Ahmed the Flasher has "mental health issues"

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Oakland Mosque Mourns Muslim Cop-Killer…

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UK: A FLASHER exposed himself to three woman in less than an hour.

Imran Ahmed, 28, of Stirling Drive, Blackburn, struck in Blackburn town centre and the Audley Range area on Monday.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Ahmed had mental health issues which had resulted in the Crown Prosecution Service dropping some charges against him in December.

Lancashire Telegraph has more…

Muslim Community leader accused of six sex assaults over months since May 2008.

Junaid Qureshi MBE, 60, of Blackburn, was arrested at Manchester Airport in October, and now it has been revealed police have charged him with the six alleged offences.

He was awarded the MBE in 1999 for work in community relations. More>>

These flashers here have not been arrested:


5 thoughts on “Ahmed the Flasher has "mental health issues"”

  1. A muslim with “mental health issues” – like a hand in a glove. Was it
    triggered by “uncovered meat”?

  2. * Muslim Community leader accused of six sex assaults

    From memory, “sheik” hilali made something of the fact that Britain
    transported its convicts to Australia. Now it keeps them, and rewards
    them with MBEs, knighthoods, terrace houses and lots of welfare for
    their many kids.

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  4. Great to be back for a bit. My wife says this site is as great as ever. Thanx Sheik!

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