Buyers Remorse? Still Hate Bush? Dare to Compare:

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Obama Did Not Inherit Bush’s “Mess”

This column describes 9 major differences between Bush and Obama. And it’s only a start.

by Kevin Roeten  (conservative)
Friday, April 10, 2009


Obama Did Not “Inherit” Anything From Bush

Obama seems to want to blame the existing economic woes on the prior Administration. Half of Americans actually believe him. Many forget the Constitution dictates that the president will provide for the common defense. These nine items describe some major differences in Bush vs Obama:

#1: Presidents don’t make prosperity. The free market does. The president cannot directly affect the stock market, hiring, the GNP, gold prices, the lending rate, the mortgage rate, the prime rate, or any other market measurement. Indirectly, he can affect total government revenue brought in per year by changes in the tax rate: [link edited for length]

#2: The current economic morass was started by the Clinton administration in the 80’s. But Bush is blamed because it started on his watch. This can be viewed from a New York Times article written 9/30/99 by Steven Holmes:

The Bush Administration and Senator McCain warned 11 times about Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. This became the 2008 financial crisis starting in 2002. Democrats, like Barney Frank, extended loans to people who couldn’t afford them. Back then, Frank actually said the federal government wouldn’t bailout anyone.

Starting in 2001, Bush raised several “red flags” about FME and FMA, and that this economic crisis was coming. Alan Greenspan (past Chairman/

Federal Reserve) repeated that in 2005. In 2006, McCain even warned of an impending depression. But nothing could be done because Democrats had control of the Congress, and Frank was the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.

The video [link edited for length] by FOX News (Brit Hume//9/24/08) revealed a systemic risk found in 2003 that could cause problems in other financial markets.

#3: 9/11 was only the continuation of radical Muslim aggression against the US. Many forget how Muslims caused the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Barbary Pirates, airplane hijackings, the six major terrorist actions before 9/11, 9/11, the 7 failed terrorist attacks in the US after 9/11, and the three major terrorist bombings in the rest of the world after 9/11.

But there were no deaths due to terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11 on Bush’s watch. Only now, Obama has publicly stated that there will never be war against Islam again. He doesn’t seem to understand the term “jihad”.

#4: Hussein did have WMDs, and intended to use them. Hussein’s 550 metric tons of yellow cake was taken from his Tuwaitha nuclear complex twelve miles south of Baghdad in 2003. The complicated removal involved a two week airlift from Baghdad, and ship voyages across two oceans. See [link edited for length] .

#5: Large bonuses are not the problem. The bonuses to AIG, or any corporation, were contractual obligations before AIG’s seizure. But the government forced themselves into things. If AIG had gone into bankruptcy, then the standard proceedings would have decided whether to thin out these bonuses. The two biggest Congressional recipients of bonuses from the A.I.G. are - Senators Chris Dodd and Senator Barack Obama.

#6: Just in Obama’s first 100 days, he has initiated 26 pro-abortion bills. A brief synopsis can be read in the following column by Steven Ertelt:
[link edited for length] It’s almost if Obama has rescinded or eliminated any pro-life bill Bush had initiated.

#7: Obama refuses to clear up a major eligibility question to the presidency.

The Constitution simply states that the president must be a natural born citizen. He has provided a birth certificate, but it has been debunked as a forgery. More information can be found at: [link edited for length]

#8: Bush’s stance on lower taxes had the economy headed for deficit reduction much sooner than the end of his 2nd term, until he was wrongly advised to provide a smaller stimulus. Brian Reidl (Heritage Foundation) explains it here: [link edited for length] Obama has run up a deficit of over $2 trillion.

#9: Missile defense was initiated by Bush but is degraded by Obama. Missile defense completely neutralizes any rogue or enemy nation launch, or any terrorist launch. It eliminates any blackmail, current technology allows for the US to hit a ‘spot’ on a ‘bullet’ with a ‘bullet’, and best of all, nobody is killed with this defensive action. NewsMax states:
[link edited for length]

When the dust all settles, and everyone is in their mortal grave, each one of us will have to answer for our earthly actions. At least Bush will get salutes for all those babies that were saved during is administration. Salutes from all those Americans saved from additional terrorist attacks. And from citizens who were, or could have been, saved by missile defense.

Yes, even presidents have to answer to a higher power. For this last test, it will be doubtful one’s tax bracket will have any effect.

6 thoughts on “Buyers Remorse? Still Hate Bush? Dare to Compare:”

  1. Obama sucks,,,read our articles.

    However….I am an Israeli Jew.

    George Bush & Family (Let’s include James Baker and Condi Clueless in that evil clan) have made it their life’s work to promote Islam…and destroy my people, country…and everyone I love and care for.

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

  2. Michael,

    Many people who have not lost their moral compass are totally supportive of Israel and know she is facing a jihad every day of her life.

    It might seem that most people are anti-Israel, but people who have an understanding of history and a regard for truth know that Israel has the high moral ground.

    Sadly, Israel is the victim of successful Nazi-like propaganda by Islam.
    And if I may criticise Israel (a country which I love and have visited 3 times, and have seen with my own eyes to be an ethical and multi-racial and multi-religious country, unlike ALL surrounding Arab countries), it’s PR could do with improving.

    For example, every time Muslims make allegations of some massacre, don’t immediately apologise. The allegation invariably turns out to be false, but by then the damage is already done. People will believe the original story – just look at the Al Durra fraud.

  3. Hi Cassandra.

    I appreciate the fact that the only reason Israel has not been carpet bombed and destroyed…is the American People would not stand for it. The US Administrations (Except for Truman & Reagan) would have loved to have eliminated my people….. but the political costs have been too high. Here is an example of past Bush’s;

  4. I think Cassandra raises an important point – media control! In a conflict such as we have this is critical, and this does not mean accepting unverifiable muslim statements as true. People should actively question the editors of many mainstream papers after the media claims of criminal activities by the IDF were shown to be completely fabricated by Arab interests. I also would point out to Michael that in the Cold War days Israel was a key friend of the US in the middle east – on the other side the Russians were able to infiltrate most Arab countries . I suspect that the cold war is not over – I sense that there is a deep underlying strategy at play in the Middle East and this suggests another player in the middle east game – the muslims do not have this level of sophistication – in short I don’t think Russia ever left the Middle Eastern stage. Now the state department people almost certainly know the importance of Israel in the strategic defence of western interests – nobody of relevance in the US government wishes to carpet bomb Israel. On another point one of the islamist’s main weapons is psychology – keep whispering to the opposition that they cant fight back and eventually they will believe you. We see this message in the media daily. DO NOT BELIEVE IT – ISLAM CANNOT WIN ANYTHING UNLESS YOU LET IT. And that, Michael, is the truth. Most of us know and understand the importance of Israel.
    Israel does not stand alone.

  5. Michael Travis,

    please do not think for a moment that we supported GWB and clueless Condi here at any time. However, when it comes to the status quo, a conservative government would have been preferable to the dodgy Marxist-Muslim rabble that moved into the white house. Obambi is worse, much worse.

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