Coming on you and at you: Al BeBeeCeera Pushes Homo Agenda on Muslims…

* No surprises here: nothing could possibly have more priority  for the effeminate wankers from Al BeBeeCeera than the gay and lesbian agenda. 

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“It is entirely possible to be Muslim and gay and there’s many of us in Britain today”



According to some supporting a gay Muslim program. So what if Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger and most perfect of all creation, condemned homosexuals to death, and they are being actively persecuted in jihadi hotbeds such as Iraq? “Gay Muslim story for EastEnders,” from BBC, via JW:

EASTENDERS is set for its most controversial storyline yet – when a Muslim character embarks on a passionate gay love affair.

Dashing developer Syed Masood shocks his conservative family when he falls for Albert Square’s only openly gay resident, caterer Christian Clarke.

The pair will be shown snogging in scenes expected to shock and offend conservative Muslims.

Homosexuality is traditionally deemed forbidden by Islamic law and the Koran. 

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  1. That will stir up a hornets nest. Might wake up a few more people if it really kicks off. I’ll believe it when I see it. Generally Eastenders portrays ethnic minorities in a positive light,most of the youngsters off to Oxbridge,all the villans white. Typical BBC.

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