Islam-critic receives death threats, cancels speaking engagements

Scandalous and absurd.  Instead of protecting  him from the Muslim assassins and going after them it is he,  the truth-teller, who has to flee. How long can this go on?

From Al Azhar Imam to Islam critic: credentials

Considering that he’s not just another critic of Islam, but an ex-Muslim, an apostate, who, according to sharia, must be put to death, this, of course, is only to be expected. But that he taught at Sunni Islam’s most prestigious school and was an imam only to turn around and criticize Islam, also gives him that much more authority (and his foes that much more reason to want to slay him).

“Netherlands: US Islam-critic cancel trip due to death threats,” from Islam-in-Europe, via Jihad Watch:

Mark A. Gabriel, ex-Muslim and Islam-critic has gotten death threats and must cancel speaking appointments in the Netherlands. 

The American terrorism fighting unit, the FBI, advised Gabriel to drop all public appearances in the Europe due to these death threats. He was escorted to the Schiphol airport by his contact person in the Netherlands, Jewish-Christian pastor Ben Kok. Gabriel had planned to be in the Netherlands till April 25.

Gabriel (51), his pseudonym for years, grew up as a Muslim in Egypt. He was a teacher at Al-Azhar University and an imam as well, but was disappointed with Islam, in particular due to its violent character. When he crossed over to Christianity, he had to flee. He now has asylum in the US.

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  1. Apostate? are Muslims who become citizens of a non Islamic country apostates. Or is this ok because you are spreading the ideology of violence. Pope Benny was right, all that Islam has to offer is violence and misery. Engaging with their citizens and building a safe and vibrant country is all too too hard for the feckless Islamists. Iran is worse off now than under the Shar, these Islamist governments are no better than that peice of ordur in Zimbabwe

  2. That’s sad, I have his book and he seems a very nice person – one I would like to meet.

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