Greece: Muslim protests renewed over alleged Koran desecration

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Ongoing Muslim Protests Supported by (no surprise) “leftists.” More on this story. “Muslims in fresh Athens demo over alleged Koran insult,” from AFP, May 30 via JW

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Illegal Muslim invader:

“The real agenda is migrants’ rights in Greece which include issues of religion,” We want this officer put on trial, and we ask the government to protect our prayer sites in Athens,” said Zuri, a Moroccan protester.  “But we intend to set a good example and refrain from violence, Islam is a religion of peace,” he said.

  • Hugh Fitzgerald puts it in perspective:

Migrants’ rights? What rights do illegal immigrants have in Greece? Why should they have any? They are not supposed to be there. They have broken the law. They should be promptly expelled or imprisoned. And those immigrants who, while they perhaps are not illegal, but support those who are, through their violence and attempts at intimidation, clearly making war on Greek people and on the Greek nation-state, its political and legal institutions, its customs and manners, should be stripped of citizenship as well, for clearly they are a permanent threat to that state and its people. No more nonsense need be tolerated. Things will only get worse. Stop them now, and let Greece, in its firmness, and Italy, it its firmness, by their actions, be a model fror the rest of benighted Europe. A classical model for dealing with such enemies, one handed down from time of antiquity. .


ATHENS (AFP) — More than 1,000 Muslim migrants and leftists demonstrated in Athens Friday over an alleged police insult to the Koran, a week after two similar protests degenerated into clashes with anti-riot police. 

The protest was called by leftist and anti-racist groups after a police officer allegedly tore up some sheets of paper with extracts from the Muslim holy book belonging to an Iraqi migrant during an identity check last week.

“We want this officer put on trial, and we ask the government to protect our prayer sites in Athens,” said Zuri, a Moroccan protester.

“But we intend to set a good example and refrain from violence, Islam is a religion of peace,” he said.

Scores of police on foot and on motorbikes were mobilised to maintain order and keep the migrants who marched on parliament from coming into contact with a few dozen neo-Nazi militants staging a street gathering a few blocks away.

The far-right group was commemorating the fall of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

So if you’re a Greek who stands up against Islamic demands (in this case, for a dhimmified apology) and, well, is still a bit miffed about the fall of Constantinople to Islam, that makes you a “neo-Nazi”?

Greece’s main Muslim and migrant organisations distanced themselves from the migrant demonstration, preferring to take judicial action instead. 

“Our problems can be solved by dialogue, not demonstrations,” said Ahmet Moavia, head of the Greek Migrants’ Forum.

“The real agenda is migrants’ rights in Greece which include issues of religion,” he told AFP…

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  1. * “The real agenda is migrants’ rights in Greece which include issues of religion,” he told AFP…

    We know, and the “destruction” of a koran is just a smokescreen while
    that “religious” agenda is pursued.

  2. Riots and with faces like rabid dogs….

    islam does not engender nor encourage intelligence because it is a stifling, regressive and ruinous death cult. It is NOT a religion, but a despicable and evil ideology that controls the lives of muslims in every sense.
    Look at how many Nobel prizes have been awarded to Jewish people, and by western people, including great thinkers of Japan… many, many discoveries and much brilliant work in science, literature, art and music from people in the west has been honoured by various notable bodies like the Nobel Foundation. Listen to some of the great musicians of the world, many of them Jewish, who contribute to the human race’s understanding of the soul, life and the human condition. Show me a great symphony that has been composed by a muslim. Show me a great work of art that has been created and painted by a muslim. There are none, not one.
    How many muslims have been awarded Nobel prizes since 1901? About 4. That says a lot about how education and research is not encouraged in islam.
    For example, these so-called high-ranking mullahs and clerics and imams have only the studying of that idiotic and senseless book, the Cowran, to have the honour of calling themselves imams or whatever. Oh, and being able to recite from rote – often without understanding a word of what they are reciting – the ramblings of the Cowran. The Cowran, from an article by Lennard James, can be summarized as such:

    “Muslims cover up these mistakes and contradictions and such stupidities in their holy Quran by (NOT) giving anyone an opportunity to question any doctrine of the Quran or saying of Muhammad. They brainwash the Muslim kids from childhood with Islamic teachings, without ever allowing them (to) critically investigate those teaching(s). In Islamic schools, the teaching(s) are done in a repetitive manner aiming at memorizing the Quran by heart, not understanding it. These constant parroting and repetitions, leads a child into believing what they are taught is period: they are turned into brain-dead zombies. The child may never have to chance to fathom what they are taught, which is all a bunch of gibberish! If anyone tries to question the errors of the Quran, Muslims go on the offensive?”

    Yes, muslims go on the offensive at the drop of a hat… and the offensive often, OFTEN, entails murder, riots, bombings, beheadings, rape and uncontrolled anger. Like rabid dogs. They are incapable of intelligent dialogue or discussion – it always ends up with insults and riots.
    The west has to wake up, and soon, and start to treat these uneducated rabid dogs with force. Point them to the nearest boat or plane and tell them to leave if they object to the things that make the west the wonderful place that it is… including police training programs sponsored by a Jewish organization. Come on Greeks… stand up for your rights. Kick these muslims out of the country.
    “Muslim critics are unhappy about …” How often does one hear or read these sentiments? Every day. It makes me sick, sick to the stomach. How dare these uneducated and ignorant rabid dogs try to criticize what the west does in its own interest and growth. How dare they.
    If they don’t like the way people live in the west, then they have to be forcefully removed from the west. How dare they try to foist their death cult and their barbaric ideas by trying to be critics of the west. How dare they. islam is deranged and dangerous, based on the senseless and psychotic ramblings of a murderous, barbaric pedophile who stained the human race with his evil black ink 1400 years ago.

  3. Hello all,
    Are there any folks from Greece who can cast a clear light on the situation and on how it might develop. Thanks.

  4. G of the J
    Loved your comemnts above My sentiments exactly.

    If you want further proof of the despotic,violent and ignorant nature ntaure of the Koran hae a read of this analysis.

    Why western countries let these morons in with totally inadequate checking is a mystery to me.

    When two muslims can play Bach’s doule violin concerto with the same skill and passion as the Oistrakhs then there might be some hope

  5. oh god.. oh god.. i swear by god i will fight against them with my bare hands till all of them are non existent

    im greek.. but live in germany.. god i must go back..

  6. People, fully agree with this… we all, as the EU citizens, have to stand up and fight for our rights…!

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