13. Islam is wonderful ah am gonna kill many infidels soon and will raise the green flag of islam in USA, Israel, India and Philippines.

  14. Islam is the cruel and most terrifying religion of all time, look at saudi people they claim to be good muslims and look what they do, they are the no 1 killers of humanity. If they understand that they evolved from apes, would they change ? no because the religion offers them complete protection against their evil deeds.

  15. i think that islam or mohamdon com is standing only on voilance and ignorance not only this but also a number of relegions in my words it is a types of virous just like computer virous it always like to kill & fight it cannt understang love & pice and cary that alla want this one day it distory huminity or it self or both

  16. they(islam) always want to harm other people if they get success then they began to abuse other one and if they lose then they cry that there people killed and other do violance no one can makr understand them about huminity they are just like wild animal they know only kill or die they have problems with all other religion if any one try to make them understand about pice and huminity then he will kill or beat by islamic people

  17. I think islam is nothing but a crul and inhuman mantality . They always want to menson that follow islam and if you don not you will go to hell and will be punished crualy . We hindu not only accept our religious evil but also try to remove them and shikh, christan also do so but in case of islam it is not true they say that religious things are made by allha and so we will not remove any avil .we will continue to kill non islamic person on the name of jahad and rob other people . As far as it is matter of kuran it is full of punishment for non islamic people . In islam one will go to haven or hell depends only on whether he follow islam or not and not upon our good or bad work . As a islamic gentlemen has apprised us that how poly gany is true i ask him in this time the number of men is too much more than that of girl then now islam will allow a girl to marry with more than one boy if no then why . Now 1percentage hind and shikh are alive this show how crul islam is. Irequest you all to respect humanity .

  18. only 1 percent of non islamic peopl are alive in pakistan . Having seen this it is not difficult to understand how crul islam is . I do not want to hert anyone’s feeling but in my opinion it is truth and i reqest islam to remove their evils as hindu and many other religion are doing

  19. I am totally agree with Ashish . In my opinion muslims are true follower of a dangerous and redicule book which is known as kuran . The most suitable name of kuran should be “punishment for non islam” because it always mention that how much punishment will be given to us . Most of the time in peace chanel we find that islamic persion are saying redicule things . They frequantly speak ill to other religion but when we see any non islamic religious chanel we never see so . These are the main disadvantage of islam . Whenever I go to any muslim area we feel a strange fear this is due to there hate to us .we feel that we may be killed by them on the name of jahad . But if i say so to any muslim , they must reply us thatallha creat these feeling and so many meningless things he will say inorder to get me converted in muslim . They always kill other then why to say it a religion of peace . They only want to increase their number at any cost . They can kill man ,woman ,olds , and even children for this purpous.

  20. To all of you : I am very sad about the hatred from all sides….
    what is going on with us?
    It doesnt matter:
    Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim ….we all carry our package , our legacy of crimes!
    Hindus often kill their baby girls, that happened in Arabia as well, when Mohammed appeared.
    Mohammed himself was also not a peaceful man, he was a warlord against his own family and they were fighting for the power and wealth around the Kaaba business.
    Jewish define Non-Jews as kind of animals as well….the Goyim. Christians have a heavy burden….the crusades, slavery, colonialism, thievery, raping……
    shouldnt we all close our big mouth a little and stop hating the others?
    One thing inspired me from Michael Potaris, Greece:
    Michael, you are right….religion is a man´s thing. Not just Islam… all these patriarch movements from Abraham are fearing the natural power of women.
    I think its high time for a salvator. We are worse than ever……

  21. Hahaha, Sheikh Yermami 😉
    Yes, probably I have a srew loose ….or two.
    Thats because the human kind is going mad anyway.
    But that was not your answer to the message….?
    I am still waiting for it……
    have a good day

  22. tubnit or should I write “dimwit”,
    All of your arguments are incorrect and easily disproved. Per head sexual violence in muslim countries is far greater than in the west – as for the gold sellers – yes – in small communities here in the West people can trust others not to take their goods. Unfortunately in the large cities, as in your country, goods are not safe primarily because of theiving muslims like yourself. As for sharia, you obviously cannot complain because that is all you know and you have absolutely no idea of the alternatives. You are stupid and poorly educated to boot. sharia descrimintes against women, children and all non-muslim members of society, so that muslim males like yourself, who cannot accomplish anything, get to pretend that they are somehow useful. But, of course, you are not useful. You cannot think, and you cannot even present a decent argument while lying. As for your wishes of peace .. that you will not have. You muslims have been murdering others for nearly 1400 years now and we have had enough. When you muslim thugs murdered the US ambassador, a man who actually stood up for the rights of you ignorant muslim arsewipes you demonstrated that you have simply deserved a bullet between the eyes. And that WILL happen because YOU WILL force a conflict. You useless parasites want war – then do not complain when it arrives. For the sake of our future generations, who will NEVER be slaves to the evil that is islam, we will destroy you .. absolutely, completely, and without hesitation. That is your future – now go to hell.

  23. this picture of man being burnt to death and his father got stabbed through the body made me so sick!! it really got me thinkin its possibly what could happens to us in western countries. these kind of people are walking around us!

  24. all muslim countries are full of violence having such great books. if it is a great religion than why there is ignorance,poverty. violence, murdering of innocent people, crying all around, miseries .

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