Greek "Koran Mutilation", Ongoing Riots and Demands for "Respect"


*  Koran Rage in Greece continues:  it should be clear by now that it is the usual Muselmanic strongarm tactics that are at play here. The unholy convergence between Islamo-fascists and Greeks rabid Commies are designed  to frighten the Greeks sufficiently to make concessions,  to further the permanent establishment of Islam in orthodox Christian Greece.

2009522153455430797_5Police fired tear gas at protesters, who had pelted officers with rocks and sticks [Reuters]

Not one article published from Al Jizz to Al BeBeeCeera forgets to mention that these “immigrants live in grim conditions in central Athens, are not allowed to work and face arrest for minor crimes”, (as if they somehow had entitlements to live in luxury and to work in jobs reserved for them,  while the police should look away when they commit crimes!)

Another bone of contention seems to be the fact that Muslims living in Athens have voiced their displeasure over a delay in the construction of a mosque for tens of thousands of Muslims”- just imagine for one moment thousands of rioting  Christians in a Muslim country, because the Muslims delay the building of a church. Here’s what happens in Muslim countries virtually every day…

Athens – More than 2,000 people, mostly Muslim immigrants, marched peacefully through Athens Friday to protest alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police. The march, also attended by left-wing and anti-racist groups, came a week after violent clashes between hundreds of Muslim protesters and police in central Athens prompted by the alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police.

At the same time, some 100 neo-Nazi members coordinated their own march through Athens a few kilometres away, yelling anti-immigrant slogans. Policereported no clashes between the two groups.

  • Once again, the main-stream media offers no evidence whether these demonstrators are “Neo-Nazis”, they are simply being smeared for being anti-Islam. Not quite the same, is it?

The immigrants were protesting against what they said was increasing policebrutality, claiming that during a policecheck on a cafe late last week in central Athens an officer took a customer’s Koran, ripped it apart, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

Hundreds of angry immigrants had immediately taken to the streets near Omonia Sqaure following the incident, smashing shop windows and destroying parked cars.

Shortly after, unknown assailants ignited a gas canister and threw it through the window of an Athens store that doubles as a prayer centre for Muslim immigrants, injuring three people.

The President of the Muslim Association of Greece, Naim El Gadour, said fears of rising violence kept many Muslims away from Friday’s march. “We do not want to get mettled in politics. This is not what Islam is about,” he said.

  • He is lying. Islam is politics. Islam and politics is inseparable, as we can see here:
  • Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK:

    I do not consider any Muslim who remains un-political to be considered a practising Muslim. In fact, barely even consider them human.

    And no, the quote wasn’t taken out of context. 

Muslims, many who cross into the country illegally in an attempt to seek a better life, have complained ofpolice brutality and poor treatment by officials in the past.

The majority of immigrants live in grim conditions in central Athens, are not allowed to work and face arrest for minor crimes.

Muslims living in Athens have voiced their displeasure over a delay in the construction of a mosque for tens of thousands of Muslims, many of whom have been using abandoned factories and converted coffee shops as makeshift prayer houses for years.

Athens is the only European capital which does not have a proper mosque or cemetery to serve its more than 300,000 Muslim residents, mainly from various parts of northern Africa and Pakistan.

  • Greece has been suffering from Muselmanic raids for millenium. Why commit suicide now?

At present, the only operating mosques in Greece are in the north- eastern region of Thrace, home to some 100,000 Muslims.

  • Why should we care? There is no entitlement for Muslims to establish mosques in the Dar al Harb, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines. That has to be understood.

Keep them out!

“…the rush to the gates of the embassies and consulates of the Western nations with requests for visas in order to reside permanently in those countries…” — from this article

They must not be allowed in. For the safety of our own citizens in the West, we can’t take any more Muslims, and certainly not the most dangerous of all, the Shock Troops of the Lesser Jihad, the local Arabs who were carefully renamed the “Palestinians.” They have proven to be at the center of many terrorist plots and schemes. And then they are suddenly identified demurely, so often, as having been “born in Jordan” or “born in Israel” — and the word “Palestinian” that they always emphasize so often, suddenly disappears.  More>>

9 thoughts on “Greek "Koran Mutilation", Ongoing Riots and Demands for "Respect"”

  1. Muslims deserve NO respect. If they behave as these uninvited muslim pigs in Greece — terminate them.

  2. Commies supporting Muslims over an evil fairytale, what a fucking sick joke. Keep on shaking the collective Islamist cage and watch them implode.

  3. You see, this is a typical and good example of evil islam taking advantage of the cowardly pc and human rights laws in the EU. You were so right to point out that “Muslims living in Athens have voiced their displeasure over a delay in the construction of a mosque for tens of thousands of Muslims”. Go to Saudi Arabia, the heart of islamic facism and the root of all the violent, sadistic, unlawful, childish and cruel jihadist activity in the world – funding from Saudi Arabia gets radical madrassahs built, hateful texts published and distributed in the west, and obtains arms, rockets and other death weapons for every terrorist ion the world. And Saudi Arabia has not a single church in the country – it is forbidden by Wahhabi law to have any other religion in the country.
    The Greeks should round every single muslim up and deport them to their God-forsaken country of origin, even if they were born in Greece. End of story. The west does not need this death cult in its borders – a death cult it is, NOT a religion – a death cult based on the deranged and dangerously psychotic ramblings of a barbaric, cruel and uneducated pedophile who killed and maimed people, and whole races, 1400 years ago.

  4. I will waste a bit of space here to place things in Chronological order – specifically for the benefit of people like “A Chrisitan”.

    1) Muslim searched and paper, hidden in muslim’s Quran, taken in search for drugs.
    2) Muslim Imman goes to sermon – incites mass hysteria and hate against Greek police by deliberately rewriting the events that actually happened as an attack against muslims.
    3) muslim thugs take to the street, burn cars, assault people. This pattern is a familiar one and has been seen in France. Germany, Italy, Russia, Holland, Belgium – the list goes on! In France at least one elderly French man was murdered by the muslim mob.

    4)Police, and some Greek civilians respond in kind to the INITIAL muslim attack.
    5) Muslims bring in reinforcements, justified their continuance of the violence (which they themselves started) by the reponse of the Greeks to their initial attack.

    In short the muslims are using violence to prevent the application of the rules ,which govern the society they have infected , to themselves. They have coerced for themselves significant leeway in the UK through violence but this should NOT be allowed.

    On another point, th-e BBC has apologized to the MCB for claiming that the MCB supported attacks against UK service people. Actually, a representative of the MCB made this claim in a closed meeting that was recorded. IMHO the apology should be retracted. The MCB official was Daud Abdullah and
    some video evidence exists which show Abdullah and associates implicitly threatening the UK.

    Above links to a Guardian article which describes partially the actions of the MCB official and can be used as a suitable start for a search.

    The BBC apology should be retracted!!!!

  5. Christians are persecuted throughout the third world.

    In Egypt and Pakistan the situation is extremely bad.

    The so called elite power cliques in first world countries are hyypnotised by their mantra of tolerance and appeasement. They are secular humanist masochists who have no time for Christians in their own countries. Christianity in Europe is in bad shape to say the least.

    Show me one politician with strong Christian convictions who is willing to speak the truth about what is happening in Europe.

    Mark Steyn is right. If so-called Christian Europe cannot arrest the declining birthrate now, even countries like Greece will follow Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, UK, and Sweden into a new order with a dominant Muslim majority.

    The only country in that part of the word that will not follow this trend is Israel.

    We in Australia need to heed the lesson of uncontrolled Muslim immigration that we see unfolding in Europe and make sure we don’t follow suit.

    That means kicking out K Rudd and his crew asap.

  6. It seems to me that in order to convince muslims that they are trapped in a religious system that is inherently evil we should begin to refocus from Mohammed to the angel which revealed islam .

    Mohammed was the first victim.

    Note that Mohammed dreaded the angel and was convinced that the angel was evil, though he finally succumbed to it spiritually.

    There are good reasons to focus criticism on the angel rather than Mohammed.

  7. Steiner,
    Wouldn’t it be necessary that muslims themselves pose these fundamental questions?

  8. Yes kaw, but it may not be so easy to break away from Islam. Look at Mohammed…. he was terrified by the angel. Yet, this was not enough to free him.

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