America's Shame: the Obamessiah goes down…

BRITAIN G20 PALACEOne more time!

Sheik yer’mami reported: 

* Infatuation

*  America’s Magic Negro Bows to Saudi King

Btw: Have you seen this anywhere on the news? Is there any news-channel that reported this display of SUBMISSION?   Is he dropping to his knees? What a sickening spectacle.

From Atlas:  In the meantime, back in the good ol’US of A:

H.R. 40: Commission To Study Reparation Proposals For African-Americans Act (Reparations For Slavery 

This is such garbage. As if all those Americans who fought and died meant nothing. As if African Americans in the USA do not have the highest standard of living in the world.

This is clubbing at the psyche of white liberal guilt. The only slaves with an axe to grind are those actual slaves living today in slavery in Islamic countries. Where is the leftopath and African American leadership voices on the slavery in Darfur, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc etc etc?


More here: Slavery: An Arab custom


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And where was KRudd  of the Coalition of the Credit Card ? Answer here

A poster on Andrew Bolt’s blog nails it:

Wake up Australia replied to daj 
Tue 31 Mar 09 (11:40am)



So what are you suggesting daj? Of course KRudd gives priority to the interests of Australians:

Priority 1:  Kevin Rudd 
Priority 2:  Kevin Rudd 
Priority 3:  Kevin Rudd 
Priority 4:  Mrs Kevin Rudd 
Priority 5:  The holy war on Global Warming 
Priority 6:  Al Gore and any other rich person connected with Priority 5 
Priority 7:  China 
Priority 8:  China 
Priority 9:  China 
Priority 10:  UN 
Priority 11:  UN 
Priority 12:  Trade Unions 
Priority 13:  Trade Unions 
Priority 14:  Hugh Jackman, Nicole and every other celebrity on the planet 
Priority 15:  Ear wax 
Priority 16:  Australian business 
Priority 17:  Australian small business 
Priority 18:  Small children 
Priority 19:  Truth 
Priority 20:  The Australian People (provided nothing else takes priority)