Gitmo Jihadists to be resettled in Australia?

* Why would KRudd’s Ostraya accomodate them when no state in the U.S. will have them?

Australia Considers Taking Guantanamo Detainees

The Federal Government is considering a request by the United States for Australia to resettle detainees from the Guantanamo Bay.

It is the third request by the US but the first to be made by the new President Barack Obama.

The detainees are 17 Uighurs, who are Muslims from north-western China.

They have been held for seven years at the prison camp, despite being cleared of links to terrorism. (They are not “cleared”- they have simply not been convicted. They are still jihadists../ed)

A Pentagon report in February called for them to be urgently released, but the US Government fears they will face persecution if they return to China.

  • Chinese law applies. Its not an Australian problem…

A spokesman for Kevin Rudd says the Government will consider the request on a case-by-case basis.

6 thoughts on “Gitmo Jihadists to be resettled in Australia?”

  1. Write to Krudd and tell him in no cicumstances will these muslim terrorists be allowed in Australia. Make certain he understands that if these criminals are brought into Oz his political future is dead.

  2. This would not be an exercise in branch stacking for the political party of Australian destitution. Howard lost the election, Rudd never won it. Once again the hard working Aussie will have to pay the price for a maladjusted Labor government.

  3. Why “write to Rudd” now and tell him “in no cicumstances will these muslim terrorists be allowed in Australia”
    Comrade Rudd has the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Customs Service escorting (welcoming?) illegal Middle Eastern “refugees” on an almost weekly basis since his Muslim friendly UN subservient Socialist Labor Union funded government was elected in November 2007, why now ?
    To suggest that Rudd and the “Party” are ignorant of the consequences of their policies on the deliberate importation of Islamic terrorism into Australia is akin to believing that when Rudd, the leader of Australia’s largest Marxist funded (ACTU) Socialist political party, said ” I have never been a socialist”
    What is happening is what they want to happen it’s called “Change you can believe in” “getting the balance right” “social justice”
    After all that’s what the majority of Australians voted for and they are about to get in large doses.

  4. Well this is the typical mentality of liberals when it comes to Gitmo. Their freaking absurd reasoning assumes they are really innocent and just “misunderstood”…and also a by-product of conservative foreign policy that “offended” them and gave them no other choice but to turn to Jihad in order to survive. Check out this link and the comments posted, this is exactly what libtards are thinking concerning Gitmo…

    Check out the comments. HAHA!!! This knucklehead Obama supporters decry Rt. Col. Peters simply stating we should have a policy of killing terrorists first instead of capturing them just for the sake of holding them prisoner [but I’m sure valuable info has been extracted from this scum in order to protect western civilians from more Islamic terrorism]. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. Aussie,
    Because almost no one does write – which means that the bean counters in the public service are the ones who pass the “voice” of the Australian public to the cabinet office. Politicans respond when you grab their ball in your fist and squeeze. I have seen enough to suggest that if the public are loud enough the politicians will listen. Rudd and co are not ignorant of what is happening, but they have not been told how much people are against the current immigration policies. The reason is that there are active lobby groups working for the pro immigration camp and they are very loud – so Rudd and co can only hear them!!! Write!!! Making sure the pollies are properly informed on how you feel is a necessary first step in ensuring the safety of our country,

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