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Anniversary of Spain’s Expulsion of Moors Draws Demands for Official Apology …….

The nerve of it all. Descendants of the Moors who conquered Spain, demand an official apology from the Spanish descendents whose forefathers had managed to expel their former colonizers.


*  How about the moors apologise for invading Spain? How about the moors apologize and pay compo for the million white slaves taken to morocco from europe and the  devastation they caused in their raids (jihad) that lasted 1000 years?

That’s what is being demanded here, make no mistake about it. With the resurgence of Islamic awareness and pride, Muslims are demanding, and expecting, a return to the glory period of old when the non-Muslim “paid respect” to Islam and to their Muslim overlords.
The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations is nothing more than an OIC initiative to restructure the world order once again, this time in favor of Islam, it’s the main reasons why much of the UN is under Islamic influence and its organizational bodies corrupted. Islam wants our “respect”, but as Lars Hedegaard takes note in an email published at the Gates of Vienna, in response to a Turk’s demand for this “respect”:
Lars Hedegaard: “You talk about respect. Just how much respect are you proposing that we should show towards those who are planning our enslavement? Respect is not a human right. It has to be earned. If Muslims want respect, they should behave in a way deserving of respect. And, by the way, it would be nice if Muslim luminaries would begin by showing a little respect for the rights of others.”
But you see, they only view respect as, how much deference a non-Muslim pays to Islam, there are hardly any (if at all) sincere overtures in reciprocity towards the beliefs of the non-Muslims. Though individual Muslims, and perhaps even Muslim communities, practice a philosophy of live and let live, and to agree to disagree, such thinking does not exist within any schools of Muslim orthodoxy. Thus, while there are peaceful Muslims, there is no such thing as a peaceful Islam. KGS


Moors want Spain to apologise after 400 years

It was the start of one of the earliest and most brutal episodes of ethnic cleansing in Europe, so Spain is, understandably perhaps, a little reluctant to mark the occasion.

Four hundred years ago today King Philip III signed an order to expel 300,000 Moriscos – or part-Muslims – who had converted from Islam to Christianity.

Over the next five years hundreds of the exiles died as they were forced from their homes in Spain to North Africa at the height of the Spanish Inquisition.

There are no plans to mark the date officially, although the occasion is being remembered in a series of exhibitions, conferences and public debates.

444px-moorishambassador_to_elizabeth_i                                   Moorish Ambassador

The anniversary comes days after José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister, met Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, in Istanbul to celebrate the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations, which is intended to foster friendship between the West and the Islamic world.

Some Muslim writers and Spanish and Moroccan campaigners believe that Madrid should apologise for the wrongs committed during the 17th century. Juan Goytisolo, a Spanish novelist, said:

“Official and academic Spain retires into the fortress of cautious silence, which reveals obvious discomfort. The expulsion was the first European precedent … of the European ethnic cleansings of the last century.”

The anniversary highlights once again the uneasy relationship which exists between modern-day Spain and its Moorish, or Muslim, past. Muslims conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century after arriving from North Africa but, centuries later, their armies were finally expelled in 1492 after the victory of the Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand of Castile and Queen Isabella of Aragon.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims who remained in Spain were forced to convert to Christianity, but many continued with their Muslim names and ways of life, defying all attempts to create a Catholic state.

After military losses to the Protestant Dutch, King Philip signed a decree on April 9, 1609, to expel these reluctant converts, in a move he hoped would strengthen his kingdom.

Historians record the brutal conditions in which many hundreds were killed during the forced resettlement in North Africa over the next five years and Spanish society was, in fact, weakened economically and politically as a result – particularly in areas such as Valencia and Aragon, where the majority of the Muslim converts had lived.

Historians and writers have urged the Government to use the anniversary of the event to make overtures to the Islamic world. José Manuel Fajardo, a Spanish writer, said: “Mr Zapatero has an opportunity to transform one of the most tragic episodes in the history of Spain into an opportunity for a re-encounter between the West and Islam.”

However, a spokesman for the Government said: “There are no plans to mark the anniversary.”

The defeat of the Moors in 1492 and the expulsion of the Moriscos from 17th-century Spain has become a politically sensitive subject, with Osama bin Laden referring to it in repeated calls for the restoration of al-Andalus, the former Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula.

Remember folks, wars, expulsions and domination of the other have happened throughout the history of the world, but yet it’s only the Muslims who want to remember only what “the others” have done, never what they themselves have inflicted upon the Non-Muslim world.
Islamic imperialism is responsible for, developing their own slavery trade which in turn fed the European slave trade, the making males into eunuchs which led to the death of hundreds of thousands, forced prostitution of females (harems), forced conversions and religious discrimination, enforcement of 2nd class status on non-Muslims (dhimmitude), apartheid societies divided up into Muslim and non-Muslim, and a whole host of other unpleasant facts.
When the Islamic world begins to contemplate their own misdeeds, perhaps then, and only then, will the West begin to take their calls for an alliance of the civilizations more seriously. But I’m not holding my breath for such an eventuality to ever take place, at least not in my lifetime. KGS

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  1. This sums it up: there is no such thing as a peaceful Islam. How true!

    There is no hope for a reformation of Islam. Those of us who have read the Quran and Ahadith know this to be factual. Because, if all of the hate were taken out of their “holy” writings there would be so little left it would not be Islam.

  2. If muslims want apologies for having been thrown out of lands they invaded they should hold their breath and start counting….

  3. I have a better idea, the Mohammedan need to apologize to all the countries and peoples they have invaded or attacked, demanded tribute from, or committed acts of brigandry or piracy against or forced into to Dhimmi status. Then and only then would I consider whispering an acknowledgement of this affair of forcing treacherous Jihadist out of Hispania.

  4. Me wonders what form an ap0logy might take for the slaughter of more than 270 million people and the enslavement of many millions more in many countries around the world (a slaughter which continues even to this day). Surely this arrogance assists the Western world to wake up. However, given the appeasing nature of the Spanish government they might very well do it.

    My thoughts. How does one say F#ck off in Spanish?

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