We got mail!

Actually, we get mail all the time, from  Allah’s enraged assassins.

Most of the time we can’t be bothered, but today we got quite a few in our hatemail bag, and this one stands out:

From: Muslim Terrorist (sic!)


Submitted on 2010/10/19 at 3:13am



IT IS EASY for you COWARDLY DOG to BARK there.

If you really have the balls come to Afghanistan




Visit this link – to see your fate.



Our “Muslim terrorist” has topped it up, its like 2 for 1 during happy hour:

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Religion of Death Threats, Terror & Intimidation

Naples, South-West Florida:

A conservative Christian pastor, who hosts a television program and radio show, has reported he was threatened by a Muslim at the Islamic Center of Southwest Florida. (NewsPress.com)

Salman Rushdie still receives death threats from Iranian extremists 21 YEARS after fatwa

Unforgettable, that’s what you are….

Sir Salman Rushdie has revealed he receives a reminder every year from Iranian extremists that they still want to kill him. The author said the threat comes in the form of a ‘sort of  Valentine’s Day’ card each February 14th. (Daily Mail)

Just like Pakistan: Ahmadis in Britain face campaign of intimidation from other Muslims

“Hate campaign discovered against south London Ahmadiyya Islamic minority,” by Omar Oakes for YourLocalGuardian, October 14 via Jihad Watch

Teaching Girls to Tolerate Misogyny and Beatings (News Real Blog) Teaching “tolerance” for the sharia. Its all about pleasing “Allah”, you see…..

The Religion of Peace is all about teaching tolerance to those who aren’t male and Muslim.

Enraged Imam Attacks Journalist (Islam, Culture of Debate)

Jama Masjid’s Imam Ahmad Bukhari today lost his cool and physically attacked a local journalist who wanted to know why the disputed structure could not be handed over to the Hindus when Muslim rulers had built so many mandirs in the country. (The Tribune)

Sharia Law’s Threat to Free Speech (Human Events)

The OIC is battling on behalf of ideological censorship – and winning.

Why Muslims Want to Kill Europeans (Hudson, NY)

“The Europeans need to understand that their support for Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular will not help them avoid ‘punishment’ by radical Muslims.”

New York town won’t shut down Muslim graveyard, but won’t say it’s legal, either

Dead Muslim Storage: Nobody Dares to Call it Illegal

This looks as if what the town officials are most afraid of is being accused of “Islamophobia.” And so they’re allowing an illegal graveyard that they would almost certainly stop if any other group were behind it.

“NY town won’t shut down Muslim graveyard,” from AP, via JW.

Wahabism, Schmahabism…

Islam Itself is the Problem

Andrew McCarthy explains that it is the doctrine of islam itself which commands hatred and violence against non-muslims.  Sharia and jihad are pillars of islam. Contrary to what the liberals proclaim, al qaeda and other jihadist groups are not hijacking a peaceful religion but are carrying out authentic islam. Liberals would like to believe they are intelligent and broad minded and put down conservatives as ignorant bigots for acknoledging the reality about islam, but the liberals are the most uninformed, ignorant narrow-minded people there are.

The Tolerant Pose

Intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda, it is part of Islam

Andrew McCarthy, National Review Online

Hussein Obama’s  commitment is to a vacant abstraction, not to actual liberty. If his resolve to defend religious freedom were truly unshakable, the last thing he would endorse is the construction of a gigantic monument to intolerance in a place where bigots devastated a city they have repeatedly targeted because of the pluralism and freedom it symbolizes. You can’t aspire to religious freedom by turning a blind eye to the reality of sharia.

Saudi Arabia, the country from which 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers hailed, abides no pluralism or religious freedom. Sure, the Saudis will tell you they allow Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims to visit their country, which is awfully big of them. Still, the regime prohibits these infidels from polluting the kingdom with their Bibles, crucifixes, and Stars of David.

Mosque proponents like the Manhattan Institute’s Josh Barro scoff at discomfiting comparisons between religious liberty in the United States and in Saudi Arabia. For them, the prospect of a mosque at Ground Zero is our “opportunity to show how we are better than Saudis.” That misses the point in two ways. First, we don’t need to show that we are better than the Saudis. We permit thousands of Muslim houses of worship in our nation, Muslims are celebrated in our public life, and our military has done more to protect and defend Muslims — including in Saudi Arabia — than any fighting force in history. Every objective person already knows that, and anybody who purports to need convincing will never be convinced.

Second and more significant, the comparison of what is permitted in Manhattan and what is permitted in Mecca is not about the Saudis: It is about Islam. Saudi Arabia does not have any law but sharia. Non-Muslims are discriminated against in the kingdom, not because that’s how the Saudis want it. They are discriminated against because that is how the Koran says it must be. (Israpundit)

WoJ poster Steiner said the same in not so many words yesterday. I’m posting his writing below the fold.

Burn a Koran Day

A Florida Church announced that it will go ahead and burn several copies of the Koran on church property despite being denied a city permit.   City officials are worried about violence.

Already two signs have been ripped down by vandals and the church has received several threats.
(What a shock!)

…But they’re going to go ahead with the burning anyway.
FOX News reported, via Free Republic/Gateway Pundit:

Florida Church Vows to Burn Korans On 9-11; Receives Death Threats (Video)

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Cartoon Madness

State Department bows to Sharia, condemns Motoons

Disgraceful. The tradition of Condi Clueless continues. Remember her?

“Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States” ~ Condi Rice

These shameful and spineless words were spoken like a true dhimmi in a futile attempt to sooth and appease the supposed indignity of our adversaries. Such a graven display of cowardice  will only act to embolden our adversaries and those seeking the internal destruction of our nation.

And yet, it gets worse by the day under the crooked Obama administration:

Did the U.S. State Department ever condemn “Piss Christ” or Chris Ofili’s dung-encrusted portrait of the Virgin Mary? Of course not. They’re only condemning the Motoons because of the anti-free speech campaign of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which kicked into high gear in response to the original Danish cartoons of Muhammad. So the U.S. State Department is demonstrating that violence and intimidation work — which only ensures that we will see more of it.

And with its fig-leaf defense of the freedom of speech below, issued in the context of deploring and denouncing the Motoons, amounts to a call for self-censorship. Now, self-censorship is something we all do all the time, in innumerable contexts: if everyone always said what he thought, there would be a lot more broken relationships and lost jobs, etc. But politeness and respect are not what are at issue here, and the point of publishing the Motoons is not to cause offense, although they will certainly do that. The key fact is that the cartoons arouse in Muslims not only murderous rage but attempts to restrict the freedom of speech through legal avenues. As such, self-censorship amounts only to self-imposed dhimmitude, and to acquiescence to the supremacy and rule of Sharia.

That’s why the Motoons are not a stunt, not a joke, not a raspberry to anyone, not an exercise in obnoxiousness or gratuitous offense. The Motoons are rather the foremost battleground in the defense of the freedom of speech today. Every newspaper in the country should be printing them today, to show they are not cowed and will defend free speech. The State Department should be explaining what I am explaining now. Instead, this.

“US slams blasphemous Facebook images,” from the Daily Times, May 22 JW has more

Other news from JW:

“Muslims in South Africa have struggled and sacrificed side by side with its fellow citizens to work for a free and democratic society based on the values of human dignity and honour to its entire people,” the website said.

Values that Sharia law would obliterate, mind you.

Hick Hack Over Freedom Sack

Nicolas Sarkozy ally ‘received death threats’ over Muslim veil ban

A French conservative politician at the forefront of a campaign for a full ban on Islamic veils has been placed under police protection after reportedly receiving death threats.

Jean-François Copé, who leads the parliamentary group of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, has had a security officer accompanying him since January, it emerged on Friday.

Mr Copé submitted a proposed bill on banning the veil in public in January, on grounds of security and women’s equality. On Wednesday, the government announced its intention to push through a full ban as early as this summer.   Telegraph UK

Related Links:

The boy who threatened South Park is a convert to and Misunderstander of Islam

Fox provides an illuminating profile of the young convert to and Misunderstander of Islam, demonstrating yet again the jihadists’ consistent tendency to portray themselves as the exponents of authentic, pure Islam — and featuring Hamas-linked CAIR’s Honest Ibe Hooper pretending that he never heard a jihadi speak before. “Road to Radicalism: The Man Behind the ‘South Park’ Threats,” by Joshua Rhett Miller forFOXNews.com, April 23 (thanks to JW):

France: Jew Friendly Imam on the Run

Death threats against Jew friendly Imam

Thanks to Politically Incorrect

The French Imam Hassen Chalghoumi (photo) from the Paris suburb of Drancy has received death threats because expressed that he is against the complete veiling of Muslim women and for a dialog with the Jews. Around 80 orthodox believers forcibly invaded the mosque of the wayward Imam and shouted out threats and curses against the man. The Imam now fears that they will not stop at threats: “They wish for my death. Somebody could liquidate me.” (Translation of German PI-article by Anders Denken)

See, if he had been preaching that Jews  are  “scum, rats, pigs, monkeys” and that uncovered women are catmeat  asking to be raped he would have never had a  problem. Islam is merciful and compassionate for those who follow the straight  path….

Netherlands: Death Threats From Muslim Criminals Scare Witnesses From Testifying in Murder Case

THE HAGUE, 26/01/10/NIS-News – Two doctors who received death threats from Moroccan criminals must decide for themselves whether they report the perpetrators to the police. If they are too frightened to do so, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst says she cannot help them.

Two Moroccan criminals robbed a hotel last week. While fleeing from the police, they ran over a man with their scooter. When doctors tried to save his life in a hospital, they were visited by the perpetrators who threatened them and made their work impossible, so that the 50 year old man died.

The doctors at the St Radboud Medical Centre (UMC) in Nijmegen have to date not dared report the ‘incident’ to the police because they say they are afraid of the Moroccans. As a result, it is impossible to prosecute them for the threat, because a report is necessary for this.

Death threats, a Mohammedan specialty:

A number of MPs have asked to allow the doctors to make an anonymous report so that they do not need to fear the perpetrators’ reprisals. But this is not possible, according to Ter Horst.

Ter Horst would find it “very bad” if the two doctors do not make a police report. “The perpetrators would then escape their punishment,” she confirmed. Although that would be “unacceptable,” no solution for the problem appears to be around, according to the Labour (PvdA) minister.

The hospital declined to comment. “We need to be left in peace for now,” according to a spokeswoman.

Stop the Mohammedan Invasion!

Death Threats


Muslim anti-terror rally organizer gets death threat: “You’re a hypocrite and don’t know what Islam is”

Islam is a peaceful religion and I will kill you to prove it!

Here again we see the murderous thug who made this threat claim to be representing true and pure Islam. “Muslim rally organizer claims death threats,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, January 12 (thanks to Pamela):

The Muslim organizer of a rally last week in Detroit against terrorism said he received a death threat over the phone from a man with an Arabic accent upset that he spoke out against other Muslims.

Al-Qaeda Threatens to Kill Families of US Navy Personnel… ZIP

UK: Woman Grabs A Knife To Scare Away Intruders…Police Tell Her It Was Illegal To Carry An ‘Offensive Weapon’ Even In Her Own Home, Even If Used To Protect Property/Self ZIP

Those waging war on society shouldn’t have access to its law

“Lawfare”, where the laws of the West are used by those who despise the West and do not play by the rules of the West. The tactic is to clog up the courts, governments and media with lawsuits about human rights violations. Those who seek to wage war against our society should not have recourse to the civil laws of that society.   Paul Sheehan for the Sydney Moonbat Herald

Mohammedan Law= A Sick Joke!

UAE sheikh [brother of crown Prince] cleared of torturing and raping grain seller [Video]

A court in Abu Dhabi has acquitted the man accused of beating an Afghan grain trader in 2004. Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, a member of the UAE royal family, claimed he was drugged by two other men, and therefore unaware of his actions, which included torturing the man with electric prods, driving over him and raping him.

Thee men who released the tape have been given five years in jail. Al Jazeera

Somalia: Two men flogged for ‘un-Islamic’ romance

The Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab group’s religious police in the Somali city of Kismayo flogged a man for flirting and another for having a “secret marriage”, an official said yesterday.

They received 15 and 39 lashes respectively in front of a crowd in central Kismayo, a large southern harbour which has been under Shebab administration since mid-2008 and where a strict form of Sharia is enforced.  “One of the young men was found engaging in secret wedlock which is illegal under Islamic law,” Sheikh Mohamed Moalim, a senior Shebab official, said from Kismayo.

“The other one was found seducing a lady alone. Both of them confessed to the charges in front of a court and they were publicly punished,” he said.

The flogging took place over the weekend. Gulf Times/AFP

Anjem Chaudary: ‘I believe there are two types of people in the world – Muslims, and non-Muslims. And I believe Islam is superior.’

‘Vile’ death threats for creator of Facebook group opposing Muslim march through Wootton Bassett

By Daily Mail Reporter

Defiant: Facebook protester Jo Cleary said she will not be cowed by threats

Facebook protest Jo Cleary

The creator of an online group opposing plans by an Islamic organisation to march through Wootton Bassett has received death threats.

More than 730,000 people have signed up to the ‘No To The Planned Islam4UK March Through Wootton Bassett’ group since it went live on Facebook.

It called for extremist Anjem Choudary and his followers to be barred from marching in the Wiltshire market town where the bodies of dead service personnel arrive back in the UK.

Mr Choudary’s group Islam4UK has now abandoned the march after it was revealed the Government is to ban the organisation.

Other Jihad News:

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Morocco: Dissident receives 100 death threats in a week for defying daytime eating ban for Ramadan

Hmmm, why would that be?  Doesn’t our resident troll Solkar keep telling us that we got it all wrong and that we are ‘radicals & extremists’ while his country is full of tolerance and moderation?


“There is no compulsion in religion,” (Qur’an 2:256) except when there is. And that time comes when the implementation of Sharia is strong enough to impose criminal punishments for the neglect of religious observances: i.e., when the time for the soft sell is over.

“Threats for breaking Morocco fast,” from BBC News, September 18, H/T JW

A Moroccan man campaigning to change the law banning eating in public during the Muslim Ramadan fast says he has received 100 death threats this week.

Radi Omar denied that his group was anti-Islam. “We are in favour of individual freedom,” he told the BBC.

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