Muslim Boat People, Media Spin and a Smirking KRudd

If   KRudd hates people smugglers so much, why did he give them the business incentives? 

At least KRudd is hardening up on people smugglers. He’s calling them bad names. That ought to scare ‘em away. But if we’re going to let them all into the country anyway, why not run a ferry service from Indonesia to Australia? It would be cheaper and safer than spending millions on border protection…

Andrew Bolt:  Yes, Rudd is indeed luring people to their deaths

What other warnings did Rudd get that he was encouraging the “scum of the earth” and luring more boat people, some to their deaths?

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police warned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd just weeks ago his border protection laws were making the country a magnet for smuggling… The Daily Telegraph understands the AFP also expressed reservations last year as the Rudd Government wound back John Howard’s tougher approach.

And how much more is the Rudd Government keeping secret?

Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus last night refused to disclose details of the AFP intelligence.

Debus is also keeping secret whether the boat people at Ashmore Reef blew up their own boat. Why the secrecy? What are these people hiding?

Is Rudd actually smiling as he spins?

A telling chronology of boat people arrivals – showing well how signals are received.

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  1. K.Rudd can be contacted, either through email or the post. Please write to him and complain about uncontrolled muslim immigration. For those of you who don’t believe that this is problematic I invite you to visit … London, Berlin, Paris, Malmo, Copenhagen, Brussels, Köln ….. I also invite you to actively research the impact of high levels of muslim immigration on non-muslim communities.

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