Coming Soon: Fitna Part II

Tireless Dutch politician Geert Wilders who is by far the bravest politician in Europe is getting ready for his “next phase” in his war on Islam. He has announced that he will start working on Fitna Part II, which will focus on Muslim immigration in Europe and the USA. As I have stated in the past, Muslim immigration is the Trojan Horse to the West and it must be ended.

Fitna Part I can be viewed here.

Wilders, whose party currently has nine out of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament, said the new film would also examine the impact of Muslim immigration on Europe and the United States. “We should be more on the offensive instead of the defense,” Wilders told Reuters, but added that the film is not meant to offend Muslims.

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Bunglawussi also has a take on this, and since we are fair and balanced… here it is:



Populist broadsheet De Telegraaf reports that Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is going to produce a sequel to his anti-Islam filmFitna.

Wilders said his new film, which will be finished by 2010, is intended to show the Western world how far Islamisation has progressed. “It is not going to be a copy of Fitna,” said the Freedom Party leader who warns that the film would be “no less controversial than the first film”.

The first film was mainly an indictment of the Qur’an, but “I now want to show people the consequences of mass immigration from Islamic countries, for which we have opened the door here.”

The MP also said professionals from the US will assist him in the production of the film. “I have received offers from people from New York and Hollywood, people who in the past have made films that were screened in the Netherlands.”

However, De Telegraaf writes that Wilders refused to name any names, and has yet to find sponsors to finance his latest production. He will travel to Florida next week to raise funds and talk about his film.

Expatica,16 April 2009

Meanwhile, over David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine we find an enthusiastic defence of Wilders:

“To label Wilders a racist, a xenophobe or a fascist is false. Instead, he should be seen as a democrat who seeks to protect modern democratic societies against the realistic threat of a stealth Islamic revolution, evolving from mass immigration, step by step introduction of Sharia law, and restriction of freedom of speech.”

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Fitna Part II”

  1. Jews have been mentioned in The Holy Book as Lord’s chosen people.
    Jesus preached FORGIVENESS, to those who have faith in him.
    Paigambar preached SUBMISSION(Islam) to the will of Allah (who is same as Lord of Bible).
    But neither has refuted-as far as I know- that Jews are “Not” The Lord’s Chosen People.
    It is very difficult to imagine, as to how any expects to defeat Jews, and evict them from Israel-against the will of the Lord(same as Allah and power of Jesus). Especially while worshipping him and following his wish.

  2. More power to Wilders! The Muslims are in denial of their own twisted belief system! The more the Koran is exposed the more crazier the response from it’s followers! You got to ask yourself, the more you discover about this ideology the more you do not want humanity to become infected by it!

  3. To Sachchidanand Dhar;

    Respectfully, allah is NOT the Lord of The Bible. allah is the name of islams’ ‘illah’ (god), represented by the crescent moon. No amount of twisting the words in the koran, or paraphrasing the words of the Bible will alter this.
    Christians who view this site should be fully aware that there is no other God but the God of the Bible.
    Non-believers who support this site have shown due respect to this belief.

    As history proceeds, it will only confirm that we are not just in a physical war against islam, but a spiritual war also. The Bible indicates that ALL nations will eventually turn against Israel, and then watch the sparks fly!

    Strong individuals in politics like Geert Wilders are unfortunately too few, I salute you Geert!

  4. Paigambar preached SUBMISSION(Islam) to the will of Allah (who is same as Lord of Bible).

    Typical of Islamic parasitical deception. Co-opt names from the bible in order to try to deceive even Christians and supporters of Israel. Sorry but these kind of lies will not work on people who actually read the bible. Now even the words that God spoke to the prophet Daniel to “seal up the words until the time of the end”, have become unsealed the truth of them is being spread. Revelation never even says “666” in the original greek…instead it was Arabic transcript they mistakenly thought were letters, that is why there was such confusion if was “616” or “666”. The Arabic script plainly reads to someone who know Arabic, it says “in the name of Allah”. The mark of the beast is a badge of submission/servitude to the “greatest of deceivers”, which Allah is called in the Qu’ran. The beast system of Revelation is Islam and the anti-Christ is their “Mahdi”. The “beast that once was, now is not, yet shall be” is the Islamic Caliphate that once reigned as the Ottoman empire…then dissolved, but will reappear with the Islamic Mahdi soon. All prophecy revolves and is relative to Israel. Mecca is “mystery Babylon” far off in the desert, just like Revelation says…yet close enough to the Red sea – when ships pass through the Suez canal and see the smoke of the city rising from it’s destruction, the Arabs will say “has there even been such a city?” Not anymore after God Almighty completely destroys mystery of Babylon religion.

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