Pirates Hijacked America

barackobamapirate-spread_the_wealthI think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” 

Pirates seize Belgian ship, while NATO forces free detained pirates due to lack of legal framework for holding them

“I’ll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places…”

“Pirates seize Belgian ship; NATO frees 20 hostages,” by Katherine Houreld and Tom Pittman for the Associated Press, April 18: (from JW)

NAIROBI, Kenya – Somali pirates attacked two ships off the Horn of Africa on Saturday, capturing a Belgian dredger and its 10-man crew. NATO forces intervened in the other assault, chasing the pirates down and freeing 20 fisherman on a Yemeni dhow. Continued…

Piracy. . . Or just the Same Old Jihad?  (Pajamas Media)
According to the Qur’an, piracy in financial support of Jihad is Jihad. (Even if you already know the story of Susan Boyle, you’ll want to see the full video).

As pirates forced the Belgian ship to slowly head north toward Somalia, 430 miles (700 kilometers) away, a Spanish military ship, a French frigate and a French scout ship all steamed toward the area to try to intercept it.

In Brussels, government officials held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and possible intervention.

The high-seas drama underscored the dangers off the coasts of Somalia and east Africa despite the best efforts of an international flotilla that includes warships from the United States and the European Union.

Pirates from anarchic, clan-ruled Somalia have attacked more than 80 boats this year and are now holding 18 ships and over 310 crew members hostage.

In Saturday’s first attack, pirates hijacked the Belgian-flagged Pompei in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles (kilometers) north of the Seychelles islands, said Portuguese Lt. Cmdr. Alexandre Santos Fernandes, who is traveling with the NATO fleet patrolling the region.

Belgium reported the ship sounded three alarms before dawn Saturday indicating it was under attack on its way to the Seychelles with a cargo of concrete and stones. It had 10 crew: two Belgians, one Dutch captain, three Filipinos and four Croatians.

“There is no contact with the pirates, not with the crew, not with any other parties,” Jaak Raes, director general of the Belgian Crisis Center, told reporters. “We are sure that the ship now is heading to the coast of Somalia.”

Just a few hours after that hijack, pirates further north in the Gulf of Aden attacked a Marshall Islands-flagged tanker with small arms and rockets. Fernandes said that ship, the Handytankers Magic, issued a distress call shortly after dawn but escaped the pirates using “speed and maneuvers.”

A Dutch frigate from the NATO force responded immediately to the tanker’s distress call. It trailed the pirates “on a small white skiff, which tried to evade and proceed toward a Yemeni-flagged fishing dhow” that had been seized by the pirates Thursday, Fernandes said.

He said pirates were using the Yemeni vessel as a “mother ship,” a boat that allows the pirates’ tiny skiffs to operate far off the Somali coast.

The pirates boarded the dhow and Dutch marine commandos followed soon after, freeing 20 fishermen whose nationalities were not known. There was no exchange of fire and Dutch forces seized seven Kalashnikov rifles and one rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Seven Somali pirates were detained, but they were soon released because “NATO does not have any detainment policy,” Fernandes said. The seven could not be arrested or held because they were seized by Dutch nationals and neither the pirates, the victims nor the ship were Dutch, he explained.

The Gulf of Aden — a vital short cut between Europe and Asia — is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. For that reason, it has been hard hit by pirates, who can earn $1 million or more in ransom for each hijacked vessel.

Your Maritime Jihad forecast (smooth jazz optional):

AccuWeather.com says weather in the region is likely to favor the pirates for the next several weeks. Very small waves and light winds make it easier for the pirates to operate the small speedboats they use to attack ships. Unrestricted visibility at day will help lookouts on vessels watching for attacks, but little or no moonlight works for the brigands, the weather service said.

Pirates plucked from the sea by navy warships could be tried anywhere from Mombasa to New York, Paris to Rotterdam — but most are simply set free to wreak havoc again because of legal issues.

Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega lashes out at a century of what he called terroristic U.S. aggression in Central America. 

Now can you smell the sulphur?

  • Flashback: 2006: Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator, doesn’t like the US president or his country:


The United States empire is on its way down and it will be finished in the near future, inshallah,” Chavez told reporters… Earlier, Chavez initiated a verbal assault on President Bush, calling him “the devil” during an insult-riddled address to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly. “The devil came here yesterday,” Chavez said, gesturing to where Bush had stood during his speech on Tuesday.

2009: Chavez now sees his dreams coming true:



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  2. Throughout history, there has been piracy. Throughout that same history, there has been only solution to it, hang the pirates and bombard their
    headquarters. That has stopped piracy in the past, it is the only thing that will stop it in future.

  3. With the pirates getting bolder despite increased patrol by navies,maybe it is time we should stop them or at least make them hesitate about attacking.Why not have some navy ships camouflaged as a trading ship and set sail around the pirate infested waters.When the pirates decide to attack,they would be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store for them.Even if we fail to kill or capture them,the pirates would now have to think twice before they decide to hijack a ship.

  4. Henry,
    NATO has shown it is capable of interdiction in this role against these criminals. But what is missing is a mandate that will allow these thugs to be prosecuted. We have had both the Dutch and Canadian navies release somali thugs because they are unable to prosecute under Dutch or Canadian law. But these interdictions took place in international waters – so we need to build an international law. The UN almost certainly cannot be used, so I am unclear as to how such a law can be built in a proper legal framework. Perhaps NATO and the USA can work together. Another option is to just “dissappear” the pirates intercepted – but that is a bit of a dangerous game.

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