Jihad around the world

Pakistan: Taliban Take Over Homes, Expel Sikhs for Not Paying Jizya…

KALAYA: Armed “militants” Tuesday forcibly occupied three houses and 10 shops of the Sikh community in Orakzai Agency who failed to arrange the unrealistic protection money

Winning hearts and minds: US troops to target opium trade in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: US commanders are planning to cut off the Taliban’s main source of money, Afghanistan’s multi-million-dollar opium crop, by pouring thousands of troops into the three provinces that bankroll much of the group’s operations.

From Carl in J’lem:

Video: Muslim persecution of Christians

The real question is why so many Christians are silent about this. It’s a question I have asked many times before and for which I have never really gotten a satisfactory answer. Is there one?

Muslim Demographics (Video)

CAIR goes apeshit over Wilders, tries to scare Jews:

“A synagogue should be the last place that Geert Wilders’ Nazi-like propaganda would find a warm reception,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “Members of the Jewish community know all too well what happens when a religious minority is demonized by demagogues. Wilders uses the same scurrilous attacks on Muslims and Islam that the Nazis used against German Jews and Judaism in the 1930s.”   Tundra Tabloids has the video’s

* Of course, CAIR has no objections to this kind of speech


Geert Wilders: “The take-over of Europe is part of the global fight of Islam for world domination”

The 100 day Obamination: 1,359 days to go.

Michelle Malkin: The Poser Presidency

Video: Tell Me This Doesn’t Look Like 9/11

SOLO Activists has this:

“This is a President who has just re-opened the door for the prosecution of those who in good faith advised that the ‘waterboarding’ of terrorist trash post-9/11 would be legal. That technique subsequently extracted information that saved Los Angeles from a similar attack.

“This is a President who releases classified information about that technique and withholds information about its success.

“This is a President who has outlawed that technique (which, though distressing—oh, poor terrorist trash!—is neither injurious nor life-threatening).

“This is a President who has officially changed the name of the War on Terror to ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’ so as not to offend terrorist trash.

“This is a President who is willing to sit down unconditionally with the President of the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorist trash, Iran, even as that country proceeds with impunity to acquire nuclear weaponry.

“This is a President who preaches nuclear disarmament at the United Nations knowing North Korea is about to fire a long-range missile over Japan.

“This is a President who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia and beams at Hugo Chavez.

“This is a President whose economic policies are significantly similar to Chavez’s.

“This is a President on whose watch the Department of Homeland Security fantasizes about ‘threats’ from war veterans who ‘might’ become ‘right-wing extremists.’

“This is a President who believes anyone who adheres to America’s founding ideals is a ‘right-wing extremist.’

“This is a President who trashes his country while overseas, apologizing to European socialists (whose countries America rebuilt) and Latin American communists for America’s ‘arrogance’ and ‘dismissiveness.’

“The Department of Homeland Security would be better advised to worry about the threat to America posed by its President. He is making it more vulnerable to external attack while personally unleashing an internal attack on its core values.

“Chavez-Obama’s credentials as an anti-American may be unimpeachable, but he’d do well to remember that he is not,” Perigo concludes.

Muslims attack Christian community in Punjab

One woman has been killed, and 28 people have been injured at the Presbyterian church in Songo. Violence is on the rise in the Swat Valley and in the northern regions. Thousands of people are fleeing after the introduction of sharia, including many teachers and entire families. In Takhtbhai, in the district of Mardan, there have been bomb attacks on 16 music stores.  More>>

5 thoughts on “Jihad around the world”

  1. I am sorry – amongst so much muslim atrocity I have to laugh at the muslim fwit claiming swine flu as proof of the Quran.

    On very bad news the muslims are attacking christians and non-muslims outside of Swat – it is time to curtail these activities of these religious fanatics.

  2. “..The real question is why so many Christians are silent about this. It’s a question I have asked many times before and for which I have never really gotten a satisfactory answer. Is there one?..”

    Christians are not silent, but they are ignored. However, where those of other persecuted faiths demand justice, most christians pary for forgiveness for their attackers. This is a spiritual war, not just a physical war. It shows that the Christian faith and the islamic faith are completely and utterly opposed, and that the God of the Bible is NOT the allah of the koran. God is God, allah is satan.

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