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Israel Friends in the anti-Islamisierungskongress


The Pro Cologne citizens’ movement announces more prominent speakers to the anti-Islamisierungskongress of 8 to 10May in Cologne: From New York is the well-known conservative journalist Pamela Geller (photo with Robert Spencer) arriving from Denmark, the Wilders-confidante Lars Hedegaard and registered in Belgium, the chief of the Brussels Journal, Paul Belien. Still not quite sure is the participation of U.S. writer Robert Spencer.

Pamela Geller (USA)

The journalist/ blogger from Atlas Shrug from New York published comments of well-known conservative figures and islam critical reports.Geller was co-editor of the New York Observer and now writes for the Israel National News Arutz Sheva. Her blog is based on the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand who is the most important philosopher in the history of mankind.

Lars Hedegaard (Denmark)

Lars Hedegaard

The Danish author Lars Hedegaard (photo next to Geert Wilders) has in 2008 together with the illustrator of the Mohammed caricatures Kurt Westergaard an Islamic critical book published in Denmark for a lot of attention, and consequently his well-respected daily column in the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende had to quit. The 67-year-old journalist is seen as a champion of freedom of expression and as a close confidant of Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders.Hedegaard operates with one of the largest Danish blogs.

Paul Belien (Belgium)

The 50-year-old Flemish journalist Paul Belien(photo) is founder of the conservative website Brussels Journal, which is critical of Belgium and the EU interest. Belien points out that the task consisted of a journalist, freedom and a sincere search for the truth to defend. His critical attitude towards Muslim immigrants from North Africa brought him into disrepute.

Robert Spencer (USA)

The 47-year-old American writer and scholar of religion Robert Spencer is known to PI readers mainly through his website Jihad Watch, which deals with the violent Islamization of the West based on actual examples and addressing  critical comments. Spencer believes that Islam is due to its link with the life of Mohammed more prone to violence than other religions.The Jihad as a central duty of every Muslim is, whether as internal struggle with himself – or by the growing radicalization – an increasingly violent struggle against the infidels. Spencer makes no distinction between peaceful and violent Muslims because Islam  in itself is an intolerant and violent ideology in the guise of of religion.

(Some translation corrections by sheik yer’mami)