Men of Spin or spinning KRudd?


The KRudd government’s spin is being exposed: the spin-meister in chief, the man behind ‘Global warming, climate change,  United Nations, International law, International treaties,  IMF”  etc.  is becoming undone: the KRudd Government’s spin is being exposed. What else won’t they tell you?

That the country is broke, and they do not have a clue about ANYTHING that matters?

What did the PM know and when did he know it?

Andrew Bolt

The ABC backs up a claim initially denied by the Rudd Government:

The ABC also understands the Federal Government received advice from the Australian Federal Police that Labor’s policies on border protection and refugees would lead to more boat arrivals.

But (Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen) Smith refused to be drawn on whether the AFP had advised the Labor Government that its policies could lead to a surge.

This was the Government’s claim two days ago, after News Ltd papers first raised this allegation:

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said he had not received a warning from the AFP that the new policy was making Australia a target.

“I haven’t received such advice,” he said.

But Senator Evans also said he would not tell the media about advice given to him.

The Rudd Government’s spin is being exposed. What else won’t they tell you?

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