25 years after the murder still no justice

But not to worry:  Scotland Yard said today “the inquiry was still ongoing”.  Good luck with that!

A classic case of  “fighting terrorism will only create more … terrorists!”

Perhaps we should first question those who are hiding behind smoke and mirrors, like this crappy conspiracy BS here:

” that elements of British MI5, American CIA and Israeli Mossad intelligence, installed in a penthouse above Number 8 Saint James’s Square, used a high-velocity weapon such as the Heckler and Koch G3-A4ZF(with telescopic sight) to fire a 3-shot burst at their target. According to this theory, Fletcher was murdered to portray Gaddafi’s Libya in a bad light, and perhaps to provoke the severing of bi-lateral diplomatic relations. Forensic evidence does not support the use of a high velocity weapon, however.”

yvonne-fletcher-415x234                                                      Gunned down: Yvonne Fletcher

ON the 25th anniversary of Pc Yvonne Fletcher’s death, police said her murder outside the Libyan embassy remains an open case.

Pc Fletcher was commemorated today at the spot in St James’s Square where she was killed on 17 April, 1984. She was 25 when she was gunned down while policing a protest by Libyan dissidents. Her shooting by an assassin inside the building led to an 11-day siege of the embassy. Its occupants claimed diplomatic immunity and were expelled from Britain. In 1999, the Libyan government accepted “general responsibility”.

Scotland Yard said today the inquiry was still ongoing. Two years ago counter-terrorism detectives were reported to have been in Tripoli interviewing the chief suspect. Before today’s ceremony, Commissioner Sir Paul Stephensonsaid the killing was “a horrific event in police history”. He added: “We will never cease in our aim to identify those responsible.”


  • It was and still is shameful that these people were allowed to leave the country. Diplomatic immunity ends when a person breaks the law of that nation, especially when murder is involved.

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  1. No it was a typical cowardly act by some son of a baghead, who was secure in the knowledge that diplomatic immunity would protect him!

  2. Basically it was an Arab hate crime (crime against non-arab on basis of arab prejudice)

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