EUrabia Cracks Down on Bloggers, Not Terrorists

Labour Has Lost Control of  ‘Asylum Seeker’ Scandal

Less than a third of failed ‘asylum seekers’ have been removed from Britain despite benefits paid to such people rocketing by a staggering 1,700 percent over the last five years.

Quebec vs Mummenschantz: NO MO BURQA TWATS!

I am glad to see that more and more people are starting to catch on and see that catering to the intolerant religion/ideology of Islam is a big mistake. Will Hillary now scold Quebec for Muslim “discrimination”, as she recently did our European allies? Maybe one day our government will catch on also, but as long as Obama is in office, there is no chance at that.

“We want to see your face.” – Ms. Ahmed has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission.  Link to Loganswarning

(F*#k ‘yuman rites’ and the camel they rode in on!/)

“Islamophobia” breaks out in Rome: Paki’s bashed

Italian police have arrested three youths who allegedly attacked Bangladeshi immigrants at their takeaway food outlet in the Italian capital, Rome, on Sunday. AKI

EU Planning to Impose Bogus Green Taxes in Line with UN Move Towards “Global Governance”

Magna Carta Quote Is “Offensive”

There is only ONE party that can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today.Islamist Colonisation/read more>>

Huge Rise in UK Muslim Prison Population a Growing Problem Says BBC

“Islamophobic” Bloggers Are Causing Problems For Mohammedan Invaders

Paul Belien/Brussels Journal

There is terrorism and there is (imagined) Islamophobia. Of these two the latter is apparently the more serious misdemeanor. Europe is introducing draconian measures to monitor the internet for so-called “racism,” but at the same time the European Parliament has decided to deny America access to servers with international banking data that relate to terrorist organizations.  continue reading

Refuse To Shake Hands With A Woman And Get 6,000 Euros

Earlier this month, a 28 year old Muslim from SkÃ¥ne was awarded just over 6,000 euros by a Swedish judge because he had refused to shake hands with a woman. One can wonder whether the woman maybe should praise herself lucky. After all, she wasn’t convicted for racism for the simple fact that she thought she could shake hands with a Muslim man.

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An update from this story:

NY Muslimah Stabs Husband for Making Her Eat Pork…

By Debbie Schlussel

Looks like I may have to eat crow on my post about “the problem with chick reporters.”In that, I criticized female Chicago Tribune reporters for drooling over  an Islamic terrorist’’s “striking eyes.”  But apparently, this problem extends to male reporters covering Muslims, too.


Muslim Chick Tries to Honor-Kill “Western” Husband; Male Reporters Focus on Her “Pretty, Petite” Looks

Other News:

“The point of Islamic terror is to assert Islamic law. Period.” Rally Behind Denmark (

Morten Messerschmidt/Vlad Tepes Blog


From the RoP:

Saudi Scholar Says Allah is the Vaccine for Swine Flu…

(Somalia) 50 Women Rounded Up and Beaten for Not Wearing Veil…

CAIR Official Ejected from Capitol Hill Conference…

Victim of Muslim Clawhammer Attack Struggles with Brain Injury

Susanne Winter News via Russia!

“Russia Today”-Report:  Susanne Winter


Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy: US Leads Attacks On Israel For Evicting Pali Squatters From E. J’lem

Why Would the Episcopalians Side with the Culture of Death?

Dare to compare!

1.Extermination of non-aryan ethnic groups
2.Extermination of Jews and homosexuals
3.Dictatorship of the aryan race over all other races.
4.Installation of totalitarity in all aspects of life and policy


1.Extermination of so called”unbelievers”, subjugation of the “people of the book”  (dhimmitude- worse than slavery)
2.Extermination of jews and homosexuals
3.Dictatorship of muslims over all+man over women [incl.pedophilia]
4.Installation of totalitarity in all aspects of life and policy

  • You can reduce the difference to a costume drama!

-A few of- today's offerings from the RoP

  • Nostalgia for “Al Andaluz?”  From the Jawa Report:

Al Qaeda-Linked Suspects Arrested in Spain

(Bilbao, Spain) The Spanish Interior Ministry announced that 13+ alleged Islamist extremists (? are there any other ones?)  were arrested last night in the northern city of Bilbao. Twelve were identified as Algerian and one is an Iraqi.

All those arrested are accused of belonging to an organised criminal gang which sent part of its takings to the Islamic Magreb Al Qaeda group. Money raised in Spain from burglaries, drug trafficking, credit card falsification and even begging was allegedly sent on to Algeria.

Months-long investigations in run-of-the-mill crime fortunately led to the arrests. Police say that more arrests are possible.

Trial of Jewish man’s gang murder continues behind closed doors

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Those Wacky Paki's

Pakistan: Jihadists uniting to take over Islamabad

“The day is not far when Islamabad will be in the hands of the mujahideen.” And then what? Will Obama offer them still more money?

“Pak Taliban fighters uniting to take over Islamabad: Reports,” from the Times of India, April 9 

Pakistan insists on receiving “unconditional support” from U.S.

Its top officials are “irked” that the billions Obama has pledged in aid actually have strings attached — probably conditions such as “this money is not to be given to the Taliban or al-Qaeda,” and other unreasonable demands. To further protest, Pakistan’s ISI agency, which is well linked to jihadis and terrorists, has refused to meet with American officials (they are “offended” at the implication).

“Pakistan wants ‘unconditional’ aid to fight terror,” from Japan Today, April 7:

Afghanistan/Pakistan: where the future looks just like yesterday…


and tomorrow the world:

Pakistan: After getting Sharia in Swat, Islamic parties demand Islamic law in entire country

Concessions to jihadists only result in demands for more concessions. Obama will probably be learning this lesson, or be given an opportunity to learn this lesson, soon enough. “Pakistan’s religious parties demand extension of Islamic law,” by Raza Khan for The Washington Times, 

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