Captured Somali pirate given Quran, special Islamic diet in NY prison

 Appropriate that the Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press bring us this news. Keep repeating: we’re not at war with Islam. Give him a Koran and halal food while in prison, that’s his inviolable human right, or is it?

Remember: its an old tradition in the US to do everything we can to make our enemies like us. German soldiers captured during WW II were given copies of Mein Kampf, Sauerkraut and Schnitzel, right?


From Creeping Sharia

NEW YORK (AP) — The wound on Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse’s slim hand, where he was stabbed by a crew member during his pirate attack on a U.S. cargo ship, has been redressed. He’s been given painkillers and antibiotics for his injuries and a Quran to use in prayer.

“Imagine yourself in Somalia,” court-appointed attorney Philip Weinstein said Friday. “Imagine how overwhelmed you’d be by everything.”

Phil, imagine yourself in Somalia. What do you suppose they’d do under sharia law when they saw the name Weinstein and ‘United States’ on your passport? Hand you a copy of the Torah or Bible? Fix you a special diet?

8 thoughts on “Captured Somali pirate given Quran, special Islamic diet in NY prison”

  1. Always special conditions..always the western mugs paying and I suppose he has special washing facilities. What a joke and yes I am sure Weinstein is a really fab name in Somalia.
    Just watched a British doco . Their govt is paying for the police force etc and their is no accountability.

  2. This is why the Royal Navy won’t capture the pirates – they know
    they can claim asylum in Britain, with all the special treatment that
    follows. (not being sarky this time)

    April 13, 2008
    Pirates can claim UK asylum
    Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor

    THE Royal Navy, once the scourge of brigands on the high seas,
    has been told by the Foreign Office not to detain pirates because
    doing so may breach their human rights.

    Warships patrolling pirate-infested waters, such as those off
    Somalia, have been warned that there is also a risk that captured
    pirates could claim asylum in Britain.

  3. You don’t have to capture them — just kill them. Perhaps we should treat the FO as an enemy combatant group???

  4. I can’t find the story online, but Channel 9 news had a report of 68
    Australians on a cruise ship getting a first hand taste of the
    misunderstood Somali pirates as it was attacked after leaving the
    Seychelles. Israeli security officers on board drove off the attackers
    with gun shots.

  5. The only asylum these captured Somali should get if not shot on sight is a one-way ticket to the insane asylum!

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