KRudd's White Guilt

Andrew Bolt

Utterly absurd:

Rudd’s statue: is it because we are “white”?

Australian Taxpayers will pay about $150,000 towards a New York memorial to the slave trade as part of Kevin Rudd’s bid for a United Nations seat. 
In the latest example of lavish spending to win votes from Caribbean and African countries, about $70,000 was quietly pledged in December towards the memorial, to be built at the UN’s headquarters.

To make it worse and more cringeing, we’re among the few who think this self-abasing fawning is worth donating to:

But while Mr Rudd has generously funded the slave trade memorial, there are real fears the idea will remain on the drawing board, with less than 25 per cent of the required funding so far being pledged by global powers.

And this excuse simply exposes how craven the whole exercise is:

Gary Quinlan, a former adviser to Mr Rudd, told the UN in December that Australia would provide about a further $70,000 after pledging $83,000 in 2010.

“We need to recognise the dark side of our own history and bring it into the light,” Australia’s Ambassador to the UN said.

“Our own history”?  Pardon?

KRudd Watch

No, its not his flatulence  that caused this dilemma. I suspect its from getting too cuddly with  “Professor” Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu. Some of his BO must have rubbed off.

Thanks to KRudd Australia now  has a  special envoy to the Organisation of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and his name is Ahmed Fahour. Ahmed is the (Musel-)man who enriched Australia with sharia banking.

This week Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has invited Professor Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss “Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World”

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KRuddish Generosity & Halal Pork

Andrew Bolt: We’re saving the world, but will it notice?

I dunno ’bout you, but I really don’t wanna be saved by these people.

WE’RE bailing out Europe. Investing $20 billion in African mining. Propping up Libya. Kevin Rudd is being dangerously generous with your money, again.

Exactly when did we become such big-noters, with this puffed-up delusion that we could almost single-handedly save the world?

Actually, when I say we, I may just mean our Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin “Fast Bucks” Rudd and some of his more megalomaniacal comrades.  (continued below the fold)

Other  stuff from Downunder:

Pigs Heads vs Mosque:

THE battle to stop a mosque being built in a Gold Coast hinterland estate is turning nasty, with a pig’s head posted on a fence and signs publicising the Islamic project vandalised.

Halal Pork Makes Muselmaniacs Throw Hissy Fits

Another Barenaked Moment:

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Chocolate, Kristallnacht & KRudd

Kristallnacht KRudd
Even when he puts on his best behavior, its never more than a limp dick affair:

‘’As an individual citizen – that is me, K. Rudd – I am here because I object to the boycotting of Jewish businesses,’’ he said.

If  “object” is the best he can do,  that’s not very much then, is it?

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When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes….

Shrillary Blows $50 Million on Cookstoves


Once the scale becomes sufficiently massive, wasting other people’s money must actually be difficult. Otherwise, our rulers wouldn’t have to resort to absurdities like Shrillary’s recent announcement that taxpayers will be looted for $50 million to spend on cookstoves for the Third World.

Hillary Has A Broad-Assed Campaign For Stoves To Save The Planet (Flopping Aces)

There’s more to this than coercive charity. According to the bizarre collection of delusions that serves moonbats for a belief system, improper cookstoves make it be too hot out.

What it touches on, other than our pocketbooks and Detchon’s long list of BS, is liberals’ ultimate dream: a world government under the boot of which you can’t so much as boil a hot dog without Shrillary Rotten and Ban-Ki Moonbat telling you how it must be done. One $50 million step at a time, they’re getting there. (Moonbattery)

Mullah Obama Shovels Our Money at Hamas Terrorists

When Obama generously shovels mountains of our money at Gaza, no one should be surprised that it ends up in the pockets of the blood-drenched Islamic terrorists who run the place

Global KRudd

When KRudd goes global, you know it costs you dearly:

Australia’s new Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, joined US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates to announce that Australian, American and British aid agencies would join forces with the Gates Foundation in a new alliance to deliver …… whatever…… to the worlds neediest… in KRudd we trust…..

Man of Waterborne Diseases

Empty suits co$t money:

KRudd meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington. Mrs Clinton confirmed she will visit Australia in November.
He and Mrs Clinton had discussed the flood crisis in Pakistan after he had visited the country’s stricken areas on his way to Washington, and offered $40 million in Australian relief aid.

KRudd promises Clinton ‘a really good time’

Mrs Clinton met Mr Rudd after her return from Middle East peace talks.

KRudd will attend UN meetings over the next week on global sustainability, climate change, nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear test bans. (The Australian)

Update: White House: Global Warming Out, ‘Global Climate Disruption’ In

thanks to eye on the world

Looks like Kevni is a little behind the times: John Holdren, one of Obama’s czars,  has  determined that ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ are now superseded by “global climate disruption”, no s#*t!

(FOX News) From the administration that brought you “man-caused disaster” and “overseas contingency operation,” another terminology change is in the pipeline.

The White House wants the public to start using the term “global climate disruption” in place of “global warming” — fearing the latter term oversimplifies the problem and makes it sound less dangerous than it really is.

White House science adviser John Holdren urged people to start using the phrase during a speech last week in Oslo, echoing a plea he made three years earlier. Holdren said global warming is a “dangerous misnomer” for a problem far more complicated than a rise in temperature. More…

KRudd Watch

KRudd gets the UN job he used us for

Andrew Bolt

For years I’ve warned that Kevin Rudd was using the prime ministership as a stepping stone to a top job with the United Nations, diverting cash for his personal crusade. Now he’s got there – but, having been sacked as PM, it’s not quite as grand as he intended:

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd will join a United Nations panel on global sustainability, the UN confirmed today

Tim Blair has more.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth:

Fifty-seven more votes arrive for Labor:

A boat believed to be carrying asylum seekers has been “intercepted” by the Royal Australian Navy north-east of Christmas Island.

The vessel is believed to be carrying 57 asylum seekers and two crew.

High compliance costs and interference by Labor kill tourism in Australia

Australia has out priced itself as a holiday destination.

QUEENSLAND tourism operators are facing the fight of their lives to lure holidaymakers, who are increasingly shunning domestic beach holidays in favour of cheap deals to places such as Bali, Fiji and Thailand. (News com)

The All New GillKRudd Transformation: Spin, Baby, Spin….

Australia’s all new Labor government has more to offer you than just internet censorship. Now they intend to come after your kitchen appliances:

Looks like  KRudd was the brains of this outfit  after all…..

Madame GillKRudd promises to protect Australian’s from Counter Revolutionary thoughts and information.

Australian Council of Trade Unions appointed, Australian Prime Minister,former member of the “Gang of Four” Madame Gillard seen here in Party Garb, on a visit to the Australian Labor Party’s ideological homeland, Communist China.

Thanks to Aussie News & Views:

Internet Filter to protect Australians from Counter Revolutionary thoughts!

Beijing’s former highest ranking official in Australia and Prime Minister of Australia,Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07 Rudd,” # 1 Citizen” of the previous Union Financed Labor Government, Madam Gillard’s  predecessor, often quoted Labor’s ideological sole mate Mao Tse Tung, the progressive lefts most infamous mass murderer and despot’s invocation to the people of China soon after slaughtering his opponents and seizing power “Let a hundred flowers bloom” (Lu Kewen insisted on saying let a thousand flowers bloom)
The internet has indeed let a “Hundred Flowers bloom”, different thought’s and ideas are now out there in the Blogosphere, and just like Mao Tse Tung, those seeking fighting, to hold the DEATH SWORD of International Socialism, have been monitoring those Flowers Blooming and what those “flowers ” had to say on the internet these last 15 years or so.

Update: THE Gillard government has succumbed to pressure and delayed the introduction of its mandatory internet filtering scheme.

Names addresses and telephone numbers of the authors their wives, husbands and children, and every word ever written on any and ALL Blogs.
Letters to the editor and email, the flowers have indeed BLOOMED, the internet has invited “open and frank” discussion, unlike the days when Mao Tse Tung’s operatives had to listen into every conversation in a Cafe ,public park bus, train or University Lecture or private conversation between husband and wife or parent and child, those deemed to be ” Counter Revolutionary” are easily identified by their writings on the internet and just like  Mao Tse Tung’s gangs of roving “Revolutionaries” and “right thinkers” aka. butchers thugs and mass murderers did to China’s hundred blooming flowers, so to will his ideological descendants Madame Gillard and the Australian Labor Party and their Bankers and Financiers the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

So what did Mao Tse Tung do after he surveyed his Hundred Blooming Flowers? he simply slaughtered every Flower that did not bloom according to HIS aka. “The Party” proscribed ideology, in fact he made his Communist Party “Flowers” the only “Flowers” allowed to Bloom  in China.

Madame Gillard is about to shut down the internet in Australia, Australians will have the same access to the internet as do citizens / comrades of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, China and Venezuela

Tim Blair: Applicance Terror

THEY CAME FOR THE APPLIANCES: Juliard GillKRudd prepares her household botheration policy

Knock, knock. Here comes Gillard’s green police

You really can’t make this stuff up:

She’s coming for your white goods, and will have your power company demanding to be let in your house to check you’re green:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard will nail down the final plank of her election platform by taking a new climate change policy to Cabinet within days.

UPDATE. “What a joke!” comments DB. “ABARE’s Energy in Australia 2010 report shows that residential energy consumption is just seven per cent of Australia’s total energy consumption. This looks like another ‘problem’ that does not need a solution.”

Andrew Bolt has more:

My KRuddness! Now He Tells Women What to Wear…

KRudd launches fashion attack on journalist

Latika Bourke is a political reporter.

KRudd is under fire after criticising a reporter’s dress sense at a press conference yesterday. (bizarre comments )  NineMSN

Foul mouthed KRudd wants to fine YOU for swearing:

Oh sh*t: Swearers face instant $100 fines: Queensland police will be able to issue $100 fines for swearing in public under controversial new legislation

Hypocrisy of the left: Why no tears now for dead asylum seekers?

WHERE are they now, those hypocrites who once noisily wept over John Howard’s “cruelty” to boat people?

Why aren’t they shedding tears over the 170 boat people since believed killed under these more “compassionate” policies they voted for?  Andrew Bolt: no tears  for dead welfare seekers?’

Another KRuddish “success” on boat people

It’s worked so well that Labor sets a record:

THE federal government’s freeze on the processing of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers has slowed the influx of boat people, evidence suggests, with arrivals down by almost a quartersince the decision was made.


AN Australian navy patrol boat has intercepted a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers off Australia’s northwest… Mr O’Connor said initial indications suggested there were 33 passengers and three crew on board.

Criticising KRudd “distasteful”

Former Labor speechwriter Dennis Glover suddenly gets sensitive about criticism of a Prime Minister:

Rudd-bashing is the fashion. It’s becoming rather easy. And also, perhaps, a little cruel and distasteful.


Yet Howard-bashing, on the other hand, was not only tasteful but just what the doctor ordered….Permalink