Australia: more Islamic schools by stealth

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Canterbury Bankstown Express, H/T Darrin


ANOTHER new private  Islamic school is on the cards for the area but residents have been left in the dark again.The applicant, who cannot be named for confidentiality reasons, lodged a development application with Bankstown Airport last week to build a school on vacant land at Birdwood Reserve.

Locals said they were alerted to the proposal to build what is believed to be an Islamic school via their Bass Hill’s Future website, but were never officially told and assumed it was a rumour.

Bankstown Airport chief executive Kim Ellis confirmed the application last week.

“The DA is being processed at the moment,” he told the Express.

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“We are assessing the traffic impact on the area, the impact it will have on the airport site and off the airport site, and we will seek advice from Bankstown Council.” That advice does not have to be considered as Bankstown Airport is regulated by the Federal Government not by Bankstown Council. This means residents will not be given a chance to object.

“If the school meets all the relevant criteria and requirements, then it would be a suitable development,” Mr Ellis said.

“We don’t assess it on the religion of the school. We wouldn’t assess it any differently from Bankstown Grammar.”

Mr Ellis said that although the airport had received the application, the land was controlled by a third party, BAC Devco.

A spokeswoman for BAC Devco refused to comment on the application.

“We’re not in any position to discuss this or any other development application that we receive,” the spokeswoman said.

This latest DA is another blow to Bass Hill and Georges Hall Residents Action Group, which is still fighting a proposal to build an Islamic school on Johnston Rd, Bass Hill.

Action group member Charlie Hatty said this application was situated right next to Bankstown Grammar and would cause major traffic chaos in the vicinity.

“The fact of the matter is over-development – it’s another school beside a school. Bankstown Grammar has enough traffic problems as it is,” Mr Hatty said. “You’ve got to be concerned if this is happening in your area and you have no control or say about it.”

Blaxland Federal Labor MP Jason Clare has written to Mr Ellis to express his concern about the school application – and another proposal to build a $9.4 million supermarket on the same site.

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