Those Wacky Paki's

Pakistan: Jihadists uniting to take over Islamabad

“The day is not far when Islamabad will be in the hands of the mujahideen.” And then what? Will Obama offer them still more money?

“Pak Taliban fighters uniting to take over Islamabad: Reports,” from the Times of India, April 9 

Pakistan insists on receiving “unconditional support” from U.S.

Its top officials are “irked” that the billions Obama has pledged in aid actually have strings attached — probably conditions such as “this money is not to be given to the Taliban or al-Qaeda,” and other unreasonable demands. To further protest, Pakistan’s ISI agency, which is well linked to jihadis and terrorists, has refused to meet with American officials (they are “offended” at the implication).

“Pakistan wants ‘unconditional’ aid to fight terror,” from Japan Today, April 7:

Afghanistan/Pakistan: where the future looks just like yesterday…


and tomorrow the world:

Pakistan: After getting Sharia in Swat, Islamic parties demand Islamic law in entire country

Concessions to jihadists only result in demands for more concessions. Obama will probably be learning this lesson, or be given an opportunity to learn this lesson, soon enough. “Pakistan’s religious parties demand extension of Islamic law,” by Raza Khan for The Washington Times, 

Pakistani Christian man — the “lowest of the low” — murdered

“Explaining the reason behind rising incidents of discrimination, abduction, forced conversion and rapes [and murders, of course] involving vulnerable segments of society,” a human rights advocate in Pakistan said, “You can always expect occurrence of such incidents in presence of a multi-law system.” That would be the sort of law-system the Obama administration is acquiescing to.

“Pakistani Christian man murdered,” by Dan Wooding and Sheraz Khurram Khan for Assist News,

* Muslim Mob Drags Christian Woman Through the Street…

Ten arrested for jihad plots amid blundering in UK

Keystone Kops Alert from Absurd Britannia. Note that these suspected Al-Qaeda plotters are identified only as “men.” Their guiding ideology and motivations are apparently irrelevant.

“Ten arrested amid anti-terror blunder,” by Gordon Rayner in the Telegraph,

“Most” of 12 arrested in U.K. counterterror sweep were from Pakistan on student visas

An unsurprising update on this story. “Dozen anti-terror arrests made in Britain,” from UPI,

British universities: Breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism

Just another blow to the “poverty-and-ignorance-fuel-jihad” myth, which is constantly being disproved. “Terror blunder: British universities are ‘real and serious’ terrorism threat,” Graeme Paton for the Telegraph, April 9:

“Afghan intelligence officials are sympathetic to the Taliban and they communicate the movements of the occupying forces [U.S. and NATO] to us”

As I have explained many times, there is no orthodox Islamic sect or school of Islamic jurisprudence that does not teach the necessity of waging war against unbelievers and subjugating them under the rule of Islamic law. Consequently, it is not surprising that Muslims who are members of the government of Afghanistan will be sympathetic to the Taliban, because they see them as the exponents of authentic Islam.

“Wanted Taliban Leader Doesn’t Fear U.S.,” by Mushtaq Yusufzai for NBC News,

Why would the Taliban kidnap one of its strongest supporters in the West?

Apparently still alive

Could the whole thing be a fundraising scheme?

Beverly Giesbrecht Update: “Mystery Shrouds Kidnap of Pro-Jihadist Canadian Activist by Pakistani Extremists,” by Jana Winter for FoxNews, April 6 (thanks to Religion of Peace):

Pakistan: Uncle guns down niece over honor

He disapproved of her plans to elope. “Uncle kills eloping niece over ‘honour,’” from the Daily Times, April 9:

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  1. The infiltration of UK universities is real – it is also happening here in Australia. In the mid nineties there was a massive upsurge in the number of Indonesian muslims studying in Australia. A large number of Malaysian muslim students also started to appear. The following is a personnel opinion, but it also appears that recruitment of staff from 2000 on has been heavily guided by absurd PC multiculturalism, which has also influenced a significant percentage of student activists and leaders. The final nail in the coffin might well have been the opening of a myriad of low cost technical colleges that have brought the possibility of an affordable education for many people from India and S.E.Asia. While the intent is noble and worthwhile, these facilities could be easily abused by Islamist thugs for Islamist purposes.
    On a recent visit to Brisbane in Jan. 2009 the signs of the inability of muslims to integrate were significantly larger than in any preceding years. I was actually quite surprised at the level of “invasion” that has been allowed. The problem is growing, and unless we want to end up with a situation that can be likened to the war zones fond in French cities we need to act now. So that muslims understand the intent of this email – if you can accept the rules of OUR society you are welcome – if you place your values above ours then you do NOT belong and you WILL leave – there is NO debate on this.

  2. When Pakistan can explain to the West how seven army officers have become billionaires – $’s not rupee – it may be time to discuss aid.

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