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  • Update:   Ortega Bitchslaps Obama for under an Hour
  • Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega lashes out at a century of what he called terroristic U.S. aggression in Central America.
  • Obambi responds:   “ I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says she owes an apology to the millions of American veterans she libeled last week as dangerous extremists and potential terrorists.

But she’s not backing down on what she insists was an accurate “assessment” of a “right-wing” terrorist threat — saying only that “to the extent veterans read it as an accusation, an apology is owed.”

Not good enough.

In fact, the report that DHS released last week was a bizarrely paranoid rant.

Which no doubt is why the agency’s own civil-rights division raised red flags over some of the language in the report — only to see Napolitano release it anyway.

And it’s particularly slanderous of the brave Americans who’ve fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who — or so DHS claims — are thus susceptible to recruitment by violent extremists because they’re “facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities.”

Shades of the 1960s, when similar slanders were aimed at Vietnam vets.

At least then the left didn’t pretend to “support the troops” like it does today — every paranoid, gun-toting, right-wing-militia-loving one of them.

And what’s the factual basis for this supposed threat posed by returning vets?

Well, as Napolitano herself put it: “I was the United States attorney for Arizona in the ’90s when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrow building in Oklahoma City and unfortunately he was a vet — that’s where he got his training.”

And that’s it. One single disaffected former soldier, among more than 42 million Americans who’ve donned the uniform.

As David Rehbein, national commander of the American Legion, put it: “That’s as unfair as using Osama bin Laden as the sole example of Islam” — and we now how the Obama administration feels about that.

In fact, an FBI report on “White Supremacist Recruitment of Military Personnel Since 9/11” found all of 19 people claiming to be vets of Iraq or Afghanistan who’d been connected to extremism between 2001 and 2008.

And even that minuscule number may be inflated: The FBI noted that some of them “may have inflated their resumes with fictional military experience to impress others within the movement.”

Napolitano defends her agency’s paranoid warning of right-wing crazies poised to launch a coup d’etat by pointing to a similar DHS report earlier this year on left-wing extremists. But that report warns only about the potential for cyber attacks — a far cry from the so-called “violent” threat posed by the right.

President Obama needs to disavow this nonsense — and either set his DHS secretary straight or send her back to Arizona.

Obama hides $200 million for Hamas in ‘supplemental’ Iraq and Afghanistan appropriation

From Carl in J’lem


I wonder if this is something else he promised when he bowed to King Abdullah at the G-20 in London.

President Obama has hidden a supplemental $200 million for the ‘Palestinian Authority’ in a ‘supplemental budget’ for American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. By putting the money there, it is less likely to be subject to congressional scrutiny. Given that Obama originally wanted to give the PA $800 million, I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much.

Given that (a) in the past, money given to Fatah has been used to pay Hamas salaries, (b) money was last transferred to Gaza for that purpose in February, which means that the quarterly salaries are due, (c) at least 40% of the ‘Palestinian Authority’s ‘budget’ is spent in Gaza, and (d) the Netanyahu government is a lot less likely than its predecessor to transfer cash to Gaza, my guess is that a major chunk of this money is going to Gaza for ‘salaries.’

But Omri at Mere Rhetoric has lots of interesting speculation about other ways the ‘Palestinian Authority’ may spend the money, along with some ways in which the American budgetary process is being used to hurt Israel, and you should definitely read the whole thing (Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit).


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  1. The left and their fellow travellers in the collective itelectual wilderness, would not know what hit them if the right take up arms.

  2. I am so freaking sick of left wing idiots who think that they can spout off anything and not apologize for it – because they THINK they are correct.

    Napolitano is just one of many of those moronic ‘leaders’.

    You know what this is about?!? It is about labeling us extremists, then taking away our 2nd Amendment rights… to start with.

    By the way, that video ‘Are we Sliding from a Republic into a Despotism?’ was very good. I used to ask the left wing idiots if they even knew the meaning of the word ‘fascist’. Not one answered me because if they did they would figure out they were the fascist donkeys.

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