Nazis will be Nazis: Pro Hezbollah demo okay, Israeli flag "offensive"

Over the years we have lifted quite a few articles from Jihad Watch Deutschland, who’s operator Fred Alan Medford  reports the subversive  activities of those who advance the causes of Islam and thereby threaten our freedom and well-being.  Sad to see that he is now taken to court by malevolent apparatchiks.



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Germany Goes After Pro-Israel Blogger Julia Gorin

One of the lone voices in Germany still exercising what’s left of European free speech is about to lose the last remnants of it. Anti-jihad, pro-Israel blogger Fred Alan Medforth, proprietor of the blogs Allah’s Willing Executioners and Jihad Watch Deutschland, is being sued by the German government. As he wrote me:

Mr. Medforth…offended [a] social-democratic member of the Bundestag, Nils Annen. Mr Annen is a German pro-Hamas and pro-Hizbollah politician. [But instead of] Mr. Annen suing Medforth…German justice sues Medforth [for] insulting Mr Annen… It is the German justice itself which wants a lawsuit against the German pro-Israel blogger.

That means it is a politically motivated court procedure. German justice states that [a photo published on the site] and its subtitle are insulting [to] Mr. Annen. The photo shows Hamas members presenting the Hitler salute. The text of the subtitle is : “One last greeting to Mr Annen.”


images95Germany: Pro Hezbollah demo okay, Israeli flag “offensive”– who would have thought we’d see that so soon after 6 million Jews have been wiped out by the Nazis?

Between this and the January incident in which German police took down an Israeli flag from the window of a private residence at the behest of a Muslim mob, what we have is a role reversal: Germans acting as henchmen for the new Nazis — who were the Germans’ henchmen in WWII. It’s nice to always have friends you can count on.

The lawsuit takes place on the 12th of May, 2009 in the district court of Gelsenkirchen.

Update: German law professors uphold ban on Israeli flags during rally

Tundra Tabloids: Anti-Islamization Congress Begins Tomorrow…

  • Domestic intelligence service tactics –disturbingly Stasi-like.



4 thoughts on “Nazis will be Nazis: Pro Hezbollah demo okay, Israeli flag "offensive"”

  1. The Islamic world was pro-Nazi during World War II. I have noticed the salute in a number of other places over the years.

    It is almost impossible to not notice the ease in which Muslims are insulted. Violence is a common response. Anger management is needed badly in the Islamic world.

  2. District court of Gelsenkirchen stays “Jihad Watch Deutschland” lawsuit

    The district court of Gelsenkirchen. stays the “Jihad Watch Deutschland” lawsuit because of so-called low guilt. The fact that JWD-operator Fred Alan Medforth must pay, nevertheless, 300 € is because of Mr Barak Obama. Such lawsuits are ordinarily stayed without payment. But the judge stated that the political views of the German pro-Hamas and pro-Hizbollah politician and MP, Niels Annen (Social Democratic Party), are not so bad because Obama represents the same politics. And, therefore, the criticism of Annens politics was interpreted by the judge as insults towards this guy. Thank you, Obama !

  3. 300 Euros is only a rap on the knuckles – it can easily be much worse. My interpretation is that the court is saying “No criminal charge, but a small fine for being silly enough to open a door which allowed you to be sued. As for the plaintiff – your complaint is worth – 300 euros – or a fortnights shopping for a larger family – Get over it!” Be more careful – it is not so difficult to get the message across without leaving room for a ranting muslim to sue.

  4. Joe Six-Pack : Right, the entire religion of islam was pro-Nazi and I’m a monkey’s uncle. why do you guys want to hide and cower behind the TRUTH that it was the christian west which led the genocide against jews? why the hell are you guys blaming muslims for a crime committed by jews? glorious america turned away all the jews who came to its shores. jews are so stupid to trust the right-wing christian west who are only protecting israel to seek the destruction of jews!

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