Women's Lib: "Because we gotta be politically correct…"

Leftists on “Damage” Control

According to some bloody crazy liberals up in New York (redundant, I know), it is more damaging to criticize Islam than it is to behead a woman.     

Groups including the Network of Religious Communities, Western New York Peace Center and the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence say a statement by the New York president of the National Organization For Women is damaging to women and to Muslims.

You know what’s really damaging to women?     

Slavery and subjugation. And, apparently, husbands who think that using knives against their family members is culturally acceptable.

I am quite pleased to see NOW finally begin to address this atrocious behavior.

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2 thoughts on “Women's Lib: "Because we gotta be politically correct…"”

  1. This exposes N.O.W. for all to see what they are really about. They are not, I repeat, They are not women’s right.

    They are against Biblical influence pertaining to women

    This example of winking @ Islam while Muslim women literally lose their heads from it is another shiny example of how as long as Christians are not doing it, then it is a issue that needs “calm understanding & forgiveness & tolerance”.

    Just further proof Liberalism is a mental disorder & the great enabler of stealth Jihad in the west.

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