Canada: Never Too Early To Teach Your Kidz To Become Terrorists…

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Terror suspect taught Khadr’s children: Document

               A file photo of Sofia Khadr, then age 3 , with an identity card of her missing grandfather, Ahmed Said Khadr.

A file photo of Sofia Khadr, then age 3 , with an identity card of her missing grandfather, Ahmed Said Khadr.

OTTAWA — Toronto terror suspect Mahmoud Jaballah taught the children of Ahmed Khadr in Pakistan, says a new document from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service that closely links Jaballah to a Canadian clan known for its terrorist ties.

The allegations that Jaballah was more than a passing acquaintance of the deceased Khadr is contained in a CSIS summary of its case against the Egyptian-born suspect.


The 64-page document, filed recently in Federal Court, updates a summary made public last February.


The federal government has been trying to deport Jaballah, based on CSIS allegations he is senior member of the Egyptian terrorist allegation Al Jihad — a charge he denies.


The November 2008 summary repeats many of the allegations contained in the earlier CSIS file, released in February 2008, including accusations that, after coming to Canada in 1996, Jaballah was in regular contact with Osama bin Laden’s immediate deputy, Ayman al Zawahiri.


Al Jihad, which is closely linked to the al-Qaida terrorism network, seeks to establish an Islamic state in Egypt through violence, says the summary.


Jaballah, a father of six, was released from detention at the Kingston (Ont.,) Immigration Holding Centre two years ago. He lives with his family in Toronto, under strict bail conditions, including house arrest.


The CSIS summary was filed to support a security certificate, which the federal government can issue against non-Canadians it seeks to deport on grounds of being a threat to the security of Canada.


CSIS alleges Jaballah had repeated contact with several terrorist operatives after arriving in Canada, including conversing with them on the telephone and wiring them money.


CSIS does not elaborate in its new summary how it obtained the information.


The spy agency contends Jaballah was “an established contact” of Khadr, a senior al-Qaida fundraiser who was killed during a gun battle with Pakistani security forces in October 2003.


“Jaballah met Khadr and his spouse, Maha El-Samnah, while in Pakistan, where the Khadr children were his students,” says the CSIS summary. “This is important, as Jaballah denied knowledge of Khadr prior to meeting him in Toronto, where he described Khadr as a mere acquaintance.”


One of the Khadr children, Omar, now 22, who is being held at the U.S. terror camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on charges that he lobbed a grenade that killed an American army medic during a shootout in Afghanistan in 2002.


At a 2006 Federal Court hearing, Jaballah acknowledged a casual relationship with Ahmed Khadr, saying he met him after coming to Canada. Jaballah said he once invited him into his Toronto home for a cup of tea, when he arrived with his mother-in-law to drop off some groceries for the Jaballah family.


Jaballah told court that, when he lived in Peshawar, Pakistan, in the 1990s, he taught at two schools and later worked there as a principal. He testified he didn’t know Khadr, nor did he know whether the Khadr children attended his schools.


The CSIS summary asserts that Jaballah’s wife, Husna Mashtouli, told Khadr’s spouse she should deny knowing Jaballah if she was ever questioned “in a courtroom or anywhere else.”


The agency also repeats its earlier contention that Jaballah was involved in co-ordinating the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and in Tanzania, which killed more than 200 people.


He is one of five foreign-born terror suspects whom the government is trying to deport.

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  1. It just goes to show how western people are gullible AND naive…When questioned about terrorist connections any intelligent Jihadist will NEVER admit to knowing,meeting , planning terror with another terrorist! They will deny everything ,even when physical proof is irrefutable .They prey upon our Canadian good nature and easy going manner…The left -leaning media glorifies Omar Khadr as a child soldier,unfairly imprisoned by the big bad Americans for NO reason whatsoever…The TRUTH of the matter is that Khadr (child terrorist ) was wounded after throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier.Khadr was also stupid enough to have himself filmed assembling IEDs and planting roadside bombs..His legal eagles (Edney ,Kuebler ) have made pronouncements that truly boggle the mind i.e. “This boy is NO terrorist,,,Omar just wants to go home,,,Canadians want Omar repatiated” …the list goes on ad nauseum…Just how stupid do these people think we are?

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